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When Darkness Falls

DISCLAIMER: I dont own Dragon Ball Z; neither do I receive any money for this

DISCLAIMER: I dont own Dragon Ball Z; neither do I receive any money for this.


A/N - This is going to be another Bulma and Vegeta get together, it will be my usual twisted A/U get together. Just so you know Vegeta AND Goku are vampires, Im letting Goku be a main character too this time. Its a B/V CC/G get together I hope you all like it.




Why? The girls wide blue eyes bored into his as she clung tightly to him, her life rapidly fading as her life poured from the neck wound where he had fed, where he had sated his hanger and desire against her will.

Its what I am. He told her softly, kissing her pale lips with his own stained red ones as her life slipped away and he gently brushed her hair away from her face.

She had been so beautiful and innocent, drifting through the park like a ghost when he had caught sigh of her, crystal tears falling down her cheeks as she had sought sanctuary in the garden from her troubles. He had gone to her, silent as a ghost himself and had taken her hand, forcing his blue haired prey to face him. Her blue eyes, silver in the moonlight had met his black eyes and she had embraced the darkness he had offered.

He picked her up and carried her with him. Tomorrow night she would rise again and join him, she would be his in body and spirit, he would teach her their ways. The ways of the walking dead, of the vampire.

The black haired man with the wild untamed hair looked down at her again, she was more beautiful then any he had seen in more lifetimes then he could remember. She was a prize indeed to be added to their ranks, the first of the humans to be turned in more then a century.

The man paused and sadly regarded the stars, only two of them remained, two vampire warriors were all that were left from the greatest race that had ever graced the stars. Many had survived the initial attack on their home world and had fled to Earth, but they had been hunted down one by one by humans until all but two remained.

The man shook his head, his black spikes blowing softly in the wind as he glanced down at his prize; she had said her name was Bulma Briefs. She had shown no fear of him when he had looked into her eyes and read her soul, she hadnt pleaded for her life as his other victims had. She had stood there with strength in her eyes and for that alone he had allowed her to become infected by his bite, had allowed her to begin the change. The man smirked and held the girl closer to his chest, she would make a fine vampire, of that he was sure.

Kakarot took off and flew towards their nesting place, there he would present her to his prince, the Prince Vegeta, the Lord of the un-dead. He would judge the girl of worthiness as he had judged the many humans who had willingly come forwards and begged to join them, begged to become creatures of the night.

Kakarot smiled, those misled humans had died slow painful deaths at the hands of his Prince, but this girl, this blue eyed beauty with such strength was different from all others. Vegeta would allow her to join them, she had something in her that was special, something Kakarot had never sense before in a human.




Vegeta furiously tore at the throat of the whimpering human and drank deep as her life flowed into his mouth; her heartbeat speeded and then slowed as she died in his arms, blood dripping from the corners of her mouth and trailing down her chin, footsteps sounded behind him and paused,

My prince? Vegeta snapped the womans neck and dropped her to the floor before turning and facing his last remaining subject.

What is it Kakarot? Vegetas eyes took in the human lady he carried, her milky pale skin, her long flowing silken blue hair and finally the bite mark that marred neck.

I have turned this woman sire, she shall be one of us. Kakarot laid her out near Vegetas feet and backed away. Vegeta stared at the woman and felt something inside of him tighten; she was beautifulmore beautiful then any woman he had ever seen.

You changed her? He bent down near the woman and cupped her face with a gloved hand; slowly he leant down and ran his tongue along the bite in her neck, tasting the sweet taste of her blood.

Yes my Prince. I was hunting down near the Riverside Park and she was out alone. She knew what I was and yet showed no fear of me. Kakarot jealously watched his prince run his hands through his womans hair.

You have made a fine choice Kakarot. I myself could not have picked a better human to bring over. Her looks speak of fragility but if what you say is true she has a will of iron. She will join us. Vegeta finally stood and Kakarot hastily bent and gathered the woman intro his arms, Lay her on the bed in the chamber near our rooms and stay with her. When she awakens Tomorrow she must awake with you beside her to act as her Father vampire. I will have a human waiting for her to feed off. Vegeta stared at woman once more, You must take of her Kakarot, teach her all you know.

Vegeta turned and walked from the room; the blue haired woman would be his.




Kakarot dressed the woman in a black silk dress and laid her down on the bed. He stared at her for a moment and then snuggled close as he waited for the sun to raise, the womans soft blue hair brushed against his face as he moved his head and he sneezed. Kakarot muffled the sound and moved closer to the woma so she was held in his arms.

He likes you. Kakarot spoke softly to the dead woman, My Prince likes you. I brought across for me but he will steal you from me and take you as his own. I saw how he looked at you. Kakarot sighed as he remembered his mate Tolousa. She had been brave but had been one of the first Vampires to be slaughtered by the humans.

He remembered the flee from his home planet as it had blown up behind them, and the Vampires had been reduced to one more race of Friezas victims. Inadvertently Kakarot hissed at the memory, Frieza the Lord of the Ice Demons had destroyed any planet that had stood in his way and when the Vampires who had served him well for centuries had taken a stand against his injustice they had also been destroyed.

Kakarot hissed again, if he hated something more then humans it was Frieza.

He sensed the sunrise and let himself drift off to sleep as he held the small body of Bulma Briefs in his arms.




Vegeta felt the sun rise and shivered as he felt the usual wave of drowsiness, then he stood up and walked to the window. Like all the royalty before him Vegeta was able to remain awake during the daylight hours and while sunlight turned his subjects into charred death the sun had no effect on him. It was natures way of helping the vampires survive, letting the strong stay awake to protect the weak.

Vegeta watched as the city below him began to wake and go about its business, an evil smirk lighted his face when he turned on the television and caught the ending of a report on the latest suspected vampire victim; Bulma Briefs. The report said that the last time she had been seen was late last night when she had left a party to walk home after having a fight with her boyfriend.

Vegeta scoffed, Weak pathetic human. What kind of a male leaves a weak female unattended? Vegeta turned the Television off and walked down the hall to look at Kakarot and Bulma.

Kakarot held the human in his arms with a protective snarl on his lips while she lay there looking like a dead woman should.

Vegeta walked over to them and lay on the bed, inching towards the woman on stomach until he was lying next to her. Slowly he took one of Bulmas hands in his and brought it to his mouth, he looked at Kakarots face and then bit down, drinking what little blood remained in her body and leaving his bite mark on her wrist, marking her as his own.

Kakarot jumped in his sleep, hissing.

You know dont know? Vegeta asked the sleeping Goku, You know you cannot keep her from me.

Goku hissed again in his sleep and Vegeta kissed the dead womans lips, his hand tracing down the curve of her body. With a reluctant sigh Vegeta pulled away and padded from room, his usual smirk still in place as he left his castle and went in search of victims for Bulma to feed upon when she woke.

The newly dead, in Vegetas experience, were nearly always mad with hunger.




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