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Saiyajin Revived
Chapter 13


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If you got it, flaunt it. If not, wish for it

Everyone went home in hopes to get some type of sleep. But in actuality, the only ones who got a peaceful nights sleep were the babies and Vejima. Goten consoled Bra and assured her everything would turn out okay, although he was just as worried and concerned as she was. Pan and Trunks wondered if an impending enemy was among them. Califa wondered about her dream before and its meaning as she watched her son sleep. Yamucha wondered if he was making the right decision by getting involved with someone so quickly, who just so happens to be related to Vegeta, of all people.

Bulma and Vegeta laid in their bed with their backs facing each other. Vegeta knew that Bulma was still upset with him but also knew she would be with him every step of this. He sighed and shifted in their large firm bed to face Bulma's back.

"What is it Vegeta." He knew she wasn't sleep but didnt know she was aware he wasn't. He lifted himself on one shoulder and said,

"I'm wandering, what if Califa is here with some type of ulterior motive. She has been on her own for most of her life so there's no doubt that she can survive on her own. Why has she come back now? She never explained that." Bulma turned and laid on her back then said in a slightly exasperated voice,

"I don't know Vegeta. I've been thinking same. But I do know that you need to find out soon. I don't want anyone to die because of your oh so mysterious life coming back to haunt you. My children and life-long friends will feel the repercussions of any actions she chooses to take." Bulma turned and faced her husband with contempt in her eyes and continued,

"I have an idea. Instead of asking me what's on your daughter's mind, why don't you get your ass out of the bed and ask her now. Or why don't you use that bond you have with her to talk to her." Vegeta sat up and said in a plain voice,

"I've tried going through the bond. She has me block from her. I know she's hiding something from me." With that he got out of the bed, put on some shorts and went to the room his first born and grandson were staying at.


Goku and ChiChi looked up at the stars from their backyard, which was actually a clearing the forest. ChiChi placed her hands in Goku's and said in a strained voice,

"I don't want you to leave me again. Can you promise me that?" Goku looked over at his wife of 43 years and said,

"I can't make that promise. You know that Chi. If something should happen to you, the boys, our daughter-in- laws, or our grandchildren and I didn't give my all to protect you I wouldn't know how to live with myself." ChiChi sighed and let go of Goku's hand. Goku, in turn, placed his hand under his wife's chin and lifted her face to meet his gaze then said with a consoling smile,

"Hopefully I wont have to. Maybe Califa is here just to reunite with her father." ChiChi looked down at the dewy grass and sighed.

"Goku, if something should happen, I want to be by your side until the end." The noble Saiyajin raised his eyebrow, slightly confused.

"What do you mean?" ChiChi wrapped her arms around her husband and said in a breathless voice,

"I don't want to sit at home wondering if you and our family is okay. I want to be beside you all fighting. Retrain me." Goku softly pushed the woman away and looked at her, surprised at what she had said.

*ChiChi has been against fighting for so many years. Why would she want to fight now if we have to?*

"Are you sure? Youre not in the same shape as you were when we first met." Fire lit up in ChiChis eyes and Goku thought she was about to start yelling. Instead, she wrapped her arms around his neck and said,

"I know, but that's going to change soon. The Dragonball hunt will be on." Goku looked in his wife's eyes and saw the same glimmer he saw when he first met him on her way to Master Roshi so many years ago. The same glimmer he fell in love with. He lifted his head slightly and said,

"What are you going to wish for?" ChiChi nuzzled her face in Goku's chest, taking in his smell; pine and morning dew. She kissed his chest through his shirt and said,

"You'll find out when I wish for it and no peaking around in my head." She moved her gentle kisses to his neck and Goku closed his eyes. Her soft kisses always made him feel so relaxed, and one thing he needed right now was to feel that way. His kissed the top of her head and smelled her hair. It smelled like wild berries and freshly baked bread, it has always smelled that way but tonight her scents were more intense. Suddenly, Goku got a slight tingle in the pit of his stomach. He wrapped his arm around his wife and began rubbing her back softly. ChiChi knew where his actions would lead so she said as she started to lift off of him,

"Let's go to bed Goku." Goku smiled mischievously and pulled his wife back down on him. He quickly rolled on top of her and said,

"No. Lets stay out here tonight.", and began kissing her passionately. Once they broke their kiss Goku said in a whisper,

"I love you Chich." ChiChi smiled and said to her husband,

"And I love you Goku."


Uubuu flew back to his native island in a daze. He had felt power fluctuations all night but didn't care. His mind was on his wife of 2 years.

*How could she go and do this to me! Everything I've done for the past 4 years has been for her. Hell, I would've been happy here with my family on the island. But since she wanted the big house, fancy cars, and all those other materialistic things I worked for her to have them. I've been her friend, lover, and everything in between and she betrays me by sleeping with another man! A fucking complete stranger.*

The man didn't notice he walked directly up to his sister's house and knocked on the door. When Opoku opened the door she found Uubuu muttering to himself about betrayal. She grabbed her brother's hand and led him into her house.

" Uubuu, what's wrong?" The warrior looked at his sister with pained eyes and said,

"She cheated on me. After all I've done for her and all the things we went through." His lip began to tremble as he fought to hold in his tears, but to no avail. For the first time in five years, the last time being when his mother died, Uubuu cried. Opoku held her brothers hand and rubbed reassuringly as he let out his pain and frustration. After a few moments, the man looked at his sister and asked,

"Why would she do this to me Opie?" The young woman shrugged her shoulders and asked,

"What did she say?"

"That she needed some attention. But I do whatever she asks me to. When she decided she didn't want to work, I adjusted the workload so it could happen. Whenever she wants to go on some shopping spree or an escapade with her mother or her friends, I do whatever necessary to make sure she can do her thing with no worries. What more could she want?" She smiled and said in a soft, warm tone,

"How about you Uubuu? Marron has all the worldly things she could ever want and need, but does she have her husband just the same?" The man frowned and said defensively,

"I work all the time, Opoku! When I'm not working, I try to give Marron, her family, and our friends that time. Hell, I barely see you, Zenbaba, Kwasi, Nkose, and Zuri! And you all are my family! I don't know what else I can give her."

The woman sighed and looked at her brother who was a year older than her. She leaned back onto the couch and asked,

"Do you still love Marron?" Uubuu looked at his sister then looked down at a picture on the coffee table. The picture was him, his family, and extended family; the Sons, Briefs, and Chestnuts, taken about 3 years ago . In the picture he and Marron are standing next each other, both of them looked oddly happily.

*That was the day I fell in love with her.*

He looked up at his sister and said,

"Yes, I will always love her." Opoku smiled and said,

"Well then, there's always more to give. Go home and work this out with your wife. Uubster, remember, she is only human and as much as you defy it, you are too. Something had to lead up to your problems. Just go back and figure out what happened and fix that. It will take some time but once you fix the starting problem, everything else will fall into place." Uubuu hugged his sister and smiled.

"When did you become so wise lil sis?" The woman laughed and said,

"When I knew my older brother would never grow up. But surprisingly he did."


Vegeta slowly opened the door of the guest room his daughter and grandson were staying in. He could tell by their ki signatures that Vejima was sound asleep and Califa wasn't. He quietly entered the room and stood behind his oldest child looking at his grandchild.

"His temper is a lot like your sister's." Califa humphed and replied with out turning to face her intruder,

"Which one?"

"Both of them. He's powerful like them also."

"Did you want something, father?" The woman asked Vegeta. Vegeta frowned slightly as he was sure he heard concealed venom in his daughter's voice. It didn't bother him that she has spitefulness towards him, but her hiding it was a different story.

*What is she hiding?*

"I need to know why you are here. Why try to reunite with me after so many years?" Califa spun around and looked at her father with fiery eyes. Vegeta matched her gaze with his normal stony stare. Califa rolled her eyes and said,

"As much as I hate to admit it, I need your help." Vegeta's expression remained hard as he said,

"With what?"

"My son, your grandson. I need you to show him how to control his power. You saw earlier how powerful he is." The Prince of Saiyajins nodded as he looked at the sleeping form of his grandson.

"You're a Super Saiyajin and youre telling me you can't control a young child? That, I can not fathom." Califa smirked as she forced herself not to strike her long lost father.

"I can only teach him so much Vegeta. He is much stronger than any child I've ever seen. Besides, if he were full Saiyajin I wouldnt need your help, let alone be here. I need your help to show him how to make his Saiyajin side overcome his Cufajin side. I know you can do it because you have two half breeds." Vegeta raised his eyebrow and asked,

"Where is his father?" Califa looked down at her son and said,

"We killed him, I think."

"You think?"

"It's a long story. I am almost sure he is dead but I have had dreams of the future where he is alive."

"Well then, most likely he is alive." Califas eyes widened as she gasped and asked,

"What do you mean?" Her father leaned against a nearby wall and spat,

"You are of royal blood. The women of royal blood usually have a gift, or curse, of being seers," Vegeta raised his eyebrows and said, "I've told you and your sister that before." The woman looked down and mumbled.

" I must have forgotten."

"Obviously you did. I will train the boy starting tomorrow. You and I will talk more also. Like this block on our bond, the boys father, and that weakling human youve seemed to fancy. Get some rest."

As Vegeta turned to leave the room, Califa asked clairvoyantly,


"Why did you choose that human and your second born, half-breed children over Kornaya and I?"


Vegeta stopped in his tracks but never turned around as he responded,

"I didn't," then he continued to his and Bulma's room.


Krillin landed outside of his best friends house and was relatively surprised not to find Goku waiting for him to land or to smell ChiChi's cooking.

*Hmm, I wonder if they went to Bulma and Vegeta's house. *

The ex-monk was about to fly off until he saw Bulma's aircraft in the distance. He scratched his head in confusion and thought,

*Okay, theyre not at Bulma's. Where could they be? Did ChiChi forget today were starting the Dragonball search?*

As Bulma landed, Krillin flew up to help his longtime friend out of her craft. Bulma smiled brightly although she was actually very tired and said,

"Thanks Krillin." The small man smiled in response. Bulma looked around the area and asked,

"Doesn't Goku usually started his daily workout about now?"
"Yeah, you know normally he's out here waiting for me to land when I come over."

"Yeah me too. I dont smell ChiChi's cooking neither. Maybe theyre helping Bra and Goten with the babies." Krillin slapped his head and said,

"Now why didn't I think of that!!!"

Bulma shook her head as she and Krillin walked over to her daughter and son-in-laws house. She rang the doorbell and waited a few moments. When no one came to the door Krillin rang the doorbell again. Both heard scuffling inside the house and Goten yell,

"Coming". The two then heard tumbling and Goten yell,

"Shit, you goddamn shoe! Trying to make me break my motherfucking ankle!" and a string of similar statements to the stairs and anything that was within eyesight of him. Krillin looked up at Bulma and asked,

"Are we sure he's blood related to Goku and not your husband?" Bulma faked being stung by the remark and said,

"Come on, its not like Goku has never used those words! Just not all of them at one time."

When the door opened, Bulma and Krillin were greeted by a very infuriated Goten, who was rubbing a forming lump on his forehead. He looked back and forth at his father's two closest friends and said,

"Please tell me there's a monster attacking and I'm the only one who can save you at 4:30 in the morning." Bulma smiled and pushed pass the half sleep man and Krillin followed suit. Once inside the house, Bulma said,

"And a good morning to you, son. How are my grandbabies?" Goten looked at the woman who looked exactly like his wife and said in a slightly pissed tone,

"They're sleep! Just like their mother. Their father was almost there until someone started ringing the damn doorbell. Is that why you came over, mom?" Krillin smiled at the fact that Goten acted just like Goku and Gohan when they wake up without enough sleep.

*No matter how nice the Son family may be, they are all grouches when you disturb they're sleep.*

The man interjected and said,

"Actually we were wondering if your parents are here." The sleepy man shook his head as he yawned and said,

"No. Did you two try, um, maybe, their house!?!" Bulma frowned and said,

"They're not there, grump ass!" Goten sighed and began searching for his parents ki.

"They're in their backyard." He turned to Krillin and said slightly agitated, "all you had to do was search for their ki." The older man blushed and said,

"Yeah, um, I knew that." Goten sighed and shook his head as he walked towards his back door.

"Come on guys. I'll go over there with you since I'm up now.


Goten led Bulma and Krillin to where his parents were then suddenly stopped,

"Mom!!! Dad!!! Ugh!!!"

ChiChi and Goku jerked awake to find their youngest son covering his eyes, Krillin looking at the sky with his face and neck looking like an overripe tomato and Bulma pointing and laughing like a little kid. ChiChi then felt a breeze across her back and remembered she and Goku were naked in the backyard. She screeched and tried to locate something to cover herself with, all the while remaining pressed to her husbands body.

Goku, on the other hand, wrapped his arms around ChiChi and said,

"Hey guys! Um, could you come back a little later? Me and ChiChi want to finish something." Goten screamed,

"I didn't just hear that!!! I don't have visuals either!!!" and started singing the Pokemon theme song really loud like he did when he was a little kid. Goku looked at his son and said,

"Oh, come off it Goten! It's not like you havent done it. Geez, you have three kids for Kami's sake." Goten started singing louder. Bulma clutched her stomach and said between laughs,

"Finally, I catch you two in the act. It's about time!!! In the backyard too! ChiChi I knew you were a freak!!! It's always the modestly dressed ones that are the biggest Freaky McNastys." Suddenly a dull thud was heard and everyone turned to see Krillin had passed out from witnessing the embarrassing situation.

ChiChi gave up on trying to locate clothes once she remembered she and Goku had turned everything to rags in their heated passion. She said in her husband's ear,

"Goku, get me in the house now!" Goku smiled and said,

"Sure thing babe. Just get up so I can get up." As Goku started to sit up, ChiChi yelled,

"NO!!! Do that disappearing trick you do!" Goku looked over at Bulma and Goten and said,

"Give us about an hour and well be finished," then placed his fingers to his forehead. He and his mate then disappeared into the house.

Goten stood in shock for a moment then said to no one in particular,

"I'm gonna need therapy." Bulma laughed and said,

"No you won't. Trunks and Bra have walked in on me and Vegeta a couple of times and they're okay. As a matter of fact, there was this one time"

"I DON'T WANT TO HEAR THAT!!!! UGH!!!" Bulma laughed harder and said,

"Pick up Sleeping Beauty over there and let's go to your house.


Videl and Gohan arrived as Goten was carrying Krillin into his house. Videl gasped and said to her brother-in-law,

"What happened to him?" Goten turned and said,

"Don't you all ever sleep anymore!?! He passed out." Gohan, being the doctor he was, rushed over to examine his old friend. Goten rolled his eyes and said,

"He's okay Gohan! He just passed out from embarrassment!" Gohan looked at his younger brother with a curious expression and asked,

"What was so embarrassing?" Goten shivered at the thought of catching his parents and screamed,

"I DONT WANNA TALK ABOUT IT!!! And don't go over to mom and dads right now!" Videl frowned and sarcastically said,

"Well, youre in a good mood. Had your chipper pill today?"

"It's not even day yet! You try being happy with three babies that seem to take shifts in crying all night long!" Gohan pat his brother on the back and said with a smirk on his face,

"Welcome to fatherhood little brother. It only gets better." Goten followed his brother into the house and muttered,

"Shut the hell up. You only had one."


Two hours later ChiChi and Goku came over to their son's house. Krillin and Goten could look either of them in the eyes, Bulma had a mischievous smirk on her face and kept saying things like,

"How's it laying ChiChi?" and "You got a heads up on things Goku?", making the two in question blush profusely. Gohan and Videl were confused by everyone's strange actions but soon realized what happened and decided to act as though they didn't know. After a few awkward looks from her children and friends, ChiChi decided to change the subject by saying,

"You guys ready?" Goten looked up from feeding Kaijin and said,

"Ready for what? I wasn't told I was doing something?" ChiChi smiled at her youngest and said,

"Sweety, youre not doing anything. You already have your hands full. I'm talking to everyone else." Goten looked over at the rest on the people in the room as he burped his daughter and asked,

"But what are you guys doing?" Bulma clasped her hands, much like her mother used to do and said with stars in her eyes,

"We're going on a Dragonball hunt!!!" Goten yawned and said very anti-climatically,

"Oh. Well, me and beauty are going back to bed. Have fun." Everyone looked at him with animated faces as he walked passed them. Before he started up the stairs he turned around and said,

"Oh yeah!!! Don't forget to lock up when you leave."


Videl, ChiChi, Bulma, and Krillin went through the plans of how to get the Dragonballs. Goku and Gohan sat patiently waiting to get a word in edge-wise. The four humans were so riled up about their plans that they wouldn't let the two Saiyajins give any input.

"Okay, including Giru, we all have a dragon radar. Me and ChiChi have capsule jets. Videl, Krillin, you guys can fly. When you get a ball radio in your position so we won't waste any time looking for a ball we already have. If all goes well, we should have the balls in a week!" Goku cleared his throat and said,

"Um, guys? What if" ChiChi interrupted, knowing what her husband was about to ask out of habit,

"Not now Goku! I'll feed you before we leave!"

"But ChiChi"

"NOT NOW!!!" Goku sighed and leaned back in his chair. Gohan reassuringly pat his father on the shoulder and said,

"I'll try dad." Goku looked over at his son and said,

"Good luck son."

Gohan went over to where his wife, mother, and friends were hovering over a map and said,

"Dad is trying to tell you all there's a flaw in your plans" Bulma's head popped up instantly as she said defensively,

"Flaw?!? I think not! I have pinpointed all seven Dragonballs down to a 2.5 mile radius of their exact location. ChiChi and I have the fastest jets capsule makes. Wheres the flaw!?!" Gohan smiled and said calmly,

"You're wasting an entire week doing something that can be done in a hour. Have you all forgotten dad's instant transmission?" Goku added,

"That's what I was trying to tell you!" Bulma mouth fell open as she looked back and forth between her plans and Goku. ChiChi turned to her husband with a sheepish grin and said,

"Goku, baby, I'm sorry." Goku smiled and said,

"I know."


Bulma destroyed her plans and gave Goku a dragon radar. Gohan decided that if he went to help his father they would get things done a little quicker. Everyone left Bra and Goten's house and went next door to Goku and ChiChi's house to wait for Goku and Gohan to return. Bra and Goten eventually came over with the babies since their sleep had been disturbed beyond repair.

Everyone was gathered in the living room cooing at the three newborns as Goten said,

"Dad and Gohan are back." The very next second, Gohan came into the house and said,

"We're back! Ladies and Gent, time to make your wishes."

The four humans in the house quickly went outside which Bra and Goten stayed behind with their children. Outside, Goku had place the Dragonballs in a circle and was standing beside them watching them glow. ChiChi and Videl looked at each other said to their husbands,

"Could you two leave while we make our wishes?" The two Saiyajins nodded and headed into the house to join the other five Saiyajins.

"Okay, Bulma, did you want to call him out or should I?" Krillin looked up at the blue-haired woman with eager eyes. Bulma smiled and said,

"You can do the honors buddy." Krillin was about to summon Shenlong until Videl said,

"Wait! The dragon only grants two wishes. There are four of us. How are we going to do this?" Everyone thought for a moment before Bulma said,

"I'll make sure I choose the words carefully, okay?" Everyone nodded then Krillin proceeded with the chant.

As Krillin called Shenlong out of his lair, the sky began to darken and thunder could be heard in the distance. ChiChi looked up at the sky with mixed emotions. She had seen the Dragon before but this time was different, he was being called to benefit her 100%. She smiled brightly although her heart felt like it was about to jump out of her chest.

*ChiChi this is it. There's nothing that can keep you from being with your family all the time now.*

Bulma shifted from one foot to the other then back again. She always seemed to get a little antsy when making a wish. No matter how many time she has done this, she always feels a little afraid.

*Come on Bulma, you're a pro at this! What are we afraid of? It's Shenlongs booming voice, maybe his size, maybe his giant green scales that could crush me if one should fall on me.*

Videl smiled although one could see she was petrified stiff. She stood directly between ChiChi and Bulma looking directly at the Dragonballs.

*I will not faint. I will not faint. Oh Dende, please dont let me faint in front of this huge lizard! How did these people do this on a regular basis!*

Krillin raised his arms up to the air waiting for the glowing green dragon to appear. He enjoyed calling Shenlong, although most of the times he and his friends have called him under negative situations. This would be different though.

*Finally, I out with my wife and people wont mistake us for father and daughter.*

A bright light appeared then quickly dissipated. All that was left was a very large green dragon whos body seemed to weave throughout the entire forest. His legendary reptiles voice boomed as he asked,

"Who has awakened me?" Bulma stepped forward and said,

"We have Shenlong. It's been a long time." The dragon nodded to Bulma and said,

"I will grant two wishes within my power. Tell me your wishes." Bulma cleared her throat and said,

"Shenlong, for our first wish, we would like to have our age and appearances reflect those of our spouses. Are you able to grant us this wish?" Shenlongs eyes glowed as he thought for a moment, he then replied,

"It is possible." Suddenly, all four humans started to feel a tingle as their bodies began to reform to a younger state.

Bulma looked at ChiChi and noticed that she was actually looking like she did when she and Goku got married. Krillin looked at Videl and saw her soft blue eyes regain that vivacious sparkle they had the day he met her. ChiChi giggled as she saw her long time friends short frame gain a couple of inches and his hair turn from dull gray to a shiny black before her eyes. Videl gasped as she saw Bulma become an exact replica of her daughter.

After the four went through their transformations they began complimenting each other on how good they looked. Shenlong looked down at them and said,

"Um, excuse me, your second wish?" All four humans almost jumped out of their skin as the dragon spoke but quickly regained composure. Bulma looked at her companions and said,

"Guys, I didn't think of the second wish. Any suggestions?" Videl and Krillin shrugged, indicating they had no ideas. ChiChi smiled and said,

"You guys trust me right?" Everyone turned and said, "yeah, why?"

"Because I have a second wish." Krillin smiled and said,

"Well, go for it ChiChi!" ChiChi stepped forward and looked up at the dragon and said,

"Dragon, for our second wish, I would like to make us Z fighters have the fighting and aging capabilities of our Saiyajin counterparts. Is that possible?" The dragons eyes glowed and said,

"It is done."

Videl, Krillin, and stood in shock as they heard ChiChi's wish. Then, out of nowhere, they began to feel power fluctuations all around them. All of them felt extremely high power levels that seemed to belong to Yamucha, Tien, Lunch, Chaozu, Master Roshi, Yajirobe, Marron, Uubuu, and themselves. Goku, Gohan, Goten, and Bra ran out the house to see what was causing the strange ki signatures they were feeling. Goku ran over to ChiChi and asked,

"Okay, what did you wish for?" ChiChi smiled and said,

"To be like you."


Gohan looked pass his brothers house to the mountains. Goten looked in the same direction and smiled. Goku noticed what his sons were feeling and said,

"He's been alive all this time?" Gohan turned to his wife and mother and said, much like a young child,

"Mr. Piccolos alive!"