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NaCoBe's Dragonball Realm
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Know Me/ Love Me

Something about me... Nothing else!!!

My name is Val, pen name NaCoBe (the name is a combination of my three brothers' name; Nate, Corey,and Brian, everyone calls him Bee). I became a Dragonball Z fan about a two years ago thanks to two of my brothers. At first I didn't understand it, but the guy with the spikey hair, the two really bossy women, the little boy who could fight his tail off (pun intended), the really pissed off flame-haired guy and the equally pissed green guy kept drawing me back to the show.

All of the sudden I'm buying movies, episode tapes; both in the dreaded Toonami version (always uncut, even though it is cut) and in Japanese, wall scrolls, trading cards, etc. I then discovered Dragonball, which was puerly by mistake, but I liked it! I started searching the web and found there was another Dragonball series: GT. I've never really seen a full GT episode but somehow Pan, Uubuu, Bra, Marron, and even the rarely mentioned Parisu have weave their way into my heart. At first I was slightly embarrassed but now I'll scream it to the world. I'M A DRAGONBALL FAN!!!! ^_^

I started writing my first, and most important fanfic as a challenge. My brother told me I couldn't write a story about Dragonball Z that didn't involve any of the villians from the original story and it couldn't be about Bulma or ChiChi getting abducted or the androids turning bad again. That's how Saiyajin Revived was born. Soon I began to make a world around my story and 'Dragonball Eternal' was born.

I don't really know what else to tell you.