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Saiyajin Revived
Chapter 10


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A legacy continued...

A vase flew across the room and shattered into a million pieces once it hit the wall. A small chair quickly followed. Instead of hitting the wall, the chair was blasted into oblivion.

"You fucking bastard!!! I hate you!!!" Another vase flew across the room. This time it made contact with its target.

"You hit me. There, are you satisfied? Or do you have the need to destroy the house more?"

"Fuck you Vegeta!!! I should get Gohan over here to kick your royal ass!!!" Vegeta flashed before her eyes. Before she could even blink, he was behind her.

"Do you really want to start a serious feud between the Sons and me? Because if he kicks my ass I will spend the rest of my life trying to kill him." Bulma turned around to face the usual Vegeta smirk. "I know you are upset. If you calm down I will tell you everything you need to know." Bulma stepped towards her husband, so close that they were touching noses.

"You will tell me everything I want to know."

Vegeta looked into the blue eyes that plagued his vision. They were hard and unyielding, much like his used to be. Even in a situation like this, she still aroused him. He stepped back and said to Bulma,

"Fine, whatever." Bulma turned over a chair and sat in it. Vegeta took his usual place on the wall.

Bulma leaned forward and turned over a chair that was similar to her's and said,

"I want you right here so I can look in youre eyes the entire time." Vegeta frowned but didn't say a word. He came and sat in the chair directly in front of Bulma. Bulma leaned back and crossed her legs.

"Well, begin!" Vegeta looked at Bulma with a blank face. He blocked their bond so Bulma wouldn't feel the fear pulsing through him. Bulma noticed the bond was block and said in a very demanding and threatening voice, "I want you open Vegeta. I want to feel everything youre feeling when you tell me whatever it is that youre going to say." Vegeta turned his head and humphed in response, but almost immediately Bulma heard her husband say clairvoyantly,

"There, now are you satisfied?"

Bulma smirked, it looked a lot like the one her husband wears and her children inherited. She leaned back into the chair and said to Vegeta,

"Begin." Vegeta looked at Bulma as if he was confused. He looked at Bulma and said,

"From where?" Bulma shifted in the chair and said in a threateningly calm voice,

"Vegeta, don't play games with me! I know you can feel where I want you to begin." Vegeta looked at Bulma expressionless and said,

"I never mentioned Califa or Kornaya because I thought it would complicate things. When they died, or at least when I thought were dead, I felt there was no need to speak their names ever again."

Bulma looked at Vegeta as if he was a complete stranger, she couldn't believe his cold demeanor towards this entire thing.

"They are your daughters Vegeta!!! How could you say something like that! Would you act the same if it were Trunks or Bra!!! Or me? How would you've complicated things by saying you had children from a previous relationship?" Vegeta rolled his eyes, hating the fact that he would have to explain history that he kept surpressed for so long.

"How would I explain that I had Saiyajin children when I told you there were no more Saiyajins Bulma? That there alone complicates things." Unable to control her anger, Bulma hopped out of the chair and screamed,

"Why did you tell everyone that you and Goku were the only Saiyajins left!? What were you hiding!? What are you still hiding!?" Vegeta also stood, but he controlled his voice, knowing his mate had every right to scream and be angry,

"I was hiding you and your friends. The handful of Saiyajins that were in Freiza's empire still believed in purging planets for their own dwelling or even for game. When the colony was formed after Mirai Trunks killed Freiza and Cold there was only the strongest of Saiyajins left in existence. I'm talking, first and second class warriors, maybe some high third-class soldiers. If they knew about the Earth and how weak you all are, they would've banded against me and attempted to purge the planet. I didn't want to risk your life even if that meant lying to you and our offsprings."

"Why couldn't I feel all this information when we bonded?" Vegeta looked at Bulma with a blank face and said,

"You're telling me you don't know how to hide something from me?"

Bulma looked at her husband, searching for any sign the he was being truthful or if he was lying. When she saw he face was smug as usual, she attempted to search the bond but found Vegeta had closed it again. She became angry again and said,

"I want you out of my house and do not come back without my consent. I do not want to see you, I do not want to talk to you, nor do want to feel you." Vegeta looked at his wife of thirty years as if she was joking.

"Bulma you can't..." Bulma cut Vegeta off by saying,

"Oh, but I can. This is my house, I bought everything in here and paid every bill. I allow you to walk around here with you royal attitude because I felt that was all you had of your race left. I allowed you to tear our son apart by comparing him to himself from a different timeline, which from what Mirai Trunks said, you had no input in raising. I watched you downtalk everyone that showed some type of compassion towards the world then I had to sit here and comfort when you wonder why can't excel in life without having hardship. Vegeta, I'm tired. I've spent 35 years of my life putting you on some warped pedestal. Well guess what, not any more. I want to be free. So leave me."

Vegeta looked at Bulma intensely for a long moment before walking to the nearest window and taking flight away from his mate and his home. When Bulma knew Vegeta was away from the house she broke down in tears. She wanted to believe everything Vegeta said but she couldn't tell because he had blocked her out. If Vegeta hadn't blocked the bond, she would feel how afraid he was of loosing her.


Trunks and Pan arrived at Bra and Goten's house only to find the festivities over.

"Hey, where's everyone? We weren't gone that long were we?" Pan asked her uncle as she looked around the now bare ballroom. Goten shrugged his shoulders and said,

"The celebration was cut short due to some emergency family issues." Trunks looked at his best friend and cautiously asked,

"Whose family and what type of issues?" Goten shuffled his feet and looked down at the floor as he responded,

"Um, yours Trunks." Trunks looked at Goten wide-eyed, wondering what happened to his family that cause a celebration to stop.

What kind of emergency would happen to my family that caused a party to stop? Mom doesn't stop parties for a family snag. Even when Bra announced she was pregnant by Goten and dad attempted to kill him right there, the party didn't stop.

"Why didn't anyone call us Uncle G? If it was able to stop the babies welcome home party it had to be tremendous!" Pan said with concern in her voice. Goten looked at his niece and his best friend then said in a soft voice,

"Well no one wanted to disturb you two from, well, you know, you two making up. Besides I'm quite sure you'll know about everything soon enough." Pan looked at Goten and realized he looked tired.

Why is he so tired looking? Is he watching the babies?

"Um, wheres Bra Unc?"

"She's upstairs, Pan I don't thinks she wants to be disturbed." Trunks frowned a little and asked,


"She's not feeling well Trunks." Trunks frown deepened, knowing he and his sister have never been sick a day in their lives.

"Does she know what happened Goten?" Goten nodded his head yes. Trunks looked at his brother-in-law then sprinted upstairs to his sister's light ki. Goten noticed what Trunks did and darted after his friend. Pan saw her mate and uncle were doing and decided to beat both of them to her best friend. She closed her eyes and said to herself,

"I want to see Bra."


Bra was tucking Ryoku into bed from his bath. She looked over at Kaijin and Aikou, who were already asleep, and sighed.

"Guys I'm sorry your welcome home party was cut short."

"Why was it cut short Bra?" Bra whipped around into a fighting stance only to see Pan peeking over her shoulder looking at the babies. Bra relaxed her body and said,

"Pan I didn't hear you come in." Pan glanced over at her aunt-in-law and said,

"I know. Why was the party cut short? What happened in your family?" Bra walked to the window of the babies room and said,

"Pan, my family is changing and I don't know if its for the good." Trunks and Goten were standing in the doorway of the room. Trunks walked into the room and went over to his little sister. He placed his hand on her shoulder and asked,

"B-chan what do you mean? What happened?" Bra turned to face her big brother, hugged him like she did when she was six years old, and began sobbing. Trunks embraced his sister and began rubbing her hair the way he used to when she cried on him. He looked over at his mate and best friend in utter confusion. Pan looked just as confused as Trunks did while Goten looked sorrowful and pained that his wife was crying.

Goten then grabbed Pans arm, pulled her out of the room, and closed the door. Pan looked at her uncle as if he lost his mind.

"Why did you pull me out of the room!? What's going on here!? Why is she so sad?" Goten looked down at his niece and said,

"I think the two of them need some family time together Panny. Something very weird happened and they're going to need each other more than they'll need us right now." Pan looked up at Goten and nodded, indicating she understood.

The two Son family members went to their favorite place in the house, the kitchen, and fix themselves a snack. Both Saiyajin hybrids ate in silence until Goten said,

"Why did dad teach you the Instant Transmission when he refuses to teach it to me and Gohan?" Pan looked at Goten confused as to what he was talking about. Goten saw the confusion in her eyes and elaborated,

"When you went to the kids room to see Bra. You beat me and Trunks upstairs and you were the last to leave the ballroom. I didn't feel your ki go past me so I assume you use Instant Transmission." Pan's expression changed as she realized what he was talking about.

"Goten-san that wasn't the Instant Transmission that grandpa does, its a little different, well actually its a lot different. Where as grandpa needs to focus on a life force to transport, I don't. I can focus on pretty much anything I want, including a point in time." Goten looked at Pan in shock.

"How did you learn to do that!" Pan stopped eating and said,

"It just seemed to come when I turned Super Saiyajin. There are a couple of things I can do since turning Super Saiyajin." Goten looked at Pan with a raised eyebrow.

"Really, like what?" Pan smiled and said,

"Well I can do an Ultimate Kamehameha and I can do a Genki Dama. But the only one I've seemed to master is the teleportation." Gohan stopped eating also and said,

"How do you know you can do time travel?" Pan looked down at the sandwich she was eating and said,

"I went back in time to see what went wrong between me and Trunks and to see if I could fix it. But I ended up in a different time where the Trunks of that time and me weren't even together. So I came back here and tried again. But I ended up in a timeline where I met Mirai Trunks." Goten spit out the soda he was drinking and said,

"You met Mirai Trunks? You do you know it was the right one?"

"Well, at first I didn't know. I just knew he looked like what dad had described in those stories he would tell me. But as we talked I realized that he was the one. We talked about the 'Oh so famous Cell Games', my dad in his time and stuff. From what he said he had just come back from out time like a week before we talked. But anyway that how I found out about time travel." Goten was intrigued to say the least.

"What is he like?" Pan looked at Goten and sighed.

"He's nice for the most part but he was pretty uptight. I think that's because the life he's had to live. He's not like our Trunks, he seems kind of shy. Uncle Goten, listen, please don't tell Trunks about my encounter. He's always been compared to Mirai Trunks. The last thing he needs to know is I met him." Goten looked at Pan's worried face and smiled.

"You don't even have to tell me that. This is between you and me and the other Trunks." Pan jumped off the kitchen stool and ran over to hug her uncle.

"You're the best uncle in the world." Goten blushed and said,

"You're just finding that out!?"


Trunks sat on the floor with Bra in his lap. To someone looking in on the two, it looked like Trunks was rocking his grown-up little sister to sleep. Occasionally, he would wipe a tear from her eyes and smile. Bra nuzzled her head in her brothers arm and sniffled.

"B-chan, are you okay?" Bra nodded yes but didn't speak to that effect. Trunks looked at her and stroked her hair as he said,

"What happened?" Bra sat up and forced back the new wave of tears that threatened to break free at any moment.

"Trunks, daddy lied to us. He lied to mom, Goku, everybody. And now our family is in shambles." Trunks looked at his sister wondering what she was babbling about.

Bra, please don't let this be one of your drama queen episodes. You've got me scared here.

"What did he lie about?" Bra released herself from her brother's embrace and stood. She walked over to her children to assure that they were still asleep. With her back turned on Trunks, she said the their brother/sister bond,

"Trunks, promise me whatever I tell you that you won't overreact in here."

"I promise, but why would I overreact?"

"We have a sister." Trunks smiled thinking Bra had lost her wits.

"Bra, isn't mom a little old to be pregnant? Are you sure about that?" Bra spoke verbally to her brother,

"No Trunks, mom is not pregnant. We have an older sister." Trunks face dropped as the information absorbed into his mind.

"What!? You're telling me dad had a child before me that he didn't bother mention to us? Did he know about her?"

"Yes, but that's not all. She's a twin sister, but our other sister died in battle. Trunks, our sister is a full Saiyajin. Dad had a relationship with another Saiyajin when he and Goku were supposed to be the only two full-blooded Saiyajins left. And he told Goku that she was raised to be royalty, which means to me that there was a lot more Saiyajins than dad let on." Trunks looked at his sister with an expressionless face.

"How did mom take it." Bra looked over at her sleeping children and said,

"I guess as best someone could."

"Did she cry Bra?"

"Yeah" His face remained with out expression. The only indication that he was listening was his left eyebrow kept twitching. Bra knew that meant he was trying with all his might to control his temper.

Bra thought her brother was going explode into a series of curses and start trashing the room, but instead he walked over to her and kissed her on the forehead then walk towards the bedroom window.

"Trunks what are you doing?" Trunks turned and smiled at his sister the same way he smiled before he boarding the ship for the Grand Tour; the smile that said he might not return, and said,

"I'm going to find our father and attempt to kill the sneaky, lying son of a bitch. Make sure Pan or Goten doesn't follow me. I love you Bra." With that Trunks took flight out the window.

Bra natural reaction was to go after her brother. But as she flared her ki to take flight, all three of her children squirmed in their sleep.

I can't leave them. Damn you Trunks!!! You're going to get hurt.

Bra powered down and ran downstairs in tears.

"Goten!!! Pan!!!" Both Goten and Pan ran out of the kitchen with alarm written on their face. Goten embraced his wife as she cried and asked,

"What's wrong baby?" Bra looked up at her husband and said,

"He's gone after daddy! He said he was going to try and kill him. Everything in his face said that he meant it!" Bra busted into more sobs as Pan and Goten grew extremely pale. Pan called out to Trunks mentally,

"Trunks!?" She got no response. "Dammit Trunks I know you hear me!"

"Panny, don't try to stop me!"

"Do you think youre actually going to be able to kill Vegeta? Think rationally."

"I am thinking rationally."

"I'm coming after you."

"No youre not." Trunks didn't hear Pan through the bond anymore so he assumed she was going to fly after him. He hid his ki to a point that it would've been hard for her to find him. But when he turned his head there was Pan flying right next to him, with her ki hidden just like his.

"Yes, I am." Trunks blinked in surprise that she was next to him so quickly until he remembered she teleported both of them to their bedroom earlier today.

"You're going to teach me that trick if I make it out of this fight." Pan rolled her eyes and said,

"There's not going to be a fight. He's your father Trunks. I don't know what he did but it can't be worth killing him over." Trunks looked at Pan's infuriated face and said,

"Trust me, if you knew, you'll say it's worth it."


Vegeta landed in a wooded area that looked vaguely familiar to him. He looked around the area and thought to himself.

I must've sparred with Kakkorot here.

He went over to a tree and sat on the ground. He then buried his head in his hands. He stayed in this position for a good twenty minutes before he lifted his head and screamed out,

"BULMA!!!" All the wildlife within a mile radius became silent. Vegeta looked through the treetops at the stars and sighed.

She's just angry right now. She has to take me back. I will spend the rest of my life redeeming my actions to her if she forgives me. Deena, Donde, whatever your name is, please let her find forgiveness for me. Also, let Bra and Trunks find forgiveness for me. I only wanted to protect them.

Suddenly, Vegeta heard laughing in one of the trees. He stood and said,

"Whoever is out there come out now before I blast you to the next dimension." He stood still, listening for the spy that dared to interrupt his thoughts. He listened closely and heard the laugher again, but this time it was muffled.

"Come out I said!!! I am NOT in the mood for a game." Suddenly, a little girl jumped out of the trees and stared at Vegeta. She smiled at him as he frowned at her. Vegeta looked at the little blond haired girl with disgust. The little girl looked up at Vegeta as she brushed her bangs out of her eyes, all three of them. Vegeta saw this and said,

"What the kind of freak are you?" The little girl walked closer to and said,

"You're a flame hair like my friend." Vegeta snarled at the little girl and yelled,

"What!? Kid get the hell away from me!" He formed a ki ball in his hand hoping to scare the little annoying girl away. Instead the little girl said,

"My brother and dad can do that. If I try hard enough so can I." With that the little girl closed all three of her eyes and held her hands out. Vegeta watched as the little girl formed a small ki ball in each hand. She opened her eyes and said,

"See? I told you." The girl forgot to lower her ki before placing her hands back at her side and the ki balls flew out of her hands and hit Vegeta. The balls didn't hurt Vegeta, in fact, he could barely feel them as they made contact with his skin. But in his already upsetting state his ran towards the little girl and said,

"I'm going to kick your little ass!" The little girl realized the man in front of her was serious and started screaming.

Just as Vegeta was about to make contact with the little girl his was side swiped. He looked at the little girl run to a young man who, looked just like the girl but was bald with the exception of the blue braid in the back of his head. The boy looked at Vegeta and said,

"I suggest you leave here before you hurt someone, mainly yourself" That was exactly what Vegeta wanted to hear. He was hurt by Bulma and angry that he hurt her. He needed to get his aggression out and the boy would do fine for him.

"I doubt that I'll hurt myself but I wouldn't mind hurting you. Freak." The boy stood, turned to the little girl, and said,

"Café, go home. Mom and dad are probably looking for you." Café looked at Vegeta then looked at the young man.

"Bistro, don't fight, lets just go home. I bothered the flame haired man first." Bistro smiled at Café and said,

"Just go home. Please." Café nodded her head and flew off towards her home. When Café was a safe distance away from Bistro and Vegeta, Bistro turned and said to Vegeta,

"So you like to pick on little girls? I'll teach youre manners, Saiyajin." Vegeta looked at the three-eyed young man and said,

"How did you know I was Saiyajin?" Bistro looked at Vegeta and said,

"My father told me about you. Now shut up and fight." Bistro then threw several ki blasts at Vegeta. Vegeta smirked as none of them hit him but Bistro smiled back. Vegeta looked around and saw all the ki blasts were surrounding him. He was in an energy minefield. He flew into the air and to his surprise the ki balls were still around him. Bistro said,

"Go ahead and throw a blast at me. I dare you." Vegeta then knew that if he threw a blast at the boy the blasts around him would explode.

What the hell, they are most likely weak blasts anyway.

Vegeta charged up for the Big Bang Attack and the balls around him grew larger. He didn't pay them any mind and threw his attack at Bistro. Bistro's ki balls absorbed Vegeta's blast and imploded on Vegeta. Vegeta fell from the sky and mutter to himself,

"This is not my fucking day!", then stood and powered to a Super Saiyajin. Bistros eye grew large in surprise of the power he was feeling.

"Boy you are fucking dead! I wasn't having a good day from the start but you just took the cake." Bistro stepped back as Vegeta stepped forward. Just as Vegeta was a couple of feet away, Bistro's father stepped between his son and Vegeta.

"Move out of my way!" Bistros father folded his arms over his chest and said,

"Nice to see you too Vegeta." Vegeta looked at the man then back to Bistro and said,

"Should've known he was your son, he's fucking butt ugly like you. Now move out of my way Tien!" Tien smiled and crouched down into a fighting stance and said,

"I don't think so." Vegeta smirked and said in response,

"Fine, I'll kick your ass, then kick your sons ass, then come back and kick your ass just because." Just then, Vegeta felt a very hard blow to his face and fell to his knees. He spit out blood and thought to himself.

What the hell is going on!! Piss Vegeta off day?

Vegeta looked up and saw Trunks, who looked as mad as he felt.

"What the hell is wrong with you boy!?" Trunks looked at his father with contempt in his eyes.

"You liar!!! Why didn't you tell us!!!" Vegeta looked at his son, knowing exactly what he was talking about. He stood, still staring at his son. As he walked closer to Trunks he felt Trunks raising his power level. He looked behind his son and saw Pan looking down at the ground. He knew she didn't know exactly what to do.

"Trunks, its more to this than what you know. I had my reasons." Trunks quickly jumped into Super Saiyajin form and said in a eerily calm voice,

"Yeah. I bet you did. Like saving your ass from getting caught cheating. Vegeta, I really don't care. All I care about is you hurt my mother. And this will be the last time. FINAL FLASH!!!" Vegeta threw his own ki blast to deflect his son's blast. Trunks anticipated his father's move and as Vegeta was deflecting his blast, Trunks fazed out and appeared behind his father and kicked him in the back. Vegeta fell into the blast and turned to kick at his son but Trunks was already gone. He looked up and saw his son in Super Saiyajin 3 form.

Suddenly, Pan jumped in front of Vegeta and went into Super Saiyajin and yelled up at Trunks,

"Trunks stop this!!! I know Vegeta has his reasons for his actions. Give him a chance to explain, please!" As if Pan had Trunks under a spell Trunks fell out of Super Saiyajin and landed. Pan too, came out of Super Saiyajin form and turned to Vegeta and held her hand out to help him up. He swatted her hand away and got up on his own. He looked at his son and back to Pan.

"It's about time you transcended girl." Pan rolled her eyes and said,

"Oh, your welcome Vegeta." Vegeta grunted and looked at his son.

"Trunks, I know" Trunks looked at his father with the same anger and pain in his eyes that Bulma had.

"You don't know shit Vegeta. You go around hurting everyone. I could care" Trunks was interrupted by Pan letting out a slight scream through their bond. He turned to her and saw her eyes were fixed on a little boy who looked exactly like his father. But he has dark skin and blue hair. The little boy hid behind a woman that Trunks knew wasn't his mother. She had blond hair, green eyes and welded a machine gun. He looked back to his father, who had a look of surprise also.

"Who is he dad?" Trunks asked Vegeta forgetting the fact that he was upset with his father.

"I don't know, but I'm going to find out."

Vegeta walked over to the woman with the machine gun and looked at the boy. The little boy stepped back a little as the woman pointed the machine gun at Vegeta's side and said,

"Get the fuck away from him, weirdo." Vegeta looked at the woman like she was joking. Tien then came next to the woman and said,

"Launch, it's okay. He's his grandfather." Vegeta looked at Tien and said,

"I'm his what?" Tien responded by saying,

"Vegeta, I know the about Califa and her relation to you. This is her son." Vegeta looked at his clone of a grandson and said,

"Come here boy." The little boy looked at Tien and Launch for their approval. Tien nodded, indicating it was okay to go and the little boy stepped towards Vegeta. Vegeta looked at the boy and noticed the childs tail flicking behind him. The little boy stood directly in front of Vegeta and looked up at the man.

Vegeta looked down at the little boy and frowned,

"What is your name boy?" The little boy mirrored Vegeta's expression and asked,

"Why?" Vegeta was taken aback by the little boy's response.

"Well, what is your mother's name?" The child looked at Vegeta and turned his head. Vegeta looked at Trunks and Pan, who had turned a fair shade of gray and sighed.

Maybe, he knows our language.

Vegeta looked at the little boy again and said,

"Argouto, retono etrean Saiyajin?" The little turned his head and looked at Vegeta. Everyone else looked at the two quite confused. The little boy nodded and responded,

"Ta hewto won guto ma Vejima. Me wontam remto won guto ma Califa." Vegeta turned to his son and said,

"He is Vejima. Califa is his mother. I am his grandfather and you are his uncle." Trunks looked at Vejima, his father and his mate and said,

"I can't handle all this.", then flew off. Pan stared at the little boy with her heart beating very fast. She closed her eyes and said to herself,

I really need to talk to this Califa.