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NaCoBe's Dragonball Realm
Bonded Ch 2

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Kakarot flew home and promptly finished off the extra sandwich he'd made for Chichi.

It was just his luck to have Brel pick a fight with him. His tail twitched as he sighed. Well it wasn't the first time. He got up, moving to the basement door and hesitated only a moment before heading down the stairs.

Moving over to the human's cell he studied his sleeping slave. The Saiyan found himself staring at the almost.....pretty face? He frowned suddenly feeling disgust well up inside of him as he threw open the cell door before roughly shaking the human awake. "Lets spar." He smiled slightly at the look of fear that ran across her face. "What's the matter?" he taunted. "You wanted to fight my brother a few hours ago." Moving out of the cell, he waited for her to follow.

Chichi slowly got up, following with reluctance. The Saiyan was waiting impatiently in the center of the basement for her as she moved across the room to where a set of weapons hung on the wall in a designed pattern, the center one being a staff. She reached up for the staff, hesitating as she glanced back at him. He shrugged.

"You can use it." She took it off the wall doing a practice swing with it, appreciating the well balanced weapon as she turned to face him dropping into fighters stance.

Kakarot watched with interest as Chichi swung the staff experimentally and then faced him crouching slightly. He slid a foot behind him and waited for her to make the first move.

She lunged and Kakarot sidestepped but swinging her staff again in a quick counter movement, she felt it connect solidly with his legs. He cursed as he went down but managed to catch her ankle with a strong grip before tipping her backward. Falling hard she looked up at him as he stood over her, a sneer on his face. Chichi met his sneer with a smile as her legs suddenly whipped out entangling in his, and with a sharp twist motion, he went down again. She tried to roll away but didn't quite make it as she felt his leg swing over her holding her down. She froze as she felt his hard muscles pressing against her.

Kakarot studied the human under him. "Don't look so scared," he murmured smirking. "I told you, I don't like boys."

"I'll remember that," she spoke quietly as she felt a sudden wave of fear wash over her. There was something in his eyes that she didn't like and once again she wondered if he knew.

Kakarot frowned as he saw Chichi's face turn red, and when he felt the sudden roll of the body under him, he allowed himself to be rolled off. He smirked as he saw her moving back into the cell. "So you've had enough? Is that all the sparing humans can take?" he goaded.

"I'd rather fight Turlis or Raditz," Chichi threw at him as she backed into the cell, pulling the door closed with a bang but not letting it latch.

Kakarot burst out laughing. "My brothers would kill you in less than a minute, if you were lucky, and if not, they would torture you for awhile and then kill you." He flew the short distance to the cell and grabbing the door, he pulled it all the way closed, letting it latch. "By the way I wouldn't be in too big of a hurry to make an escape if I were you. I don't think you'd like what they do to humans here."

Chichi felt her stomach drop out from under her. "Are the others all right?" She held her breath.

"Last I heard there were only 3 left and I'm sure they're dead by now." He watched curiously as she slid to the floor.

"What are you waiting for?" Chichi asked keeping her voice low. "Why don't you just kill me and get it over with?"

"Well for one thing, I hadn't intended on killing you."

"Then what are you going to do with me?" She stared at the floor unable to meet his eyes.

"I don't know," Kakarot said sounding irritated as his tail wrapping around his waist. "It just seems like such a waste to kill someone who's willing to fight even though the other person's 2 and 1/2 times their size. I also enjoy the insults you throw at my brothers." He stared down at her and waited for a response but when none came he crouched down angrily gripping the bars. "I don't owe you an explanation. Let's just say as long as you amuse me, I'll keep you around."

"Amuse you?!" Chichi fought to keep her voice down as anger surged through her, and she met his eyes now without fear. "I... amuse you?" her voice was quiet and dangerous.

Kakarot nodded as he looked into her eyes. "Your doing it now." He smiled as he abruptly stood up pulling his hands back from the bars as she gripped them.

"I've changed my mind. I'll spar with you."

Slowly he shook his head. "Not now. I've babied you enough today. I've never realized how hard it is to spar with someone that you had to be so careful with."

"Than don't be careful."

Kakarot yawned turning his back as he moved out of the room shutting off the lights. "Better get some sleep...maybe it will make you stronger." He gave a low laugh as he shut the basement door firmly behind him.


Chichi let go of the bars. "Arrogant... Saiyan!" she spat out as she glared at the closed door. Sighing when it remained closed, she climbed back on the cot and picked up the half eaten sandwich from the small table beside the bed---actually the only piece of furniture in the room except for the cot---she forced herself to finish it off.


The next morning Kakarot woke up hoping it was all a nightmare, that he didn't own a small human slave, that Brel was not trying to pick a fight with him, and most of all, he was nowhere near bonding.

He fixed 3 large sandwiches for breakfast and promptly ate them. Fixing one more he went into his basement stopping in front of the cell and sighed as he saw it was occupied.

"Great," he murmured opening the cell door and setting the sandwich on the table, he quickly left making sure the door was shut firmly behind him.

He set the gravity to 200 times normal and began a rigorous workout. After two hours he dropped to the floor, glancing at Chichi to see she was still sleeping. "Well I guess you have a right to be tired," he said so quietly he barely heard it before he flew out of the basement and headed for the sparing areas.

Passing up the first and second class training areas he landed at the third class. As usual there were several Saiyans there and they were all looking for a fight. "Kakarot!" He heard his name and turned to see Turlis block a ki blast and throw one of his own. The blast made a solid hit on the Saiyan fighting Turlis and he fell in a heap not moving.

He flew down to land beside his brother. "Nice job Turlis. You actually won a fight." He slammed his arm across Turlis's back.

"Your turn now little brother." Turlis grinned before hitting Kakarot with a ki bomb that slammed him into the wall. The older Saiyan followed it up with a knee to the stomach and then a two handed hit across his back. He smirked when Kakarot hit the floor.

"Ok.... if you're sure that's what you want." Kakarot peeled himself off the ground and flew into the air, slamming a fist into Turlis's face before following up with a kick to the stomach. He smirked as Turlis doubled over.

"Bravo Kakarot!" A yell from above got his attention.

'Dam it!' Kakarot looked up at Brel, his tail fluffing. "What do you want?"

"I think he wants to play in our area. Is that right?" Turlis got to his feet as he stared up at the newly arrived Saiyan.

"I wouldn't waste my time," Brel sneered as he flew toward the first class area.

Turlis moved up beside his brother. "What's he got against you?"

"The latest thing to set him off seems to be the human." Kakarot's eyes followed Brel as he heard his brother snort.

"I've seen him beat up slaves just as weak as yours."

"I tried to make that point with him last night."

Turlis laughed. "No wonder he acts like he has a chip on his shoulder."

"I'm getting tired of having that bastard on my back all the time." Kakarot started to fly after him only to find Turlis blocking his path.

"You're probably as strong as he is but you can't fight him in the first class sparing arena. If you try they'll all jump on you and you'll be in a rejuvenation tank for a month."

"Maybe it would be worth it."

" do that and I'll take care of your human while you're healing."

Kakarot looked at his brother as they hovered in midair. "Actually I don't think that would bother him. He said something about wanting to fight you." Kakarot smirked.

"I'll give you your pick of my slaves for that one." Turlis eyed his brother hopefully.

Kakarot shook his head. "You'd just kill him and besides, he's way too amusing for me to give up."

"You could at least allow me to spar with him."

"I could. But you would have to be unbelievably gentle so as not to hurt him and I don't think you could do it."

"If you're easy on your slaves they'll never respect you." Turlis followed after his brother as he started flying back to his house.

"I'll tell you what." Kakarot touched down easily in his front yard. "If Chi says it's ok you can spar with him, but you can't use ki blasts, your strength, any unfair speed, or flying, and if I think it's getting too rough you'll be fighting me. Are those terms acceptable?"

"Can I touch him?" Turlis asked sarcastically.

"You're missing the point." Kakarot moved through his house to the basement door and paused. "You have to fight with your mind. You know---out think your opponent?" He eyed his brother. "Well?"

Turlis grinned. "Whatever you say."


Chichi sat on her cot and leaned against the wall, her knees drawn up protectively in front of her. She felt another tear slide down her face and wiped it away with a swift movement. She looked up when she heard the door at the top of the stairs open before looking away from the Saiyans.

"Well, well..." she heard Turlis gleefully exclaim. "I hear you want to fight with me human?"

She looked up to find him in front of her cell and shrugged. "I wouldn't mind it."

"Kakarot." Turlis turned to his brother. "Is that good enough for you?"

"Yeah. I guess it is." She heard the young Saiyan answer. She got up slowly as he opened her cell door but he blocked her path as she tried to get past him.

"You understand you don't have to spar with him right?" he said quietly. "I mean it's totally up to you."

"Up to me huh?" She met his eyes. "Imagine that." She pushed past him. "Just make sure you stay out of it."

"Oh... this is going to be fun!" She heard Turlis laugh as she moved over to where the staff was leaning against the wall.

"Remember our deal Turlis!" She heard Kakarot's warning.

"Don't worry little brother. I promise to be good." He crouched down as Chichi got into fighters stance in front of him.

"Come on!" Turlis motioned for her to make the first move.

She shook her head as she carefully positioned the staff in front of her and concentrated on Turlis as she waited for him to make the first attack.

"Your going to hurt me with the little stick?" Turlis taunted as he grinned and lunged, only to be hit upside the head with a hard blow from the staff. Chichi moved back quickly, not letting him get a hold of her as he got to his feet with narrowed eyes. "All right kid," he crouched down in front of her, "why don't you try that again?"

This time Chichi lunged slamming him in the stomach with the end of the staff and doubling him over. She heard the sharp curse he gritted out followed by the growl of anger as he sprang at her, grabbing the staff and trying to jerk it out of her hands. She used his momentum and added hers to it as she went over backwards, rolling with her feet buried in his stomach, she threw him over her head. Getting to her feet as fast as she could she turned to face him, only to see a ki blast forming in his hand.

"Turlis!" She heard the warning cry from Kakarot before a ki blast hit her opponent and sent him flying back into the wall and some of the power surge hitting her into the floor painfully.

Slowly she sat up holding on to her pain filled head as she saw Kakarot and Turlis facing off against each other in a battle of wills, neither one making a move. Glancing down at a sudden pain in her arm she saw a large tear in her sleeve and another one down the side of her shirt. With a sudden surge of fear she struggled to her feet and grabbed the staff as she moved past it before locking herself in her cell. Stumbling into the small bathroom she fearfully examined her clothes.

Her second shirt was ok--- so the tear down the side only showed the shirt under it, even though it was skin tight. The tear in her sleeve showed a little more of her slender arm then she would have liked--- but it was after all just her arm. The rip by her thigh nearly ran down to her knee--- but she told herself her thigh surely wouldn't give her away. The door to her cell clanked open and she quickly dropped onto the floor crossing her legs as she leaned back against the wall nonchalantly putting a hand over the rip in her pants.

She looked up to see two Saiyans looking down at her angrily.

"Would you tell him that I wasn't the one to shoot the ki blast?" Turlis demanded with exasperation.

"No," Kakarot answered back. "You were the one that was getting ready to break our agreement." He glared at his brother.

"What agreement?" Chichi asked. "I thought you were just trying to protect Turlis because I was winning."

Kakarot laughed and Turlis smirked. "Are you up for another round or maybe you don't feel like it?" Turlis challenged pointedly.

Chichi went still as she felt both Saiyan's eyes on her. She shifted uneasily feeling the pounding pain in her head and dull ache in her body. There was no way she could fight now even if she wasn't concerned about her clothes. "Later," She said quietly not meeting their eyes.

"Are you ok?" Kakarot asked from where he leaned against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest.

"Yeah," she answered quickly not wanting him to examine her. "Nothing I haven't dealt with before."

"You're sure?"

"You should worry more about your brother than me," she said easily. "He's the one that was losing."

"I did notice he was having some difficulty."

"Knock it off both of you," Turlis shouted angrily. "Or I'll take it out on your hide." He glanced meaningfully at Kakarot.

"Calm down big brother." Kakarot laughed. "I got knocked down a couple of times too." He glanced down at where Chichi sat on the floor and shook his head as a slight smile formed as he studied the small human.

"Come on." He turned suddenly to Turlis. "I have some things to do and you might as well come along."


Chichi watched gratefully as the Saiyans left, the size of the bathroom seeming to double after they'd gone. She sighed holding her aching head and then with a determined look, she got to her feet and made sure the basement was empty before she turned on the water and let steam begin to fill the small room.

She ached from the ki blast and as she slowly undressed she noticed the bruises that were starting to darken her skin. As she finished taking off the last wrappings, she climbed into the shower as the hot water began to sooth her aching muscles.


Kakarot finished making a sandwich and as his brother reached for the plate it was on he pulled it away.

"Make your own. I'm taking this one to Chi."

"While you're at it you aught to take down some new clothes. YOUR ki blast didn't help the ones he was wearing." Turlis started to make a sandwich as he watched Kakarot with a smirk.

"Yeah, I guess so, but I don't have anything that would fit him." Kakarot paused putting a hand behind his head.

"You idiot." Turlis's tail thrashed as he continued to work on his sandwich. "Slaves wear slave clothes. Not ours." He glared at his brother. "You get clothes at the slave pens."

"Oh...well I guess it won't take long to fly over and pick some up," he paused. "Are you coming?"

"Go ahead." Turlis eyed his sandwich. "Don't worry about me. I'll be fine."

"You...will...leave Chi alone right?" Kakarot eyed his brother suspiciously as he set the plate with the sandwich on the table.

"Sure," the reply came easily. "I guess the little guy is kind of fun to have around. But I think you should loosen up on the rules a little."

Kakarot shook his head. "I don't think I'd like it if he lost his fighting spirit, and if he was treated like you think he should be, it would break him."

"I won't hurt him so you can stop worrying about it. Hey," he hollered as he saw Kakarot start out the door. "What were the errands you were going to do today?"

Kakarot hung in midair and grinned. "I don't have any. I just thought Chi was acting kind of nervous with both of us in his cell staring at him."

Turlis rolled his eyes as he watched Kakarot fly off for the slave pens.


The kitchen was empty when he got back and Kakarot was surprised to see the sandwich he'd made was still on the table. Balancing the sandwich plate on top of the new clothes he headed into his basement.

The water was running when he pushed open the cell door and he went ahead and set the sandwich on the table before starting into the bathroom with the clothes. He stopped abruptly when he caught sight of her through the clear shower curtain. Chichi was sitting under the shower, her hair streaming almost down to her waist as she held her head in her hands, but what got his attention most were the curves. He moved quickly out of the doorway feeling as though he had just been thrown through a stone wall as he caught his breath. 'Female?' he thought with disbelief as he picked up the sandwich and clothes he'd just brought, moved out of the cell and closed the door as quietly as possible. By the time he was flying up the stairs, he had a huge smile slowly growing on his face.

He dropped to his knees just after reaching the top of the stairs as he remembered how pretty she had looked when he had caught her sleeping, and about the distaste he had felt at the thought. With wonder he remembered her knocking him down twice as they spared and how she had even been harder on Turlis. Turlis...he laughed out loud at what his brother would think about being knocked down by a human female. Another thought came to him as he remembered pinning her down and the blush that had stained her face. He had allowed her to roll him off knowing that Chi was nervous about being pinned down, and knowing that maybe he had reason to be. The bond that he had not been willing to acknowledge was still in the early stages but he knew it was there.

"A girl," he murmured. "It's a girl."

Suddenly he frowned as he faced it fully. It would not be easy to mate with a weaker species and children would probably not be possible. He had had sex before with some of the women in the slave pens but they hadn't enjoyed it. One of them had had to spend 5 days in the rejuvenation chamber. He sighed as he thought of the human's fear of him and his own inexperience and knew he would have to be careful not to scare her more then she already was.

Picking up the clothes and balancing the sandwich plate on top, he headed back down into the basement.


Kakarot stopped in front of the cell listening for a moment to the water running. He grinned mischievously as he leaned against the bars. "Oh Chi," he hollered pleasantly. "I have some clothes for you and a sandwich. Do you want me to bring them in?"

He heard a scurry of movement from the bathroom. "N...No. Um... I can get them through the bars."

"Sure thing." He set down his arm load close to the bars with a frown. There'd been a tremor in her voice and he felt an unpleasant jolt run through him as he realized how scared she must be. Briefly he wondered how she had managed to keep it a secret for so long that she was female. From what he'd seen that couldn't have been easy.

There really was nothing left for him to do, but reluctant to leave, he hesitated. Guiltily he remembered her crying in the shower holding her head as if it hurt. "Uh...I really am sorry if that blast hurt you. I didn't mean for it to."

"I'm ok," she responded as he heard more swift movements from the small room she was in.

"Well...I guess I could work out for awhile." He started to walk to the middle of the floor, turning back quickly. "I can always run my errands later."


Chichi breathed a sigh of relief as she tied on her wrappings and then worked on braiding her hair. Gratefully pulling on her clothes as she slowly stepped into the main part of the cell.

The Saiyan was going through a training routine and she saw him stop abruptly, watching her as she leaned the staff against the wall and then went to the bars pulling the clothes and sandwich through to her. She looked up at him and shifted uneasily as he grinned suddenly before starting back in on his routine.

Settling back on the cot she set the sandwich on the table and shook out the clothes studying the outfit carefully. The clothes should work well she decided with relief.

"Will they fit?" She jumped slightly as she looked up to see Kakarot in front of the bars watching her. "If they won't I'll get you something that does." Not waiting for her to respond he frowned down at her. "You've got a bruise on your cheek."

She forced a smirk and shrugged, not liking the attention he was giving her. He wasn't threatening in any way but he reminded her a bit of a puppy that had just received a new toy and she seemed to be it.

"Are you going to try them on?"

"What's it to you if I do or don't?" she asked with annoyance and saw his face fall.

"I just hope they fit that's all," he said quietly turning as he started to head back up the stairs. "Is there anything you want before I leave?"

"I'm ok." She frowned as she looked at him with a puzzled _expression. "But...thanks," she finished awkwardly.

He smiled then, a real smile, not a smirk, or a sneer, or a challenge, just a genuine smile that lit up his face causing her to draw in a breath.

"Get some sleep... and try not to worry, everything will be ok," his voice was soft as he hesitated before closing the door. "I promise."

Chichi caught her breath now for a different reason. 'Did he know? He acted like he did. But if he knew, what kind of a game was he playing now?'

She picked up the clothes and headed for the bathroom uneasily.

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