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Saiyajin Revived
Chapter 3


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Friends, Family, Lovers, and Enemies

Marron opened the door to the elaborate house that she and Uubuu owned.  She was happy to be home despite the fact she had a great time in Australia.  She sat on the couch and inhaled deeply taking in the sweet smell of the flowers that were perfectly placed throughout the house.  She looked around the room taking in the delicate décor, that she worked so diligently on, only to have her sights locked on the mail place on the coffee table.  There was an envelope on top of the pile that was addressed to her.  She picked the letter up to see if there was a return address, there was none.  She then looked at the postmark.  It was from Australia.

Jack wrote me already!  I cant believe this!

Marron immediately opened the envelope, careful not to tear it.  In the envelope Marron found a picture of her and Jack hugging, and  a dried, flattened orchid with the letter.  Marron sniffed the flower and smiled at the  picture.

I remember taking this picture.  We were at the beach.

Marron opened the letter and looked at the beautiful handwriting of her abroad friend.  She noticed how the paper smelled like a mixture of the orchid and Jacks cologne.  She inhaled deeply to take in the scent while closing her eyes to trap a thought of Jacks strong face in her mind.  After a couple of moments she opened  her eyes and began to read the letter.


Dearest Marron,

            I know youre surprised I sent you a letter so soon.  After all, you just left a couple of hours ago.  Oddly enough I miss having you around.  I even miss you friend Pan.  I hope shell get over her ex-boyfriend soon because she seems to be a very nice person.  I want you to know that when I first laid eyes on you I knew I was attracted to you.  You are unlike any woman I have ever met, and trust me, in my line of work I meet a lot.  This resort seems very empty without your beautiful, bright smile to greet me each day or your lovely perfume filling my nostrils.  I  miss the way you flip your ponytails when youre talking about something that interest you.  I really miss your body.  You are a very sexy and intelligent woman that, honestly, I would love to spend a little, no, a lot more time with.  Your husband has to be blind and crazy not to realize the treasure that he has.  Marron, any man who can resist the urge to hold you, touch you, and love you is out of his bloody wits.   At the airport it was hard for me to let you go.  I knew I had to because you didnt want your friend to know about us.  I hope I can see you again soon, although I know it will be hard with us living so far away from each other.  Marron, I think Ive fallen in love with you.  I want you to know if you ever need to talk to someone, no matter what time it is call me.  Also, if you ever feel you need to get away you can always run to me.  My heart and door is always open for you.  


Love Always Your Favorite Aussie,



Marron smiled a big cheeky smile after reading Jack's letter.  She knew exactly how Jack felt.

Oh Jack, I miss you too.  You made me feel like a teenager again.  Somehow well see each other again.

Marron got up from the couch and went to her and Uubuu's bedroom. She looked around the room to find a place to put the letter.

I need to put it somewhere where he wont find it.  I guess that would be the business file.

Uubuu makes the money but Marron takes care of all the family business and finances.  (Don't flame me, I'm not making Marron a dull housewife, just wait until the story unfolds more.)  She went to the desk in the bedroom and opened the file cabinet.  She grabbed the file that held all her and Uubuu's insurance information.  She placed the letter in the file and returned the file to it original place.  She sat back in the desk chair and sighed.   She smiled at the memory of being with Jack and how good he felt in her.  Just then a strong pair of hands were on Marron's shoulders.  Marron jumped out of the chair and faced the owner of the hands.

"Welcome home baby.  Did you enjoy yourself?"  Uubuu smiled at his wife and gently kissed her on her forehead.  Marron, at that very moment, felt the guilt build up within her.

What if he finds out what I've done.  I don't think I could handle that.

"Hey", was all Marron muttered as she walked pass Uubuu.  At this moment she couldn't bear to look into his eyes.  She was afraid that he would be able to see she was with another man.  Uubuu, on the other hand, thought she was angry with him.  He sighed in frustration.

Lately I can't do anything to please her.

Uubuu turned towards Marron retreating form.  "I'm sorry I couldn't pick you and Pan up from the airport, but one of my clients called an emergency meeting.  If I missed it I could've lost the whole deal.  Marron you understand, don't you?" Uubuu's voice was practically at a begging tone.  He knew he and Marron were at a hard time in their marriage.  He thought her taking a trip with Pan would help relieve some of the tension in their lives.

"That's okay Uubuu, Kami forbid you lose a client's business.  After all, its your unyielding service thats makes our company the most successful architecture company around.", Marron said sarcastically.  She turned to look at her husband who had  thrown his hands up in defeat.

Why did I say that?  Marron, he was trying to apologize.  But that's the problem.  He always apologizes and does the same thing again.

Uubuu looked at his wife in frustration.  After getting his temper in check, he said in the calmest voice he could, "You know Marron, I'm trying my best here.  I try to make our company  and our marriage strive the best way I know how.  I'm sorry, I'm not as smart and quick minded as you so I really don't know what I've done that has you so against me.  I re.." 

"What the hell are you talking about?!  I'm not against you!  Why would you think that?", Marron shouted at Uubuu although she really didn't mean to.  Uubuu's words burned through her with such intensity that she couldn't control the tone of her voice.

By this time Uubuu was yelling too.  But he intended on it.  He was extremely frustrated and confused.  "Marron, look at us!  We don't talk anymore and everything I seem to do is the wrong!  I cant seem to please you anymore.  I try doing everything for you.  When you said you didn't want to run the company anymore I said okay although I knew it meant double work on me.  When you said you wanted to go away for two weeks without me, I complied although I didn't want to.  I don't know what else to do!"  

"I want you Uubuu!  You don't spend any time with me!  I miss that!  Everything seems to come ahead of me!  I resigned from the company hoping to be able to spend more time with you!  It seems I'm spending less time though.", Marron screamed at the top of her lungs.  She was so angry that she even began to power up.  She slowly calmed down but started crying hysterically. 

Uubuu pulled Marron close to him and held her tightly in his arms.  Having the feeling of her spouse holding her so intensely calmed her down some but she was still crying.  She felt soft kisses on the top of her head and her forehead.  Uubuu picked her up and laid her in the king-sized bed they shared.  He laid beside her and held her in his arm again.

"Baby, I didn't know.  I'm so sorry.  But now I can make it better, I promise.", cooed Uubuu in Marron's ear as she began to drift off to sleep.  Before falling into slumber she muttered, "I love you Uubuu." 

I know everything will be okay.  Jack was a beautiful and horrible mistake.  I will always be Uubuu's and  he will always be mine.


Trunks looked up at Gohan in a mixture of confusion and anger.  He looked at his ex-mate's father and his good friend (he thinks).

I'm a Super Saiyajin three and I'm still getting my ass kicked.  What the hell is going on!  I know Gohan is Mystic but he's not as strong as a Super Saiyajin 3 is he? Maybe he's fighting out of pure anger.

Trunks leapt into the sky planning to attack Gohan head on.

I know he doesn't think he can attack me head on!  Well we'll see about that!

Gohan allowed Trunks to get in arms length before disappearing and reappearing behind the younger man.   Gohan knock Trunks out of the sky as if he was a mere fly.

I can't believe this shit!  How is he doing this!  I'm not sensing enough power from Gohan for him to be doing this to me.

Gohan then dove down towards Trunks at a speed that made even Vegeta worried.  Through his father/ son bond, he told Trunks to move and counterattack, fast.  Trunks looked up at the rapidly descending Gohan, who looked as if he had death in his eyes.  Trunks then quickly rolled out of Gohan's path and blasted a Big Bang attack.  Dust and debris flew every where making Goku, Vegeta, and Goten shield their eyes from the flying particles blowing past them.  As the dust cleared Gohan stood there totally untouched by Trunks attack. 

Gohan snarled in disgust at Trunks, "Do you really think that would stop me dumb ass?  You're dumber than what I thought."  Trunks looked at Gohan and finally realized that, despite his promise to Goku and Goten, Gohan wanted him dead.

Trunks looked at Gohan and yelled, "Gohan what the hell is your problem!  You do know this is a friendly family feud!  No killing!  So chill the fuck out!" 

Gohan looked at Trunks and said in a dissonantly calm voice, " What are you talking about!  I'm just hurting you slowly, like you did to my daughter!  Surely you can understand that."  Gohan used this as a bluff tactic.  He really didn't know what happened between Pan and Trunks.  But whatever it was he knew he wouldn't like it.

Gohan's words effected Trunks.  He had never in his life felt as weak as he did at that very moment.  Trunks looked at Gohan then hung his head in shame.  Gohan knew at that time he had won this feud.  He pulled his arms to his side in preparation for the Kamehameha attack.  Goku looked at his son with a panicked expression on his face. 

"GOHAN STOP NOW!!!" , yelled Goten as he flew up towards his brother.  Gohan didn't seem to hear his brother's plea.  The fatherly voice inside of Gohan's head was making him lose all sense of logic.  His only intent was making Trunks pay for hurting his baby girl.  With him not knowing what the situation was only made him think the worst of it.

My Panny has never kept anything hidden from me!  He had to hurt her so deeply that she couldnt tell me.  For that he will pay severely.

Vegeta looked up at the situation and figured hed seen enough.  He son had shamed himself enough for something Vegeta didn't see any harm in.  Right as Gohan was about to throw the Kamehameha at Trunks, Vegeta appeared directly in front of Gohan in Super Saiyajin 4 form.  He looked at Gohan with his trademark smirk and kicked the demi-saiyajin in the ribs, making the powerful blast go totally off its directed course.

"After all the years I've known you, I never seen you more Saiyajin than you are right now.  I also see you've started training again boy.  Now drop this Mystic shit and show your true strength.", Vegeta said to the younger Saiyajin, who was now clutching his ribs from the unexpected blow.

"Move out of my way Vegeta.  This is between me and Trunks."  Gohan glared at Vegeta and saw his father and little brother were also in the air.

They are NOT going to stop me from making Trunks pay for the harm he's done.

"Now that statement proved you are really an offspring of Kakkorot.  Do you really think I'm going to let you kill my son because your daughter's a crybaby?  You have lost your damn mind fool!", Vegeta said while floating in front of a now slightly recovered Gohan with his arms crossed in his usual fashion.

Vegeta's last statement infuriated Gohan.  The aura around him glowed a bright red and Gohan easily transformed into a complete Super Saiyajin 4.  The tail he acquired in the transformation twitched impatiently  behind him.  He looked to his father and brother while mentally telling them to move back.  Goku and Goten responded by moved back a couple of yards.  Trunks looked up at Gohan now understanding why he couldn't beat him. 

He must be able to hide some of his ki while using it.

"If you're able to get through me, you can do what ever you want to Trunks."  Vegeta said as he got into a fighting stance.  Gohan looked at the older Saiyajin and smirked like Vegeta, actually mocking him.

"That's fine with me.  Prepare to get your royal ass beaten by the son of a stronger third class Saiyajin."  Gohan said in a contemptuous tone as he got into the same stance Vegeta was in. 

Vegeta was highly insulted by Gohan remark mainly because it came from Gohan.  The younger man has never mocked his royal heritage.  At times he actually seemed interested in learning about his Saiyajin ancestors and Vegeta-sei.

He really must be pissed at Trunks.  But it gives him no reason to mock his heritage or my lineage.  He really needs to learn that.  I don't care how old he is.

Vegeta lunged towards Gohan and the two engaged in a heated battle.  They were matching each others ability head to head.  For every punch and kick thrown there was a counter attack to match it.  Goku and Goten landed on the ground near Trunks while all three diligently watched the fight that to humans wouldve been nothing but flashes of lights in the sky.  For every attack Vegeta delivered Gohan became angrier, knowing that this was only a tactic to wear him down.  Vegeta felt the rage brewing in Gohan and became intrigued that the man was releasing so much of his Saiyajin side over a trivial and temporary breakup.

Doesn't he know they are life-mates?  Why is he reacting like this?  It must be some of that human shit that I don't care to understand.  Well, whatever the case, he is truly a worthy adversary.

Gohan was quickly growing impatient with the battle with Vegeta.  He wanted Trunks.  There was nothing more to it.  Gohan screamed out a Saiyajin battle cry, on pure instinct, as he began powering up at an alarmingly rapid pace.  Gohans abrupt increase in power startled everyone, including Vegeta.  He red aura was now turning a blinding white and his, now white hair was growing longer.  The red fur that covered his body was slowly turning a silvery gray.   His tail, which was coiled around his waist, shot straight out behind him and began matching the rest of his body while becoming thicker.  Vegeta stood in shock as he watched the younger man transform into something he's never seen.

"His power is outrageous!  It is impossible!  How is he doing this!"  Vegeta muttered in a barely audible tone.  He felt anger, confusion and, yes, fear build up inside of himself.  Goku, Goten and Trunks couldn't believe what they were seeing and feeling.  Somehow Gohan has surpassed a Super Saiyajin 4.  He had transgressed to Super Saiyajin 5.

Gohan stood in the air completely livid at Trunks and, now, Vegeta.  He was completely unaware of his newfound level of Super Saiyajin.  His body was shaking as he screamed in a frenzied manner, "Trunks you will pay for my daughter's sadness!"

The extremities of reaching a new level of Super Saiyajin caught up with Gohan as he blacked out and began tumbling to the ground.  Vegeta caught the exhausted man and slowly landed to the ground.  He placed the man on the ground and looked at Goku, Goten, and his son, Trunks. 

Mentally he said to Trunks in a condemning voice,

Be proud of yourself boy,  you cause this.  With that he back towards his and Bulma's house.


Pan walked in her old room at her parents' house.  The room looked untouched from when she moved out.  Her stuffed animals still adorned her full sized daybed.  Her trophies from the World Martial Arts Tournament and various academic and athletic awards still sat in their glass case on the wall above the light oak desk.  On her vanity still sat a group picture of her, Bra, Marron,  Paris, Uubuu, Goten, and Trunks at Kame House.  She walked over to her vanity and picked up the picture.  She smiled at how young she and Bra were in the picture.

Everything was so perfect back then.  Things just seemed so innocent then. I think me and Bra were like 11 and 12 in this picture.

In the picture, Pan sat on Trunks' shoulders while Bra sat on Goten's shoulders. Goten's arm was around Paris and Trunks' arm was around Marron while Uubuu knelt in front of everyone. Pan noticed how flushed she looked sitting on Trunks' shoulder.  Bra also looked flushed sitting on Goten's shoulders.  Pan looked harder at the picture and saw Goten and Trunks looked a little flushed themselves.  Marron and Paris looked as if they were holding on to Goten and Trunks for dear life.

Could Marron and Paris have known about me and Bra's love for Trunks and Uncle Goten back then?  Marron and Trunks were together then.  I used to be so jealous of her.  If I knew then what I know now I would've felt sorry for her.   Bra got lucky though, Uncle Goten is so attentive to her. Trunks is so full of himself and hes a big fat flirt and cheat.   How could two people who are best friends be so different?

She looked across at the suitcases  neatly lined up against the wall by the closet door with three capsules placed on top of them.  The suitcases were from her trip and the capsules contained everything she had at Trunks house.  While she was Australia she asked her mother and grandmother to gather all of her belonging from his house.  She looked back at the picture and sighed as she lied on the bed.  She felt tears coming to her eyes for the third time today.  The realization that she was going to cry again made her angry.

This was not a part of my plan!  I'm not supposed to be moving back to my parents' house!  Me and Trunks are supposed to be forever!  I'm not going to let this get to me.  I am going to prove to him and everyone that Im strong enough to handle myself.  This is just an unexpected change in my plans.  I'm going to complete school, get a job, and have my own place.

Pan got up and wiped the tears that fell away.  She started towards the door and she felt two very familiar kis.  It was her father and her ex-boyfriend. Trunks was slowly fading as her fathers remained strong, stronger than she ever remembered.

What the hell is going on!  Dad I told you to stay out of this!  When did you get so strong!?

Pan also felt her grandfathers and uncles ki, but they werent in Super Saiyajin mode like Trunks and her fathers. Then suddenly a third ki, that was also very familiar, appeared.   Her fathers ki rose slightly.

Vegeta!?  This can't be good at all.  Dad is as strong as Vegeta?  What's going on there!

Pan ran out of her room and down the stairs towards the front door when she felt her father ki rise  far above anything she thought was possible.   Simultaneously, the phone rang.  She wasn't going to answer it but something told her to answer it.

"Moshi-Moshi!?", Pan said in a hurried voice.

"Pan, what the hell is going on!  Gohan's ki is overwhelming!", Bra screamed on the other line.  In the background, Pan could hear the babies screaming.

They must be able to sense ki already!

"I don't know but Trunks ki is fairly low and everybody seems to be in the same area.  I'm going to find out.  I let you know later."  With that Pan hung up the phone and ran out the front door.

Chi-Chi, and Bulma were coming up the walkway when Pan ran out of the house.  Before they could say anything to her, Pan blasted of into the sky.  She was flying as fast as she could and her mind was racing a hundred miles per second.

Who are they fighting?  It can't be each other!  Daddy and Vegeta would power up like that for a sparring match, would they?  Are they okay?  Why wasn't Goten and granddad fighting?  Is Trunks okay?  Please, please don't let anything happen to him!


In Satan City Central Park, Videl suddenly felt sick and worried about Gohan.  She tried to reach out to him.  When she didn't get a response she took off towards Capsule Corp.


At a restaurant in Satan City, a beautiful woman stopped eating her food and looks north wondering whats happening on the Capsule Corp Estate.


Bra hung up the phone and went to her three babies.  All three Saiyajin progenies were extremely upset.  Bra was amazed that they were able to sense power levels so soon but her worries overshadowed her fascination. 

Please let them be training and gotten a little out of hand.  Please don't let that horrible, horrible  dream become reality.

Bra finally got her children to stop crying but she could tell they were still very upset.  She figured they would calm down on their own accord and went to sit in the rocking chair by the window. She closed her eyes and called for Goten through their bond.


"Hey, babe, I know what you're going to ask.  Everybody's okay."   Bra sighed in relief.

"What about you?"

"Oh, I'm great!"

"Well, what happened?"

"Gohan tried to kill Trunks. Your dad tried to stop him and he ascended past Super Saiyajin 4"

"WHAT?!!!  WHAT DO YOU MEAN PAST SUPER SAIYAJIN 4!  THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!" Bra looked around forgetting she was talking telepathically.

"Bra, not so loud!  That hurts! You sound like Vegeta!" 

"Sorry sweetie.   How can you sound so casual about the whole thing!  This is very big."

"I think I'm still in shock.  I think your dad and brother are lucky he past out before he could do anything.  Gohan was intent on avenging Pan."

"Why!? It's not like he cheated on her!  Where is Trunks right now?"

"I really don't know.  After Gohan past out he said he had to get out of here and told me he didn't want me to follow him.  I think he needs to clear his head."

"Oh. How is Gohan now?"

"He's awake with a headache and pissed.  Dad and Videl are talking to him right now."

"Pan is on her way there.  She freaking out.  I think she thinks Gohan hurt Trunks.  We both felt his ki go very low."

"She's actually here already. And so is Videl, Krillin, Uubuu, and Juuhachi. Pan checked up on Gohan and casually asked where was Trunks.  She was relieved that he wasn't hurt but she hasn't forgiven him.  But enough about them.  The kids calmed down huh?" Bra smiled realizing the bond between Goten and their children was as strong as hers with them.

"They're okay, they can sense energy levels.  They're newborns and they have that an ability that took me until I was like seven or eight to grasp the concept of."

"They are our smart little babies.  I can't wait until we are all home as a family Bra.  The house is so quiet and lonely without you."  Bra smiled again. 

"Well, we'll be home tomorrow.  You gonna wish it was quiet then." 

"As long as were a family I don't care if we have a zoo in our house."

"Tell me that in another fifteen years." Bra silently laughed. Goten laughed along with her through their bond.

"I'll be there tomorrow morning to pick you and the bambinos up, okay?"

"Well you better!  We have to give the clergy the babies names."

"Oh yeah!  I forgot! I'm coming right now so we can get that done."

"Okay talk to you then.  Goten, I love you so much."

"I love you more B-chan."

Bra and Goten broke their mental communication.  Bra looked over at her kids and smiled.  She leaned back in the chair and relaxed.  Then she suddenly teased up.

Gohan ascended beyond Super Saiyajin 4!  What does that look like!  Does that mean Goten can do it too?  What if my dream is true?


Pan looked at her father with an expression of confusion and anger.

"Dad, I asked you not to get involved!  How could you do this!" Gohan looked at his daughter sheepishly then looked at his wife, who had a look of contempt also.  The rest of his family and friends there looked on with curiosity.

"I'm sorry Panny.  I just lost my temper.  You forgive Daddy don't you?  I can't help but be angry at Trunks.  You tell me everything, what did he do that make you feel like you need to keep it from me?"  Gohan looked at his only child with pleading eyes.  Videl had the same look as her husband.  She also wanted to know what caused her to abruptly leave Trunks after she went through so much to get him. 

Pan wanted to tell him but she felt it was none of his business. So she turned her back to her parents and in a low growl said,

"I don't want to talk about it."  From the corner of her eye she could she Gohan reaching out to embrace her.  She knew his comforting embrace would cause her to break down so, to avoid it, she ran out of the Vegeta-Briefs home and flew off into the air.

To keep herself from thinking about her parents, Trunks, and her life, she decided to do something she didn't do very often.  She went shopping.  Pan landed about a block away from the mall in an empty area.  She walked down to the mall, which was kind of empty due to the fact that it was closing in the next hour.  When she got into the mall she decided to go to one of Bra's favorite stores.  In the store, she looked at the designer clothes hanging on their racks.  She found a soft blue Anne Klein suit that she thought was pretty.

This would be nice to wear on job interviews.

Pan went to the fitting room to try on the suit. It fit her perfectly. She looked at the price tag and the suit was much more than she knew she could afford, especially after coming back from an exotic vacation.  She looked at herself in the mirror of the fitting room and smile.

What the hell.  I like this suit and I want it.  I'll just have to budget myself for the next two months, especially if I want some shoes to go with this.

Pan changed back into her jeans and tank top.  She repositioned her trademark bandana on head.  She looked at herself again and thought to herself,

Damn Pan, when did you get so sexy!

She took the went to the cashiers station and laid the suit on the counter.  The cashier looked at Pan and asked, "Aren't you the Capsule Corp. president's girlfriend?  What's his name Trunks Vegeta-Briefs?" Pan looked at the very trendy man behind the counter and smiled.  In a strong, confident voice she responded,

"I'm his ex-girlfriend, why?" The man looked at Pan with intense eyes.  He smiled one of those smiles only guys in the fashion industry have. 

"Well, I was going to ask why haven't you ever done any commercials for Capsule Corp.  You look like a model or an actress."  Pan blushed  at the comment.

Okay, what's this guy up to.

"Thank you very much."  The man looked at her, again with intense eyes, and said,

"My name is Ouja Hayari.  I'm the owner of this store.  In five days this store is hosting a fashion show for an up and coming fashion designer.  We are still looking for some models,  you are perfect for his petite collection."  Pan smiled outwardly, but inside alarms were going off.

Could I be a model?  No way.  I'm not a prissy chick. Playing dress up just doesn't appeal to me. Pan let's pass on this.  Besides I remember what happened when Trunks and I started dating and they found out about the age difference.  The media hounded me.  But it's not like they leave me alone now!  But still, I don't think I can handle that.

Pan was about to refuse the job when Sora, Trunks' ex-girlfriend that Pan found Trunks with the night she left him, walks in.  Sora looked at Pan and decided to go to the other side of the store.  She saw Pan's temper that night and didn't want to experience it at all.  Pan rolled her eyes and said loud enough for Sora to hear,

"Yes, I accept the modeling position, when is it?"  She glanced over at Sora and saw that the woman was listening to the conversation. 

Sora was a model and she wanted to know what Pan was talking about.  She knew Pan wasn't a model, although she had to admit the younger woman had all the qualities needed.  Pan is extremely beautiful, shapely for her small stature, and very fit.  She heard the man, who she recognized as the owner of the store tell Pan the job started in four days and Pan would model outfits from a designer the she had wanted to work with for a while.  Sora felt the jealousy build up in her.  She knew a job like this was high profile and makes regular models upgrade to super models.

How did she get this job?  Does she know how long I had to work to even get a chance to do runway work?   I even dated Trunks as a career move.  Maybe that's what she did also.  Or maybe she used her parents' connections.  Well, we'll see which one is more important.  Trunks or this job.

Sora sauntered up to the gentleman talking to Pan.  She acted like Pan wasn't there.  She knew that if the raven haired woman was to lose her temper she wouldn't be modeling for anyone for a good while.  She smiles at the gentleman and said,

"I'm sorry but I couldn't help overhear that you're hosting a show for Jean Pierre's new collection.  Well, I'm a well-known model in this area and I think I can help your show. My name is Sora Mitsukai."  Without giving Ouja a chance to respond, Sora placed her photo in his hand (any good artist always has their information with them.) and walked away. 

Pan looked at Sora with suspecting eyes but was happy to see the woman was indeed jealous of her.  Ouja quickly dismissed Sora's introduction and finished giving Pan information about the job.  Once he told her how much she would get paid for the job, her mind screamed.

Holy shit!  I would get paid more in two days than I would working at the dojo for two weeks!  This modeling thing just might work for me. 

Ouja also told Pan that she could have the suit because her name alone will bring him more business than ever.  Pan smiled graciously and told Ouja she would see him in a couple of days.  She didnt have to give him a phone number.  With both of her parents being prominent figures in Satin City and having dated the president of Capsule Corp.  She was in the society page of the newspaper every other day.

Pan left the mall feeling better than she has in the past two weeks.  She walked back to the area that she landed before and took to the sky  heading towards her parents house.  While flying at a fairly slow speed, she thought to herself,

Life surely works in strange ways.