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A Wish to Live

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By Shari Celestine

This is my second attempt at a Bulma Vegeta fic. The first one started out okay but I couldn't finish it, I figured I didn't have enough experience in the subject so I searched for some the best B/V writers and studied their work. (Selenity Jade, LavenderGoddessV, Ronin, Trunkszgrl, Emerald, B-Chan, psycho_pixie, and Mia Skywalker are just some I can't think of anymore right now.) After reading their works (laughing my ass off in the process) I decided to try again.
No guaranties this will be as good as my T/P fics but I will try my very best. Another thing I'm willing to accept flames now, I'm no longer afraid of them, no matter how much they hurt, I'm also looking for advise in my reviews anything you have to offer me I will gladly take it.
Now about this fic, it's a Bulma/ Vegeta A/U. Dr. Briefs' new born baby girl is born with a deadly disease. In order to save her life he makes a wish with the Dragon Balls. Sixteen years later the Sayains arrive, what will they do when they meet Bulma? 
Now On with the story!
Chapter One: A Deadly Birth

Dr. Briefs paced the floor of the hospital waiting room. He couldn't help but fell a bit worried about his wife and their unborn child. Nothing in his life seem to go right and he just knew this event was going to be added to that dreadful list.
The doors to the waiting room opened and a female doctor walked in. She had bright red hair that was very curly and short only falling to her shoulders. Her emerald eyes shined with guilt and sadness.
Dr. Briefs looked up and quickly walked over to the doctor who was to help his wife give birth.
"Dr. Satomi, is everything alright?" A worried  expression crossed Dr. Briefs' features. 
"Briefs-San, I was looking for you. Please come with me, there is something we need to discuss."
Dr. Satomi put a comforting arm around Br. Briefs' tense shoulders as she walked out the waiting room.
"What is it doctor? Is something wrong with my wife or my child?"
Dr. Satomi sighed as she ran a hand through her crimson hair.
"I think it would be best if you took a seat Briefs-San."
Noting her serious tone Dr. Briefs took a seat on a near by chair. The look on his face gave away that he feared the worse.
"Briefs-San, your wife and daughter are fine-"
"I have a daughter?"
"Yes. Briefs-San, but something went wrong with your wife in the last month or so during her pregnancy, even now we still don't know what went wrong." Dr. Satomi sighed.
Dr. Briefs' eyes went wide with shock, "Is there something wrong with my wife?"
"No, your wife is perfectly fine,your daughter on the other hand..."
"Dr. what is it?"
"She had a disease, it's a new type of disease. We were unable to pick it up when your wife came for her last check up. Because of this the disease has spread and-" Dr. Satomi chocked back a sob.
"Your daughter will eventually die from it."
Sometimes her job sucked, it wasn't fair that this little baby who had just taken her first breath of fresh air had to die so soon afterwards.
Dr. Briefs sunk to the floor on his hands and keens, tears flowing down his face.
"No." he whispered.
"No, not her, not my baby girl, no!"
Dr. Briefs walked into his private lab in the basement of his home. He couldn't sleep when he knew his newborn daughter was out there dieing.
Dr. Briefs began to look through a closet filled with papers and tests looking for anything that could help his daughter. Unnoticed by Dr. Briefs, a medium sized box was slowly edging it's way off the shelf above him. With a finally wiggle of the shelf the box fell, landing on Dr. Briefs' head.
"Etai", Dr. Briefs wined as he rubbed his head looking at the object that fell on his head. 
"What's this?"
The box was purple with a gold around the edges. The box was locked with a gold colored lock. Dr. Briefs picked up the box and placed it on his desk, he opened up a draw and pulled out a pair of pliers. He easily sniped open the lock and opened the box. A bright glow exploded from the box causing Dr. Briefs to shield his eyes. Squinting Dr. Briefs saw seven orange balls rise out of the box and fly out an open window in his lab.
"What the-"
Dr. Briefs rushed outside to where the balls gathered in his backyard. With another blast of energy they began to glow, the already dark sky became even darker as a large figure began to form. It slowly shaped into an enormous dragon that seemed to take up the entire sky.
"I am Shelong, the Dragon King. I shall grant you one wish and one wish only. Choose carefully."
Dr. Briefs gulped as he took a step back, "Any wish I want?"
"Yes. What is your wish human?" Shelong asked.
"I want to save my daughter. She is dieing because of a deadly disease. I want her to be healed."
The dragon seemed to thinking as it looked down at Dr. Briefs.
"Nothing I do can heal your human child. I can however change her species so she will be immune to that disease as well as any other." Shelong offered.
"And what species is that?"
"A Saiya-jin."
"Will it save her life if she is changed?"
"Yes, Saiya-jin's immune system is very strong, nothing can cause them to become ill."
"Very well, I wish my daughter was turned into a Saiya-jin"
"It shall be done."
Shelong's eyes glowed red of a minute before it stopped.
"Your wish as been granted human."
Shelong's body disappeared, as the seven balls shot out into the sky in seven different directions.
The next morning Dr. Briefs was called into the hospital, it was emergence dealing with his daughter.
"What's wrong? Did something happen last night?"
~ Maybe my wish could not be fulfilled? Is it too late for my daughter? Kami I pray for the best. ~ Dr. Briefs thought as he was led down the white hallway.
"Yes and no Briefs-San," Dr. Satomi started. "It seems your daughter has some how fully recovered from her disease. But she is how shall I put this? Your daughter is no longer human Briefs-San."
Dr. Satomi led Dr. Briefs into what looked like a nursery of some sort. In the center of the room stood one baby crib (You know one of those clearing they put babies in) Inside a baby girl sleep peacefully. On to of her head a bit of blue fuzz could been seen. Dr. Briefs slowly walked over to the crib and picked up his daughter. She cooed and gurgled as she opened her eyes and she smiled.
"I don't see anything wrong Dr. Satomi. She seems healthy enough to me."
At that very moment Dr. Briefs felt something furry brush his arm. Startled he looked down at his daughter. A thin blue tail playful snaked around his arm.
"What- what is the meaning of this?"
"That's what I was trying to tell you, your daughter is clearly not human any more." Dr. Satomi said.
Dr. Briefs' eyes grew wide, "Saiya-jin." He whispered.
Author's Notes: Well? Good? Bad? Tell me I can take it! In the next chapter sixteen years have pasted and we find out what life is like for a Saiya-jin on earth.


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