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Hope you enjoy reading this. I guess I should mention it's A/U. Kakarot never left his home world and has two brothers, Raditz and Turlis. Chichi's just been captured and is a prisoner of the Saiyans but she's disguised as a boy. I'm rating it R --- there's going to be lemon in it later along with bad language and violence. This fic isn't for the squeamish guys. ~ One more thing--- the sandwiches are made out of cured meat or something that doesn't spoil. :)

I don't own Dragonball or Star Trek and am not making any money off this so please don't sue me!!


The Saiyan landing party looked with contempt at the Alarians and their line of chained prisoners. "You say these are the best fighters earth has to offer?" Bardock sneered at the well muscled men standing in chains. "Their kis are lower then a 2 year old Saiyans."

"Sir," The spokesman for the Alarians stiffened to attention. "These are some of the winners of Earth's World Championship Tournament."

"Pathetic." Raditz shook his head. "Tell me Alarian, did any of you get hurt capturing the prisoners?" The four Saiyans all sneered at them as the Alarians shifted uneasily.

Bardock broke the uneasy silence that followed with a sigh. "We will take the humans with us. You will receive payment as usual from the Trillins." He turned to his sons standing slightly behind him. "Bring them," he ordered as he started back to the ship.

Kakarot watched the prisoners move past him, looking up when he heard a sharp laugh from Turlis. "This one looks tough, Raditz he could probably beat you."

"More like Kakarot's type." Raditz laughed. "Hey little brother. We found a sparing partner for you."

Kakarot frowned. "Sure...right after I take you down," he hollered back as he narrowed his eyes, wondering which prisoner had caused them such delight. They were standing in the back of the group and he couldn't see where any of the prisoners differed that much from the others.

He heard his brothers laugh again and the sharp retort that came from Bardock silencing them. Smirking, he watched them rapidly gain on his position as they herded the group in front of them.

Raditz gave another laugh as Turlis suddenly shoved a short thin prisoner at him. The shove held some power behind it and taken by surprise Kakarot felt himself slammed into by the thin human. Automatically he felt his hands steady the youth as he stared down in surprise. "You're a fighter?" he asked with disbelief as his hands dropped to his sides, watching as the youth backed away from him.

"Stay away from me or you'll find out." the youth advised in a low threatening voice.

Kakarot smirked down at the human as he listened to his brothers laughter. "Tough words from a child."

"What are you idiots doing?" Bardock yelled from where he stood at the door to the ship. "Stop picking on that weakling and get the humans loaded."

With relief Chichi moved away from the tall well built Saiyan, and when she heard the laughter from the other two, she hesitated turning back to them. "Eat shit," she spoke loudly enough for them to hear but still trying to keep her voice low so they would *hopefully* not realize she was a female.

"What did you say?!" Turlis howled in anger and it was now Kakarot's turn to burst into laughter.

"Turlis, if you throw that ki ball..." Bardock broke off with an exasperated sigh as he moved forward grabbing Chichi and setting her down inside the ship roughly.


Chichi watched the doors close before she slid down the wall and joined the other prisoners that were sitting in the hold of the ship. Pain lanced through her arms as her weight pushed the shackles harder against her and she fidgeted as she tried to find a more comfortable position. An extra sharp pain caused a tear to slide down her cheek, and she shifted so she was leaning against the wall sideways, so that her cheek pressed against the cool metal as she drew her legs up in front of her.

The tournament was suppose to have been an adventure. Women weren't allowed to enter and so she'd put her long black hair into a braid. She'd wrapped her waist and chest tightly with a strip of material trying to hide her curves and then put on a very tight shirt, leaving her braided hair under it. The addition of a black bandana around her forehead along with a loose top, pants, and a belt tightly wound around her padded waist had finished off her disguise. She'd frowned thoughtfully as she finished pulling on her boots. Standing back up, she'd looked at herself critically in the mirror. It just might work she'd thought with a grin.

The floor lurched and Chichi was jerked out of her thoughts as the ship launched and she awkwardly righted herself from where she'd been thrown. She listened to the muttered curses from the other fighters as the ship settled into a smooth flight. Closing her eyes, she felt another tear trickle down her cheek.


"Father." Kakarot took the seat at his assigned control panel. "Will we get to choose a human to spar with?"

"Certainly. The king always allows one slave a trip for each member of a pick up party, providing it is not a slave he would like to own. Did you see one you thought would be worthy?" Bardock began to punch buttons on the control panel.

"Worthy. No." Kakarot grinned down at his work station.

Raditz stared at his brother. "You've never taken a slave before and now you've decided to claim one of these weaklings?" He smirked. "You know Turlis and I were just kidding when we suggested you spar with that child... but maybe it would be good for you to win a fight now and then."

"The first choice of slaves for this trip is mine," Turlis reminded them as he swung around to look at his brothers. "I want the small insolent human and when I'm done with him there won't even be a bone to show he was ever born."

Kakarot looked at Bardock with a worried frown. "I've never asked before father and I've passed on all of my picks, but this time I want to claim the young fighter."

Bardock's look traveled between Kakarot and Turlis. "Turlis you have many slaves. This one will go to your brother."

Kakarot's eyes lit up as he smirked into Turlis's glare and Raditz broke out in laughter.


Chichi had fallen into an uneasy sleep when she found herself thrown against the floor for a second time as the ship landed with a violent shaking. Gritting her teeth against the pain that was shooting through her tightly bound wrists, she tried to shift her arms as much as possible to ease the throbbing ache she was growing use to. Sighing in relief when the pain eased, she slowly climbed to her knees as a door opened above her head and the four Saiyans looked down at their prisoners.

"Get up," Bardock ordered. Watching as several of the prisoners got to their feet.

Chichi got up slowly, leaning heavily on the wall behind her. The feeling that she was being watched sent a shiver through her and she looked back to where the Saiyans stood, meeting four pairs of eyes watching her closely. She quickly looked away as she fought back the panic that was threatening to take over. Did they know? she wondered as she forced her back straight and waited for the last of the prisoners to get to their feet.


Kakarot watched Chichi get to her feet with a frown. He still didn't understand how that could be a fighter.

"Line up," Bardock gave the next standard order.

Chichi glanced around uncertainly, watching as the other prisoners seemed to be lining up behind her. Realizing she was at the front of the line, she was suddenly more nervous than ever. Taking a deep shuddering breath she glancing at the tall man behind her, hoping to see some kind of comfort in his eyes. All she saw was fear and she turned away quickly, still feeling the Saiyan's eyes boring into her. Her hands clenched behind her back and she closed her eyes for a moment as she prayed they wouldn't find out she was a female before they killed her.

Turlis laughed. "Lets not make little brother wait any longer to claim his slave." He flew off the balcony to land by Chichi at the door.

"Turlis!" kakarot landed right behind him and grabbed his arm warningly. "I'll get the front of the line."

Turlis shrugged. "Sure little brother. No problem." He smirked into Kakarot's narrowed eyes and stood back to let him open the door and start the line moving.


Chichi stepped out of the ship and found several guards waiting for them. She stopped when the Saiyan told her to and found herself facing a small group of elaborately dressed Saiyans that were looking over the prisoners with sneers.

"Bardock," the tall man in front of her called and she watched as Bardock respectfully lowered his head.

"My King."

"So these are the Earthlings." The king laughed as he inspected the humans with contempt. "It looks like Earth is ours for the taking."

"Yes," Bardock answered. "It doesn't look like we would have much resistance."

The king was expecting such an answer and didn't bother to reply as he studied each human in turn. He reached the end of the line before looking at the Saiyans that made up the pick up party. "Are there any prisoners you would like to claim?"

"Sir." Kakarot bowed his head in respect. "I would claim one."

"Do so." The king watched as Kakarot turned saying something to the small human he was standing beside.

Chichi stiffened when the young, wild haired Saiyan told her to step out of the line. She didn't move and the he repeated his request between clenched teeth.

"No." She shook her head and felt a large hand grab her arm painfully, pulling her out of the line.

"Anyone else?" The king glanced at the silent Saiyan crew and when there were no more assents, he ordered the prisoners to be taken away. "Bardock, as always you've done well and as there are no more immediate assignments for you I suggest you enjoy your free time."

"Thank you my king," Bardock bowed with respect before turning to leave.

Kakarot turned to face his slave. "Turn around."

Chichi glared angrily. "No."

He was silent for a moment... digesting that. "Fine, if you want the shackles left on it's ok with me."

"N...No." Chichi struggled to keep her voice low and turned her back to him, but as she did so, she found herself looking at a snickering Raditz and Turlis. She glared at the grinning Saiyans as she felt the shackles slide off and almost absently brought her arms in front of her, glaring at them as she rubbed at her bruised raw wrists.

"What's your name?" she heard the Saiyan behind her ask.

"Chi." She glanced at him before looked mistrustfully back up at his brothers. "Yours is Kakarot?"

"That's my name but," he paused and shrugged. "I guess you can call me that."

Turlis and Raditz were walking toward them and Chichi shifted uneasily as she continued to rub on her wrists.

"Hey Kakarot can we play?" Raditz looked down at her with amusement as he stopped about two feet away.

"Yeah." Turlis stopped by his brother and smirked. "Lets see... you told us to...what was shit wasn't it?"

"Was that what I said? Are you sure it wasn't more like eat shit and die?" His anger was what she wanted, and when she saw it, she dropped into fighting stance watching as a glowing ball grew in Turlis's hand. Bracing herself, she waited for him to throw it.

"Back off Turlis ." Kakarot threw a ki blast at his brother, making a direct hit that knocked him off his feet and caused Turlis's blast to go harmlessly into the air. Suddenly grabbing Chichi he threw her over his shoulder before starting to fly home. He landed near a small house and going inside, he dropped her unceremoniously on the floor.

"You live dangerously don't you?" He watched as she slowly got to her feet.

"Maybe I would rather be *dead* than be a prisoner."

"If I'd let you fight Turlis you wouldn't have had to worry about it."

"Why did you claim me?"

Kakarot shifted uneasily "I don't really know. Believe me, a slave is not something I ever *thought* I'd want, and my mating tastes don't run to boys." He watched her rub at her wrists. "It's for sure you won't make much of a sparing partner. You've got one of the lowest kis I've ever felt."

Chichi stared at her new owner and felt anger engulf her. "All right than why don't you just give me to Turlis?"

He laughed. "How old are you?"


"You can't be. You look more like fifteen."

She shrugged. "How old are you?"



The yell came from outside and he sighed. "How long has it been since you ate?"

"I don't know maybe 2 or 3 days."

He stared at her. "That long?"

"I didn't eat much the day of the tournament and I haven't had anything since then."

"Come on." He led her into the kitchen and made 2 very large sandwiches that he set in front of her. She managed to get down a few bites before the door slammed open quickly followed by Turlis and Raditz barging into the kitchen.

"It wasn't very nice of you to leave so abruptly Kakarot. Turlis and our new friend were just starting to get acquainted."

"Why don't you two get lost?" Kakarot glared at his brothers when he sensed the human's unease.

"See? What did I tell you." Turlis laughed. "He's bonding with the little boy."

Turlis instantly found himself slammed against the kitchen wall, Kakarot standing over him with his fists clenched. "I'm not bonding with him you bastard. Now if you have any brains in your head you'll leave before I kill you." Not waiting for a comment he turned to Raditz. "Get him out of here."

Chichi watched as Raditz pulled Turlis off the floor and stumbled out the door with him. "What's bonding?" she asked, curious as to why it had set him off so much.

He turned to her slowly and she saw that his eyes had narrowed dangerously, a smirk appearing on his face. "You look tired, if you're done eating, I'll take you to your cell." Chichi nodded, picking up the half eaten sandwich and following him through the small house, and down a flight of stairs to a large area without any furnishings. "This is the training room and this," he moved over to a metal grating set in the wall, "is your cell." He pulled the door open and Chichi walked in, listening to it lock behind her. "Goodnight...Maybe tomorrow we can spar a little." She didn't say anything as he walked off.

Chichi looked around the room, after the last 3 days she'd spent, this was like paradise. She set the sandwich down on the cot and moved over to look in a small room off to the left. It was a bathroom and Chichi eyed the shower with affection as she glanced out the door to make sure the Saiyan was gone. She started to undress realizing what a chore that was as she unwound the tight wrapping around her, and after making sure there was shampoo she unbraided her hair, set the water to the right temperature and climbed into the shower.


Angrily Kakarot flew out of his house and headed for the local bar where he knew his brothers would be. He was still mad at Turlis for suggesting he was bonding with the human slave. Although, he admitted reluctantly, it was true he did feel a little protective of Chi, it was only because he didn't want him to die before he had a chance to see him fight. He frowned, not entirely happy with the explanation, but grateful to have something else to think about when he landed in front of a very crowded bar. Sensing his brother's kis he went in, ordered a beer and moved over to their table.

"Well, well, well..." Raditz smirked. " We thought you would be busy tonight little brother."

"Not hardly." Kakarot tensed slightly before dropping into a chair and changing the subject. "Has dad shown up yet?"

"Not yet." Raditz answered. "He probably made the mistake of seeing mom first and got stuck doing chores." They all grinned at that.

A loud laugh came from the door and all three brothers turned to see one of the humans drug into the bar. There were several excited shouts as bets were being taken on how long he could last in a non ki fight against Rawly, a class 2 Saiyan.

"Now we're going to get some action." Raditz slammed a hand against Turlis's back and grabbed up his beer before following the biggest end of the Saiyans outside to watch the fight. Turlis followed, only taking the time to grab his brothers arm and drag him along with the crowd.

The two were just starting to square off as they walked outside. The human looked as though he had already been through a fight, his clothes were ripped and flecked in blood but he dropped into fighters stance. Kakarot sipped his beer but his eyes were firmly set on the fight. Rawly lunged, his fist aimed at the humans stomach. The human dodged, bringing up his knee to make a direct hit doubling Rawly over and then slammed him to the ground with a double fisted blow. Kakarot watched as Rawly grabbed the Earth fighters ankle. The sound of breaking bones was followed by a scream as the slave fell, his ankle shattered, bits of bone coming through the skin. "Damn you Bastards!" the human yelled right before Rawly's foot slammed into his head and again the audible sound of breaking bones was heard as the human's skull caved in.

"Hey Rawly!" someone in the crowd yelled. "Are there any humans left?"

"Not many," he answered. "When I got this one there were only three."

Kakarot took another sip of beer, his eyes narrowing as he watched several of the Saiyans leave toward the slave pens.

"Come on Kakarot," Raditz hollered as he and Turlis floated off the ground. "Let's watch the fun."

He shook his head. "I'm interested in fights not massacres." He watched his brothers fly after the other Saiyans as he finished off his beer, setting the empty mug on a table.

"Hey Kakarot!" He turned to see Brel sneering down at him. "I heard you kept one of those humans."

"What's it to you?" He faced Brel squarely, even though this was a class one Saiyan to his lower class three.

"Oh, only that it's nice you finally have someone you can beat up in a fight now and then."

Kakarot's eyes narrowed dangerously, his tail whipping behind him and then he shrugged, looking around at the empty tables as though bored. "I don't need to beat up slaves to be sure of my power levels, unlike you." He smirked at the angry look on Brel's face.

"Then are you going to bond with him?" Brel's voice dripped velvet but his eyes blazed dangerously at Kakarot's insult. "I never cared much for men myself," Brel continued and grinned coldly as Kakarot's fist twisted into his shirt pulling him closer.

"Maybe I want to train him so he can take you down," Kakarot gritted out through clenched teeth.

Brel laughed. "So you're going to train the human? I look forward to the day you feel he is ready to challenge me." He twisted out of Kakarot's grip, floating slightly above his head. "Maybe you can pick up some pointers from him as well. It's always nice to see Saiyans improve their techniques." He laughed again at Kakarot's angry stare before he flew off for the slave pens.

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