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What's a Goku?

So you're wondering, what's a Goku?  This is my section that explains who is who in the Dragonball World.  This is for those who are new to Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT.  If you feel I need to add someone on this list let me know.


 Son Goku

The main man!! Husband of Ox princess ChiChi, father of Gohan and Goten, and protector of the Earth.  He's the hero and the hub of all three shows.  In Dragonball he is a wild young boy that has extraordinary powers and a tail.  In Dragonball Z, he learns of the secret behind his power; he's apart of an almost extinct alien race called Saiyajins.  He also becomes a Super Saiyajin before everyone else and eventually exceeds to level three. Goku has sacrificed his life several times for the wellness of the Earth.  He is the epitome of integrity and righteousness,  although he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. 


The reluctant bad guy turned good. Husband of Bulma, father of Trunks and Bra, and Prince of all Saiyajins.  He was introduced at the beginning of Dragonball Z. He initially tried to kill Goku and the Z fighters and obtain the dragonballs to make a wish of immortality, but ended up with a serious ass kicking.   He then met up with the Z fighters and Goku on Namek while trying to seize the Namekian dragonballs but ended up joining forces with the crew to beat the universal warlord Freiza.  During this fight Vegeta died and told Goku about his legacy, which helped fuel the fire for the younger Saiyajin to turn Super.  He was wished back and was transported to Earth where his eventually ended up staying and starting a family and becoming an ally to Goku and the others.  He's a man with a heart of tarnished gold.

Bulma Briefs

The blue-haired genius diva!!!  Wife to Vegeta, mother to Trunks and Bra, and one of the presidents of Capsule Corp.  This head-strong woman was introduced in Dragonball as a sixteen year old on an adventure to find the 'legendary dragonballs'.  She ran into Goku along the way and the two went on to have numerous adventures and met the other Z fighters along the way; including her long time boyfriend Yamucha.  She is the inventor of the dragonball radar and many other things in throughout the series.  Although she is not a fighter, she is an important defender of the Earth.

Son ChiChi

The baddest bitch!!! Wife of Goku, mother of Gohan and Goten, and daughter of the Ox King.  This feisty princess was introduced on Dragonball as a young girl on a journey to Master Roshi's place for his help.  She immediately had a thing for Goku, mainly because of his pat-pat, and asked him to marry her when they got older.  Well about five years down the road, she met up with Goku again at the World Tournament and fought him.  After the fight she reminded him of their promise to wed each other and they married.  In Dragonball Z, ChiChi is the uptight wife and mother, but hey, who wouldn't be uptight with her family!  Although she doesn't fight throughout the series, she manages to put the Ox name to use by landing a couple of mean punches and scaring the hell out the almost everyone who rubs her the wrong way.

Son Gohan

The legendary himself.  Son of Goku and ChiChi, brother of Goten, wife and father to Videl and Pan.  Gohan first appeared in Dragonball Z as a small boy.  The human-saiyajin hybrid's childhood wasn't easy to say the least; he was kidnapped by his uncle and mentor, almost killed numerous times, and watched his father and friends die on a couple occasions before he turned 12!  He was the first of the Saiyajins to turn Super Saiyajin two and the only one to achieve the Mystic transformation.  As a teenager, he assumes an alter-ego called the Great Saiyaman.  During this time he meets Videl, a girl who's personality is just like his mother's, and the two eventually marry.  Gohan is almost the perfect person, he balances his brute strength with his intelligence and like the rest of his family, has a heart of gold.

Trunks Briefs

The purple haired cutie!!!  Son of Bulma and Vegeta, brother of Bra, best friend of Son Goten.  Trunks was introduced in Dragonball Z as a little baby during the Android saga.  We watched the baby grow into a young mischievous Super Saiyajin Junior World Champion during the Buu saga and a lazy teenager at the end of DBZ.  In GT, he is the slightly depressed president of his family's company that takes pleasure in sneaking away from his job.  Trunks never married throughout the series but had many admirers; both male and female.  He seems to have a thing for Pan but it is never spelled out in the series and we fans have to sort of read between the lines.

Mirai Trunks

Adonis reincarnated!!!  Son of Mirai Bulma and Mirai Vegeta, best friend of Mirai Gohan, and savior of his world.  This fine hunk of man was introduced right before the Android saga, which Toonami has called the Trunks saga.  The young man came to destroy the robotically enhanced Freiza and warn Goku about the androids and his impending heart virus all while remaining anonymous.  He comes back three years later to help destroy the androids and found out much to his surprise things were different from what he expected.  He ends up staying longer and trains to defeat the ultimate android named Cell.  In this time, he develops a relationship with a younger Gohan, Goku, his young mother and the father he never met in his timeline.  After the Cell Games, Trunks returns to his time and defeats the androids and Cell single-handed.  No one knows what happened after that but the fans have made their own assumptions of his life.  As fine as he is, I'm sure he married and passed on that Saiyajin gene.

Son Goten

The ultimate sweet-heart!!!  Son of Goku and ChiChi, brother of Gohan, best friend of Trunks Brief.  The youngest Saiyajin male first appeared in the Great Saiyaman saga.  He is the youngest Super Saiyajin, making the transformation at the age of seven.  As the second son of Goku, he has a special gene from his Saiyajin side that makes him look exactly like his father, who was the second child, and grandfather, who we're going to assume was the second child also.  In the Buu saga, he joins forces with his best friend to form Gotenks, a young, cocky, fusion warrior that has the ability to turn SS3.  Towards the end of DBZ, Goten is a girl-crazy teenager who is just as lazy as Trunks.  In GT, Goten is still girl crazy although he has a girlfriend, Parisu, who is just as naive as he is.  We don't know if he's working anywhere but we do know he has enough money to cover his cell phone bill.  Although he and Bra don't really interact throughout GT, the few times they did speak to each other, you could swear there were sparks, but the writers of GT totally f@*ked up the story line so we'll really never know.

Son Pan

The pretty little tomboy!!!  Daughter of Gohan and Videl, granddaughter of Goku and ChiChi, and ultimate admirer of Trunks.  Pan was introduced towards the end of DBZ as an energetic four year old with a extreme love for her granddaddy.  From the start, one could tell she is a member of the  Saiyajin clan, despite the fact that she is mostly human and doesn't have the ability to turn Super Saiyajin.  In GT, we see a fourteen year old tomboy who is itching for adventure.  So in the mist of getting her adventure, she decides to join the Grand Tour by hijacking the spaceship as Trunks and Goku were settling in.  The young lady proves that she is wise beyond her years by keeping up with the two stronger Saiyajins and outsmarting them on occasion.  It was very obvious that Pan had a major crush on Trunks but was a little too young and stubborn to pursue her feelings.  Based on her personality and actions, one could tell she was also a descendant of ChiChi and Videl.  

Bra Briefs

Daddy's little princess.   Daughter of Bulma and Vegeta, sister of Trunks and princess of the world.  Bra was introduced after the Buu saga as a prissy little five year old.  The little girl gave us an idea of what Bulma must have looked like as a little girl because she looks exactly like her mom.  In GT, we saw Bra as a spoiled fifteen year old who had her daddy wrapped about her little finger.  Although Bra is half Saiyajin, she doesn't have any desire to fight and unlike Trunks, Vegeta doesn't force her to learn.  I think she has a little crush on Goten but again, it's not clear.  Also, I believe she and Pan are close friends due to the fact the their family's are so close, but again, I'm not sure.  But I am sure that Bra is Bulma part two.

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