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NaCoBe's Dragonball Realm
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What's a Goku? (con't)


The tiny monk.  Best friend to Goku; husband to Juuhachigou; father of Marron.  Krillin was oviously the comic relief in the series trilogy.  In DB we are introduced to a cunning little monk-in-training who thought he could get over on the ever naive Goku and his sensei Roshi.  As the series went on he became Goku's right-hand man and eventually his best friend.  Krillin is actually one of the strongest human members of the Z fighters but fall in the weaker group on the fighters due to the Saiyajins.  We watch this man grow (or not grow depending on how you look at it) from the sneaky little monk to one of Goku's sidekicks to a family man who loved his wife and daughter. 

Marron Chestnut 

Daughter of Krillin and Juuhachigou; niece of Juunanagou. We first meet this wonder-child in the Tournament Saga.  I call her a wonder-child because not only is she born of a android, she miraculously grew a nose as she got older.  As a child you knew who her father was without anyone saying a word.  She was a female clone of Krillin without the six dots on her forehead.  As she got older she took on her mother's features (thankfully).  Although both Marron's parents are both fighters she doesn't seem to take on that quality of life.  She seems to be a straight arrow and has a love for pigtails, so much that she was wearing them well int her twenties.  There isn't much you can say on Marron's personality because the writers of DBGT didn't develop her well.

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