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Someone to Hold
Chapter 4

Making Changes


Ooh your tender touch

It means so much

It feels so right

Having someone to hold


ChiChi sat in the Capsule Corp. yard watching Bulma play with Trunks. She smiled and rubbed her large mound. Gohan was at Yamucha's baseball game. She thought it would be a good idea for them to do something together. Over the past two weeks she felt tension from Gohan although he was trying to accept she and Yamucha's relationship. Bulma went on as nothing happened but even then ChiChi felt the awkwardness between them.

ChiChi saw Vegeta looking at her, Bulma, and Trunks from the doorway of the kitchen.

*I wonder why he never joins the group. I'm going to ask him.*

ChiChi attempted to get off the lounger, but before she could get in a good position to get up Vegeta was next to her helping her out of the chair.

"Thank you Vegeta," ChiChi said after taking a breath. Vegeta in turn nodded and began walking away. "Vegeta, wait, I want to talk to you." Vegeta turned and looked at ChiChi.

"What for woman. I don't have time for idol talk." ChiChi thought to herself,

*Why would he not have time? The only thing he does is train and eat.*

"I was wondering, why don't I ever see you join in when Bulma and Trunks are playing? Don't you love being around them?" ChiChi frowned at the last part of her question. Vegeta stared intensely at ChiChi, making her feel slightly uncomfortable.

"I don't see a need to join in their frivolous interaction. Besides it seems to me they are fine without me." Vegeta began walking towards the house again. ChiChi said, mainly to herself,

"That's not true. They're making due." Vegeta turned around and looked at ChiChi. He walked back over to her and said,

"How do you know that. Did Bulma say anything? Tell me." ChiChi looked at Vegeta with sorrow in her eyes. Memories of Goku and Gohan playing were flooding her mind.

"I just know. Vegeta, I know no one tells you what to do but let me do it just this once. Play with your family. You never know when one of you will be gone. Then it's too late and you wish you didn't spend all of your time being the serious one." ChiChi turned and walked away this time. Vegeta decided to ask a question that was bothering him for a while.

"Woman, I mean ChiChi, why are you attempting to mate with Yamucha? Are you looking for a father for Gohan and your unborn child?" ChiChi spun around furiously and snarled at Vegeta,

"My children have a father! Me being in a relationship with Yamucha has nothing to do with my children." Vegeta walked closer to ChiChi, hoping Bulma didnt hear the woman's outburst.

"Then why are you with him. You and I both know you will never be able to regard him like you do Kakkorot. Your bond won't let you. Everyone is worried about him leading you on but you are leading him on." Vegeta's face showed a slight expression of concern as he looked at ChiChi. ChiChi looked down and said in a low tone,

"Vegeta, I'm not leading Yamucha on. We both agreed to take this slowly. Anyway, there's nothing wrong with two lonely adults keeping each other company."

"There is when he thinks with time you and him could be life mates and you know that will never happen." Vegeta said as he helped ChiChi back onto the lounger. ChiChi looked at her late husband's counterpart and said,

"Who says I won't"

Vegeta looked at ChiChi with admiration, a very rare thing for him. ChiChi was actually a bit frightened by the sudden soft expression on the man's face. Vegeta said in an almost casual voice,

"You would have been a great Saiyajin woman. I understand why Kakkorot mated with you. But anyway, you know you won't take him as a mate. It just doesn't seem fitting to you. You can deny it all you want but your bond with your Goku is too strong."

ChiChi looked at Vegeta, surprised with the man's wisdom. She knew deep inside he was right but she couldn't admit it yet. Yamucha was being everything she wanted Goku to be. She sighed and looked at her best friend and godson play carelessly. Vegeta also looked on at his family's action. ChiChi looked up to Vegeta and said,

"Vegeta, I don't want to deny my children the right to know about their legacy. Can I ask you a favor?"

Vegeta's eyes never left Bulma and Trunks as he nodded, indicating to ChiChi he was listening.

"Could you teach Gohan and my baby about their Saiyajin heritage? I know the race is practically extinct but it only right for them to learn who they are and why they have this tremendous gift." ChiChi began fiddling with a piece of thread on her dress. She felt kind of silly asking the man who threaten to kill her husband on several occasions to become a mentor for her children.

Vegeta looked down at ChiChi, surprised at what she just asked him. He had already decided to teach the Son children about the Saiyajin race but he thought he would have to sneak the history lessons in here and there. At that moment, every bad thing he thought about ChiChi became null and void. He respected the woman more than he did her husband. She had willingly accepted the part of her children's race that was totally alien to her.

"I will teach them, but that will also mean they will learn that they are descendants of a lowly third class warrior. That way, they will learn their place." ChiChi looked at Vegeta with a slight smirk on her face and said,

"You know Vegeta, it's funny how my lowly third class husband and son always seemed to out do you. Based on the events seen in the past, shouldn't they be a higher rank than you and Mirai Trunks? Just teach them about the race Prince. The ranking stuff is invalid here on earth. Humans/ Saiyajin hybrids make stronger Saiyajins. Look at Trunks. " Vegeta smiled at ChiChi (actually it was more like a deep smirk) and said,

"Like I said, I will teach them."

"Thank you very much Vegeta. Goku always said you were a nice guy once you get past the shittyness." ChiChi giggled to herself as Vegeta snarled. Vegeta turned to look at his family playing. Suddenly, he heard ChiChi gasp sharply. He turned to see her sweating profusely and furiously messaging her stomach.

"What are you doing woman!?" ChiChi looked up at Vegeta, her eyes full of pain, and said just above a whisper.

"A contraction, the third one in fifteen minutes. They're getting stronger. I need to get to the hospital Vegeta." Vegeta instantly scooped ChiChi in his arms and quickly went over to Bulma and Trunks. Bulma looked at ChiChi's expression and looked to her mate and said,

"Go. I'll call the her doctor and the ball park for Gohan." ChiChi added in a growl,

"And Yamucha! He's my coach." Vegeta growled deep in his throat and took for with ChiChi towards West City General Hospital.

While in mid air ChiChi howled in pain as her baby fought to enter a new world. Vegeta held ChiChi tight as each contraction hit harder and faster. Within minutes Vegeta and ChiChi landed in front of the hospital. Vegeta burst into the emergency entrance and said to the young nurse sitting at the desk,

"She needs a bed, NOW!!!" The young woman jumped out of her chair in response to the Saiyajin Princes booming voice while three orderlies futilely attempted to get ChiChi into the wheel chair. Vegeta saw the men were making no progress with the expecting woman and quickly pushed them aside. All three men flew into a nearby wall and fell with a thud.

"Fine, if you are that incompetent I will take her to the appropriate sector myself!!! MOVE OUT OF MY WAY!!!" Vegeta lifted a screaming ChiChi back into his arms and ran through the hospital until he came to the area he remembered Bulma having Trunks in. To every one else in the hospital, Vegeta was just a strong gust of wind. ChiChi screamed as the strongest contraction yet came crashing down on her. Vegeta knew the child was coming very soon.

"Is Yamucha here? I need him here to coach me. Ahh!!!" ChiChi grabbed hold to the nearest thing she could get her hands on, which happened to be Vegeta's hair. The last full-blooded Saiyajin moaned loudly as the woman pulled at his dark mane. Finally a doctor came to Vegeta and asked,

"Are you the father?" Vegeta looked at the man as if he spoke a foreign language.

"No I am not! But does it really matter!? She will deliver almost immediately! Help her or I will kill you." The doctor looked at ChiChi, who was now covered in a layer of sweat. The doctor looked at Vegeta and said,

"Follow me. We need to get her into a room now." Vegeta humphed and then followed the aging man. ChiChi looked up at Vegeta with tears in her eyes and said,

"I can't do this by myself. I need Yamucha here with me." Vegeta looked down at the widow and sighed.

*I never thought much of this woman, mainly because she is Kakkorot's mate. But now here she was begging someone to be with her to help deliver her child, a Saiyajin child.*

"I will remain with you during the birth of this child. That human doesn't know anything about assisting with a Saiyajin birth." Vegeta carried ChiChi into the delivery room and stuck to his word. He stayed by her side.

Someone to Hold

Chapter 3