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Saiyajin Revived


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Yamucha's Gift

Yamucha looked at Bulma with scrutinizing eyes from head to toe.  She looked just like the girl he met and fell in love with so many years ago.  Shaking his head in disbelief, he said slightly above a whisper,

" Wow Bulma!  You look beautiful!!!  I thought you were from the future!   It looks like youre from the past to me!"

Mirai Trunks blushed at the comment made to his mother from her first love.  He knew about Bulma and Yamucha's history.  He also knew Yamucha still held a special place in his mothers heart, although he would never take the place of his father.  He glanced at his mother, who did look younger than he did.  He saw she too was blushing at the genuine response of the man she thought shed marry. 

"Well, I have Vegeta to thank for this.  He wished me and Chi-Chi to look the age we were when we first met Goku with the Dragonballs." She said in a matter of fact tone. 

"ChiChi too?"  Yamucha thought about the first time he met ChiChi. 

She was practically a baby! She was what, eleven, twelve?   Yamucha began to laugh lightly then it grew to a gut wrenching laugh. 

"I dont think Goku was too happy about that!  His wife had become his daughter!"  He began to laugh again, this time a little louder.

"Well, I for one, have never seen Goku so angry.  He almost knocked my fathers head off.", Trucks said with his blue eyes flickering at the memory of the incident.   " But Goku used the Dragonballs to wish ChiChi to an older age." He too began giggling at the thought of seeing ChiChi's, Goku's, and Gohan's reaction to one of his father's noblest act to date. 


"Bakayarou!!" Goku fairly screamed at Vegeta over Bulma's shoulder. "When I met ChiChi she was twelve years old!!"

"Goku...Goku-saaaaaan!" ChiChi wailed, understanding finally settling in.

With a final savage glare at Vegeta, Goku spun on his heel. His expression softened and he went to the girl sitting on the hovering cloud. "It's all right, ChiChi," he said. "We'll fix it. I promise you, somehow we'll get it fixed."

ChiChi collapsed against Gokus broad chest and dissolved into tears.


Trunks' thoughts were interrupted by a small tug at his pant leg and a little voice repeating Daddy impatiently.  He looked down at the little boy who had pale lilac hair like his own  and ice blue eyes, like an android.  Yamucha looked at the little boy in awe as he dared to ask the question that he partially knew the answer to.

"So, um, Trunks, who's the kid?"  Yamucha looked down at the lad with adoring eyes.  Then he noticed something that he child had that Trucks didn't, a tail. 

Hmm, like Gohan as a child.

Mirai Trucks and Mirai Bulma smiled at each other as if they had just shared a private joke.  Then both looked at Yamucha as Trunks took the little boy's hand to pull him towards Yamucha.

"Well Yamucha this is my son, well he's me and Juuhachi-gous son, his name is Yamucha."  Trunks said with a smile spread across his face.  Mirai Bulma's face beamed with joy as she looked from her first love to her grandson of the same name. She was at that point glad that she had suggested the name to Juu-chan and Trunks.


"I know, why don't  we name him Trunks junior!?" Trunks said as he looked at his brand new man-child.  Juuhachi mockingly thought for a moment and gave a flat no.

Vegeta was sitting in the corner of the hospital room away from the rest of the family, as usual.  Although his expression didnt yield, he was very proud of his son's heir.  He figured since tin can girl really had no traits to past to the child that the child was 100% Saiyajin.  After all, the child did come out with a tail, which scared the hell out of the doctors.  He smirked at the thought of the medical staffs reaction.

"The child's name will be Vegeta.", he said more of a command than a suggestion glaring at his son as if Trunks dared to challenge his authority.  He was after all the prince of all Saiyajins, and this child would be raised to know and be proud of the legacy bestowed upon him.

Goku, Bulma, and ChiChi stood by the window looking up at the sky.  Today, May 18th, was a day of celebration as well as a day of reflection.  Yes, today Trunks' and Juu's child was born but today is also the day their dear friend was born and the day he died.

"Why don't you name him Yamucha." Bulma voice said almost trance like.  Goku and ChiChi looked at her as if she had read their minds.  Vegeta, on the other hand, snarled loudly, making everyone except for Juuhachi jumped.  The baby also jumped but didn't cry.  Bulma turned to look at Trunks and Juu.  "Why not?  It would be in honor of his life.  After all, today is his birthday and his Memorial Day."

"I like it.  What about you Trunks?", Juu looked at her mate and then down at her baby.  She never thought she could have a child.  Yes, the past Juuhachi had Marron but that android hadn't been destroyed and then regenerated.  She felt tears welling up in her eyes but refused to let them fall. She looked back at Trunks, who was losing a staring contest against Vegeta.

"Well boy, she asked you a question.  ANSWER IT DAMMIT!" Vegeta commanded. 

Trunks knew exactly what Vegeta wanted to hear but something inside of him said the name fit the child perfectly.  Suddenly, a streak of confidence overpowered him as he heard his mother yelling at his father about being a bully. 

" I...  No, I love it!  Juu," he said taking the baby from her arms.  " this is our son, Yamucha."


Yamucha  looked down at the little boy as if he saw a ghost.  Chibi Yamucha looked up at the aging man and walked closer to him.  Yamucha felt a burning sensation in his eyes but didn't let it show.  He knew in the alternate future he had died but he thought he was forgotten. 

Stop it Yamucha!  That's depression talking again.

"Its a pleasure to meet you Mr. Yamucha sir.", the little Saiyajin said bowing.  Yamucha bowed in response to the greeting and smiled.  He noticed the child smile and clasp his hands behind his back.

He got manners like young Gohan.  I wonder if ChiChi is involved in his upbringing.

Yamucha gathered himself and looked at Mirai Trunks.  He noticed how much the young man looked like his mother.  He then looked back at Chibi Yamucha and realized the boy frowned like Vegeta.  He laughed to himself.

"Trunks, I am honored that you decided to name in memory of"  Trunks interrupted.

"In honor of you." He lifted his son onto his shoulders and extended a hand to the man who couldve easily been his father. 

Bulma looked at her son, grandson, and friend sharing a tender moment.  She smiled and felt a warm tickle on her face.  She knew this could make Yamucha feel better.  Trunks told her the last time he came to visit Yamucha seemed depressed.  She knew he wasn't the same after they had broken up but she figured he would get over it.  But to add fuel to a fire, she saw him slowly deteriorate emotionally after she had Trunks.  They never got to sit down and talk about his feelings before he died in their time.  So she figured she would go back to the past a talk to this Yamucha before it was too late.  She knew that he needed to know he wasnt forgotten. Maybe now he can move on with his lifehappily.

"Hey man, well, we gotta go.  Well come back to visit you soon." Trunks said as he and his son turned towards the time machine.

"Arent you going to visit the rest of the guys?  Bulma, Im sure your present self would get a kick out of seeing you and your grandson."  Yamucha said trying to sound casual.  He had been giving so much in the past hour that he was overwhelmed with emotion.  His friends had thought about him enough to name a child after him.

"No, this trip was made to see only you.  Yamucha, remember, its never to late to live your life the way you want to."  Bulma smiled and her big blue eyes shimmered a wave a wisdom his way.  She was hesitant, but she gave Yamucha a big hug and kissed him on the cheek.  He wished he could hold her like that forever but he knew Vegetable head was waiting on her in the future.  He slowly released his hold of Mirai Bulma and watched her get into the time machine.

"I do know they would love to see you.  Go visit them.  Yamucha, I will always love you.  Take care!"  Bulma yelled as the time machine was closing up.  He waved to the ship although he knew they couldn't see him.  A flash of light appeared and disappeared.  The family he knew in his heart that should've been his was gone as though they never came.

He couldn't go back to his apartment.  It was just too small for the thoughts that had surrounded him.  Besides Puar would be there and he couldn't deal with her asking him what was wrong  at this time.   He needed to be alone in an open area so he could absorb the information and advise that was given to him.  He decided to take a walk in the forest so he could straighten out his thoughts.


Bulma.  Trunks.  Little Yamucha.  Theyd come to visit me.  Yamucha, its never to late  Dont give up.  Yamucha, this is my son...Yamucha.  It is too late.  I'm too old and weak to do what I want to do.  My hair is thinning, I've lost a lot of muscle mass. My face looks about five years older than what I am and I feel older than that.  I can't just pop up in everyone life again.  I've been gone for so long.  What would I say to them.  How would they react to me. What if in this timeline I'm not thought of like in the fu...

 Yamucha's thoughts were cut off with him struggling to keep his balance. When gravity finally gave way he fell hard on his behind. He looked down to see what caused him to feel like the klutz he looked like.  It was dark and he couldnt make out the smooth round object under his foot.  He picked it up and pulled it closer to his face.  His eyes weren't as good as they used to be.  After focusing in on the object, he noticed what it was.

Well, I have Vegeta to thank for this.  He wished me and Chi-Chi to look the age we were when we first met Goku with the Dragonballs. 

He looked around and saw five more dragonballs scattered about.  His heart fluttered in his chest and a million thoughts ran through his mind.

Oh, Kami, I stumbled upon six dragonballs on pure luck!  I cant believe this!  Or maybe its destiny.

Yamucha quickly gathered the dragonballs and began searching intensely for the seventh and final dragonball.  He searched throughout the night until dawn when he finally gave up.

Just my luck.  I find six damn dragonballs and cant find the seventh.  That ball could be anywhere on the earth. Fate has again made me the bunt of his jokes.

He slumped down by a hollowed tree and put his head up against it.  Out of anger his banged his head against the tree and howled from the pain.  Then something hit him on the head giving him a worse headache than he already had.  Completely infuriated, he picked up the object to throw it when he noticed something about the object.

One, two, three, four, five, six,seven stars.  The seventh dragonball!!!   Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!  Oh, Kami Im so sorry for all the way I just cursed you a few moments ago!  Thank You!


"Shenlong, I summon you to grant me my wishes!"

FYI: The first flash back in this chapter is directly from Just Another Day by Juuhachi-gou and Mirai Bulma at Dragonball Super Z.  I hope they dont mind.