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NaCoBe's Dragonball Realm
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The Mighty Pen

This is where other talented writers get to shine on my sight.  I love reading fanficton just as much as I love writing it. Of course, all of the writings featured here are of Dragonball/ Z/ GT; whether they follow the original timeline or an alternate universe.   Please be advised that some of the stories require a mature audience.  If you wish to use any story on this sight you MUST gain permission from the author themselves, not me.  I only feature their writings, I don't own them.

If you wish to submit a piece, abide to the following rules:

  1. Please e-mail it to me at In the subject line, put 'Story Submission'.
  2. The story must be in HTML or .doc format and spell checked. 
  3. If you want me to beta the writing before I post it please inform me in the e-mail.
  4. If your story has too many errors, I will not post it.  I will send it right back to you. If you choose to resend it after you corrected it, be my guest!!!
  5. Do not send me script style stories!!!  Most of the time, the stories are hard to read and many people lose interest very quick.
  6. I'm not too particular about Yaoi and Yuri, but if it's good I will post it.  I usually have a problem with stories that have the character totally out of character, which a lot of these stories do. 
  7. I do reserve the right to refuse to post your story.  I will ,however, email you with an explanation.  Please understand that my reasons won't be something like 'I didn't post it because I don't like you'.  I have more maturity than that!!!
  8. If this is a multi-chapter story or an epic, please inform me ahead of time.  That way I can set up for it ahead of time.

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