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Saiyajin Revived
Chapter 8


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Califa's Intentions

Yamucha and Califa flew to Califa's apartment in silence. Every once in a while, Yamucha would glance over at the Saiyajin princess.

I wonder, if I try to call her in my mind wound she hear me? Well. Its worth a try. CALIFA!!!

Califa continued flying as if nothing happened. Yamucha smiled, cursing his idiotic theory. Califa looked over at Yamucha wondering why he was laughing. She heard him call her but she thought he would say more.

He is a unique one. It will be fun getting to know him.

Once they arrived at Califas apartment, the silence was broken. Califa looked at Yamucha with a stern face and said,

"Yamucha, there are some very important things I must tell you. All I ask of you is to react with respect, hear my explanations, and wait until I finish to ask whatever questions you will have." Yamucha looked at the woman before him and thought,

What does she have to tell me that is so detrimental that she thinks I will close off all reason?

Yamucha simply nodded in response. Califa nodded back then proceeded to open the door to her apartment.

When Yamucha stepped into the apartment he was surprised to see Califa stayed in a place that was smaller than what his had. The unit was extremely neat but dreadfully small. Califa noticed Yamucha's expression and said,

"Please excuse the size of my living quarters. I needed a great deal of my budget to track down Vegeta, so this place had to do. Please take a seat." Yamucha sat on the futon against the wall. He looked at the goddess like woman and said in a soft voice,

"So what is it that you have to tell me?" Califa sat across from Yamucha and sighed. She closed her eyes to gather her thoughts.

Why is my heart beating so fast. Do I care what he thinks of me? Why should I! I am Princess to all Saiyajins, he will accept whatever I say!

Califa opened her eyes and fixated on Yamucha. Yamucha leaned forward slightly, indicating he was listening. She began,

"I feel it is important for me for me to inform you of my past. I want to be 100% honest with you from the start." Califa held her head down to re-gather the words that seemed to slip from her mind.

I need to say the right words to him. Why couldn't he speak Saiyago? That is something I will have to teach him.

Yamucha watched her debate with herself but chose to remain silent. He couldn't help but look perplexed. He also didn't know if he could handle more shocking information today. Califa looked at Yamucha and began again.

"As you already know, Vegeta is my father. From what was told to me, he met my mother while both of them were serving a tyrant named Freiza." Yamucha stiffened up at the sound of Freiza's name but allowed her to continued as she requested earlier. " She bonded to him but he never bonded back, therefore leaving her to be alone for the rest of her life. My sister, Kornaya, and I were conceived out of my mothers love and my father's lust." Califa closed her eyes again, feeling the pain of the broken heart her mother had, but she continued on.

"Once a Saiyajin named Kakarotto killed Freiza my mother and several other Saiyajins formed a colony in hopes to form a new Saiyajin empire. My father, of course would have to be the leader. My mother found him and told him of the plan. He accepted the offer to lead them but he told them he couldn't stay with the colony. He said he needed to find this Kakkorot and handle some important issues on earth, nonetheless, he was still the leader of the New Saiyajin Empire."

So Vegeta wanted Bulma from the start. I knew it!!! But did she want him at first too?

Yamucha frowned, realizing his accusation of Vegeta were true. Califa looked at Yamucha wondering why his face became so animated. She didn't want to dip into the bond, fearful of what she may hear.

" My mother was consider to be the second commander, mainly because she was bearer of the King's children. From what I understood, Vegeta only came around once every six months or so but he always made his presence feel known. When my sister and I were born, he appeared more often but those visits were still very sparse." Califa looked past Yamucha at the wall behind him. On the wall was a tattered piece of tapestry that displayed the New Saiyajin Empire crest. The crest was a lot like the old Saiyajin Empires, red and very regal looking, but it had a gold kanji of Vegeta's name on it.

Califa played many old memories in her mind of Vegeta visits. Her face softened slightly as she continued talking to Yamucha.

"I remember him telling us about being proud of our Saiyajin legacy no matter what happens in our life. He also told us that we should learn to respect other races we interact with. He told me and my sister that we were destined to become Super Saiyajins because the gift runs within two bloodlines of the Saiyajin race; his and Kakkorots. But I also remember him leaving and staying away for long periods of time." Califa frowned, remembering the sadness she and her sister felt each time.

Yamucha listened to Califa vigilantly. He was finally learning something about his long time foe, 'The Ever Mysterious Vegeta'. As he listened his detestation grew for Vegeta. He saw the pain on Califa's face as she told him about her life. His knew it was hard for her to express herself this way. Goku, the only pure hearted full Saiyajin around, had a hard time expressing his feelings. Califa saw Yamucha's intense expression and knew he was digesting the information she was throwing on him. She decided to continue before he asked a question.

"My sister and I were trained at an early age on how to be royalty and leaders. Once we were of age, Kornaya and I were to reign over the Saiyajin race together. This is one thing Vegeta instilled in us even when he was away. He and I used to have long talks about Old Vegetasei and the way life was on the planet. He wanted to have the Saiyajins to have their own planet but live in harmony with the existing race on that planet. My mother thought that if she retrieved a planet for the growing Saiyajin Empire, my father would bond with her. I knew that would never happen. Even at a young age, I knew Vegeta had a mate on earth. Why else had he not had the Saiyajins come here? But I never for one moment thought he would have children here." Califa shook her head, showing for the first time she was surprised to find out about her half siblings.

"Well, anyway, one day my mother was attempting to secure a planet for Vegetas empire as a surprise for him. While she, my sister and I were on the planet negotiating the final deal, the New Saiyajin Empire was ambushed by a being that called himself Babidi." Yamucha gasped, surprised at how much Califa's misfortune matched the Z fighters misfortune. Califa noticed his reaction, but felt the need to go on.

"Yamucha, Babidi's army destroyed over ten thousand Saiyajins. None of them were less than a third class soldier. This monster claimed he was acting on the part of the planet's ambassador. The only Saiyajins left were me, my parents, Kornaya, the guards with us, and this Kakkorot, if his is for real."

"When my mother and the guards realized the situation, it was already too late. The guards were killed execution style right before our eyes. Babidi killed my mother in a horrible way. The planet's ambassador decided to keep Kornaya and I as bargaining power against Vegeta. Both Kornaya and I called Vegeta through our bond for him to help us but he never came. Once the ambassador found out what we were doing, he separated us and implanted a ki controller within us. When I attempted to call my sister, the device somehow kept us from talking to each other. The planet feared Saiyajins.

One day the guards told me Kornaya tired to escape and was killed on contact. For a year, I think, I was physically and mentally tortured. When I was almost at my breaking point I took my chances and escaped. I was forced to fend for myself at ten years old, Yamucha. Once I was sure I was free, I decided to find Vegeta and kill him for abandoning us like he did.

As I gathered information about his whereabouts, I learned that Vegeta did actually come look for us. He was told by the planet that there was a big battle near the planet and all the Saiyajins died at the hands of Babidi. He believed this because he couldn't trace our ki nor could he communicate with us clairvoyantly due to the implanted ki controller.

Over the years while looking for Vegeta I trained and forced myself to become strong by a Saiyajins standard with the controller still implanted in me. I gained clout throughout the universe to get a free ride to earth. But while earning that clout I did some things that were dishonorable. Yamucha what I'm trying to say is I used my body as a vessel to infiltrate certain empires and purge them internally. Because of my actions I became with child." Yamucha looked at Califa wide-eyed.

Is she saying that she is pregnant? Or did she have the child? Vegeta, see what your selfishness did!!! I bet you never told Bulma about any of this. And she left me for you. You bastard.

Yamucha wanted to ask a million questions at this point but complied with Califas requests. Califa could see in Yamucha's eye that he wanted to ask her many questions now but she wanted to give him all the necessary information to keep him from being so surprised with her life's twist and turns.

"I have a two year old son named Vejima. As you can tell he his named after his grandfather. Vejima is not a full-blooded Saiyajin. His father was Cufajin. The Cufajins are known throughout the universe as the 'Dream Makers' ". They're called that because if a Cufajin becomes attached to someone and that person has a big enough dream or desire to accomplish something, they can manipulate themselves to make the other person's wish come true. Yamucha they're gift is an incredible one but if the wrong person comes along, it can be disastrous."

Califas eyes flickered with worry, just enough for Yamucha to notice. He moved from his seat on the futon to sit next to her. She looked at him with uncertainty, not really knowing what his intentions were. When he looked directly into her eyes, she was relived to see compassion where she thought she would see disdain. Yamucha took it upon himself to break his promise of waiting until she finished and asked Califa,

"Did something bad happen to Vejima?" Califa looked at him trying to absorb his question. When she felt she fully understood it she shook her head.

"He's not dead if that what you mean. It's just that when he was no more than 6 months old, Vejima's power destroyed an entire plant. He was fulfilling someone's desire. He doesnt remember it but with him having Saiyajin power and Cufajin power, I fear one day he may destroy the universe." Califa looked at Yamucha expecting a question from him.

"Can't you and his father teach him how to control his powers?"

"His father is dead. Besides, I cant take him back to Cufasei to learn to control his Saiyajin powers because the planet Vejima destroyed was Cufasei. It was the Cufajins that destroyed the New Saiyajin Empire and killed my mother and sister. My son was fulfilling my dream." Yamucha looked extremely confused and surprised after hearing that information. Califa anticipated his question by saying,

"I hid the fact that I am Saiyajin. As you can tell I have no tail. I cut it off when I was fourteen. Having a tail was a dead giveaway that I was Saiyajin. When I met his father he was a high commander with their army. I had access to almost everything I wanted. What I didn't have access to I managed to steal. I wanted avenge my race's genocide. I wanted to purge the planet so badly that my baby was able to pick up on my intentions. With his power and mine combined, the Cufajins couldn't stop us. Once it was all over I realized that the powers Vejima has, he is a walking time bomb."

"After that day, I knew I had to find Vegeta. But this wasn't for me. Vegeta is the strongest person I know. I need him to train Vejima, in hopes that his Saiyajin side can over power the Cufajin side. I don't want him to cause any further destruction. I am not qualified to train him because even at two years old Vejima is far stronger than myself at times. He has a high power level to start with, but when he's angry his powers grow immensely. I truly believe Vegeta can handle him. If he cannot, I will search for the legendary Kakkorot, if he actually exist. Well, this is what I needed to tell you."

Yamucha sat in silence after Califa finished speaking. He needed to process all of this information and history that was given to him.

This is deep! She is telling me something totally different than what I came to believe over time. Vegeta lied to all of us! He knew he and Goku weren't the only Saiyajins left! Why would he lie to us, especially Bulma, Trunks, and Bra? What were his intentions? What if Califa's lying? I don't think she is. Something inside of me just says she's telling the truth.

He looked at the Saiyajin woman, who actually looked worried and said,

"Where is Vejima right now?" Califa sighed and replied,

"Oddly enough, I found a baby-sitter for him. He said he's dealt with Saiyajins before and believes he can handle him. Vejima actually liked him from the start." Yamucha wondered if Piccolo was resurrected.

No, Gohan would know if he was and would say something. But then again, if Piccolo didn't want Gohan to say anything he wouldn't.

"I'm in shock. I hope you dont take that negatively, but I don't know how to react. Don't think I hold anything against you and your son. But your father? That's something totally different. I will tell you that if your father is not able to train your son, you will not have to leave earth. The legendary Kakkorot does exist. We call him Goku. He is actually one of my best friends and strangely enough, Vegeta's only true friend." Califa eyes grow large as she heard this. Yamucha tried his best to put on a reassuring smile. " Everything will be okay." Then he thought to himself,

I'm here to help you

Califa thought back,

Thank you for understanding