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Saiyajin Revived
Chapter 7


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Some things never stay the same

Yamucha was awakened by a gentle slap across his face. His eyes fluttered open and locked on to the most beautiful set of eyes hes ever seen. His mind quickly registered who the enchanting brown eyes were and looked away from them. He didn't know if he could look at those eyes the way he wanted to. He turned his head away from the keeper of the eyes, hoping to avoid any conversation that might come.

Califa knew why Yamucha was avoiding eye contact with her. She wouldn't allow him to avert her so simply.

"Yamucha look at me, please." Yamucha glanced over at her but refuse to turn his head. She decided it would be easier to just move directly into his view. Like a child, Yamucha turned his head to opposite way.

"You want to act like a child, Yamucha? Well, I will treat as such."

Yamucha looked at Califa wide-eyed, knowing she spoke to him telepathically. Califa grabbed Yamucha's head and held it so he couldn't turn away from her. Again, Yamucha was locked on to the womans intense brown eyes.

"Why do you Saiyajins love talking to people's minds.," Yamucha growled angrily. Califa smirked like her father and said to the man before her,

"We are only able to speak telepathically to those we have formed a bond with. If the person forms a bond back to the person, then they too, can speak back telepathically." Yamucha looked at the woman with a confused expression on his face.

"So you're saying two friends can speak to each other through their minds?" Yamucha then thought,

Maybe that's why Piccolo and Gohan always seemed to have this weird way of knowing what the other was doing at times.

Califa released hold of Yamucha's head, knowing she had his attention, and said,

"It's very uncommon for friends to have a mental bond to each other. The bond is normally between those who have a family-like relationship and between life mates." Yamucha looked at Califa with even wider eyes. The woman moved closer to Yamucha and gently kissed him on the lips.

"Are you saying you have created a bond to me like you would to your lover?" Yamucha asked the Saiyajin princess. She smiled and nodded her head in agreement.

Yamucha peeked pass the woman and saw that his friends and loved ones (Gohan and Goten) had witnessed the private moment between him and Vegeta's daughter. He suddenly became very embarrassed and turned a bright crimson. ChiChi smiled at him and mouthed, 'You deserve this sweetie'. He smiled back and looked at Califa and softly kissed her.

"Califa, we've only known each other for a day. How do you know you want me?" Califa looked at the handsome man before her and said telepathically,

"I knew I wanted you the moment I walked into the restaurant yesterday. You feel the same but you don't know it yet. Look deep inside of you. Doesn't the idea of us being together feel right?"

She then gently clenched hold to his chin with her teeth; a traditional Saiyajin method indicating she wanted him to consider her as his mate. Of, course Yamucha didnt know what she was doing but something inside of him made him decide to softly nip her the tip of her nose.

Vegeta, Bulma, and Bra entered the ballroom just in time to see Califa and Yamucha position.

Bulma and Vegeta knew exactly what the gesture meant but Bra was wondering why were they biting each others face. Vegeta groaned and walked over to his oldest child and her prospective mate.

"Califa how many times have you done that to him." Yamucha looked at Vegeta and Califa standing next to each other and saw the uncanny resemblance, with the exception that Califa was a female, had dark skin, and her hair was different .

Holy shit!!! She is related to Vegeta!

Califa looked at her father exasperated and said, "That was my first time."

"Well does he know what has just happened?"

"I wasn't able to tell him because you interrupted." Califa stared at her father challenging him. Vegeta noticed this and glowered at his daughter. He said to her clairvoyantly,

"Don't worry Califa, you will get to show me how much you know in time, brat."

"I look forward to that moment, father."

Califa gave Vegeta his own smirk. Yamucha interrupted the father/ daughter moment by saying,

"Um, hello would anyone mind telling me whats going on? And Vegeta, when did you have a daughter this old?!" Califa and Vegeta looked at Yamucha like he had committed murder.

"Yamucha you are too never interrupt the royal family when they are talking. If this were a Saiyajin colony you would immediately be executed. Consider this a warning, human," Califa said in such a regal and arrogant tone that made Vegeta sound polite. Krillin laughed and said,

"Yep, thats Vegeta's kid!!!" Everyone chuckled lightly except for Yamucha and the Vegeta-Briefs family. Bra went over to Goten and buried her head in his shoulder. Yamucha frowned at Califa's last statement to him but remained quiet. Bulma came over to Yamucha and whispered in his ear,

"If she's anything like her father, that was a compliment for being so bold to interrupt them. Trust me I know." Yamucha turned to his ex and saw her smiling although her eyes spoke a different story. He knew she was hurt from this news but wasn't going to let it get her down. Yamucha smiled back at the woman then turned back to Califa and Vegeta.

"Don't just stand there, tell him!" Vegeta blared at his eldest child. She snorted at him and growled,

"I will if you would just shut up! Being on Earth has made you a harpy father." Everyone in the room was speechless, including Vegeta. Bulma allowed a small smile appear on her face.

She just shut Vegeta up with little effort! Well, I think I'm going to like her!

Califa looked at Yamucha and said, "Yamucha, the gesture we just gave to each other was a very important and sacred gesture in the Saiyajin culture. When I clamped your chin between my teeth I was indicating that I want to be your life mate. When you nipped my nose you gestured you are willing to have me as your mate. If this gesture is performed three times before the next full moon then it is proper for us to consummate our bond." Yamucha looked at Califa with full of worry in his eyes.

I don't know if I'm ready for this!!! I mean I just met her yesterday and she's already talking life long companionship. What if this is a bad choice? I mean she's related to Vegeta for one and shes already showed that she has his personality to some extent. I just don't know about this.

"Yamucha don't worry, you're not bonded to me." Califa said in a soft voice that showed that pureblooded Saiyajin females were just as compassionate as any other woman. She touched Yamucha's face softly and continued, "We are just dating, as you call it. Destiny will guide us." Califa then purred softly in Yamucha's ear. Yamucha's mind went into a frenzy. Somehow her purring did something to him and her scent filled his nostrils. He knew he was lusting for her.

Kami she smells so sweet! I do want to get to know her better, but will Vegeta intervene?

"My father will intervene only out of honor. But you do not have to be concerned with him at this time."

Yamucha looked at Califa in awe that she heard him. He looked around to see if anyone else heard him. Everyone else was talking amongst themselves, not really paying too much attention to the new couple. Califa looked at Yamucha and said,

"Yamucha, is it possible for us to leave? I would like to talk to you in private. There are a couple of things I would like to talk to you about and I'm quite sure you have questions for me." Yamucha smiled and nodded his head.

"Let's just say goodbye to everyone. Okay?" Califa nodded and walked towards Vegeta.

Yamucha walked over to the Son family and the rest of his friends. They all smiled but he could tell they were very confused. Yamucha smiled and said,

"Guys I'm sorry about my actions earlier. I hope you can forgive me." Everyone smiled and nodded. Gohan came closer to Yamucha and said,

"We all say things we don't mean sometimes. Consider it forgotten. Just make me one promise." Yamucha looked at the man before him and cautiously responded,

"What's the promise kid. I know you." Yamucha was afraid Gohan would try to trap him into something he didn't want to be in.

"Just promise that you won't stay away from us, no matter what happens." Gohan smiled as he saw his father-like friend sigh out of relief. Yamucha laughed and quickly grabbed Gohan in a bear hug and said,

"Don't worry about that, I will never stay away."

Vegeta sensed Califa approaching him but remained in his normal stance; against the wall with his head down and his arms crossed.

"Vegeta, I will contact you tomorrow. Be prepared to rank me." Califa then slightly bowed and placed her right hand over her heart. Vegeta nodded and turned his head. Califa backed away from her father and went to join Yamucha in saying goodbye to her new mother and sister.

Once Yamucha and Califa left, everyone went over to Vegeta. Goku said to Vegeta,

"Vegeta what did she mean by you ranking her and what was that weird bow she did?" Vegeta growled at Gokus ignorance.

"Kakkorot sometimes I forget how stupid you really are! Unlike you and our earth-bred children, Califa was raised as traditional Saiyajin royalty. Me being the King of Saiyajins, I am to rank her fighting skills. With her being royalty, I am to decide whether she is worthy of reigning over all Saiyajins. The bow she did is a Saiyajin salute." Vegeta turned his head away from Goku indicating the conversation was over. Goku being, well, Goku paid Vegeta's gesture no mind and continued to ask more questions.

"Have you ranked me and the kids? If so, what is our rank?" Goku looked over to the rest of the group listening in on the conversation. He could tell they were just as interested as he was in this ranking system. Vegeta was taken aback from Goku's interest in something that involved the Saiyajin culture. Goku never really showed any interest in his decent although he acknowledged it.

"I have ranked you all. Since I am the King of Saiyajins, of course Trunks is my predecessor and an elite warrior. Kakkorot, as much I hate to admit it, you and Gohan are legendaries, which automatically makes you elites. I have ranked you as my second in command. Gohan is your predecessor. Goten, Bra, and Pan are considered first class solders in comparison to everyone's power level. But despite my ranking, you are still a lowly third class solder!" Everyone smiled , knowing Vegeta was saving face for displaying a vulnerable piece of himself.

Goku nodded at Vegeta and said,

" If I am your second in command, I guess I will have to learn more about our race." Vegeta smirked at Goku and said sarcastically,

"Whatever. Your sons know more about being a Saiyajin than you, maybe they can tutor you."

"Maybe!," Goku said cheerfully, completely oblivious to Vegeta's sarcasm. Gohan and Goten looked confused at the information that was just given. Goten was actually more angry than confused.

"Vegeta you need to re-rank me! I want to be elite too! But anyway, I thought you and dad were the only pureblooded Saiyajins left. How come you never mentioned Califa and her mother."

"That's what I want to know! Why didn't you mention you had a relationship with another Saiyajin and had children by her! What else are you hiding Vegeta! Do you have a planet full of Saiyajins hidden away from us?!" Bulma chimed angrily.

Everyone slightly inched away from her, completely aware of her explosive temper. Vegeta humphed and said,

"I have my reasons and no there is not a planet of Saiyajins that I'm aware of." Bulma replied.


"Bulma this is NOT the place to talk about this." With that Vegeta scooped his wife up and left his daughter's house with Bulma screaming every type of obscenity known to man. Krillin said to Juuhachi,

"Can you guess who's going to be sleeping in the gravity room tonight?" Juuhachi looked down at her husband and said,

"I think he'll be sleeping there for the next month."