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NaCoBe's Dragonball Realm
Bonded Ch 3

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Kakarot glanced at the clock. It was 3 hours past his normal workout time and he thought his human would be awake by now. He dodged the blast aimed at him, and slammed a foot into Nolan's stomach, doubling him over.

"Had enough?" He asked the Saiyan he'd been fighting for the last hour.

His answer came in the form of a curse and a ki blast aimed at his head. He ducked the blast and slammed his knee into Nolan's stomach, following it with a ki blast that sent him into the wall, where he went down in a heap.

He waited to see if he would get up but when he didn't move, he wiped at the blood running down his face, grinned and headed home.


Chichi was practicing as Kakarot flew quietly into the basement to land in front of the cell. "Are you feeling better?" He watched with some amusement as she jumped, startled at his sudden appearance.

"I'm alright."

He studied her for a moment, doubting that that was entirely true, her bruise had darkened and even though she'd been practicing with the staff her movements had been slow and careful. He hesitated thoughtfully. Well, he wasn't going to hurt her, he just wanted to get her into his arms, that, and there was one other little bit of business he wanted to take care of.

Opening the cell door, he moved back just enough to give her room to get by. "Glad to hear it. Then I guess you feel up to a training session?"

She glanced at him uncertainly, her muscles were stiff and sore from the ki blast but when he raised an eyebrow and grinned faintly, she grabbed her staff, moving slowly past him.

Without bothering to move further into the training area, he slid a foot behind him and motioned for her to make the first move.

Chichi slowly started to drop into fighters stance but stopped when she realized he was about a foot from the cell door, and she grinned as she took a couple of small steps toward him, watching as he straightened slightly in confusion. Her grin widened at his unsure movements and she suddenly shifted her staff, slamming it against him, before following it with a kick that sent him reeling into her cell. They both made a grab for the door but Kakarot, taken off guard, was a few seconds behind her and she quickly jumped out of reach of his hands.

He hung his head as he cursed softly. This wasn't what he'd had in mind, and looking up at her, he met her eyes as she backed away. "Ok, You've had your fun. Now will you let me out?" he asked quietly.

"Why should I?" She started to move toward the stairs only to see a ki blast destroy them before she could take three steps. Not expecting that, she froze before slowly turning back to him, a jolt of fear shooting through her.

He smirked watching as her fear turned to anger. "You're going to have to let me out sooner or later."

"Get yourself out!"

"I can wait." He smiled as he fell back onto her cot, starting to enjoy himself as he saw her anger grow.

Chichi glared at him before turning away to study the door. The landing was still there and it was about ten feet up to reach the lowest edge. Her staff was probably about six feet and she was a little over five. It shouldn't be to hard to pole vault up to it but she would have to wait until Kakarot stopped watching her. Turning back to him now, she saw that he was also looking at the landing, his eyes narrowed thoughtfully.

He grinned slightly as he caught her look and stretching his arms out in front of him, he yawned. "Well I guess I could take a shower." He got up and moved into the bathroom.

She caught her breath excitedly as she saw him disappear, the sound of running water coming from the cell. Turning back to the landing she began to gauge the distance she would need to reach it.

"I almost forgot." Kakarot leaned back out of the bathroom, a ki blast growing in his hand. "You're not getting out that way." He casually threw the ball, shattering the landing. "Oh and the door pulls open from this side." He grinned wickedly before ducking back into the little room as she threw the staff at the bars.


Chichi looked over the large room she found herself in. There were no windows and only the one door and she sighed, even if she could pole vault up to it she would never be able to pull it open and get through.


Kakarot was having to force himself to stay in the shower as he was curious to see what the human was up to. He shook his head and grinned with delight as he thought of her. He would never have believed someone so weak could be so much of a challenge. Actually, if he hadn't noticed her eyeing the landing he would never have considered that she could have made it. He laughed softly. So far she'd been with him less then 3 days and he'd had to destroy his basement steps and would probably have to destroy his cell just to keep her.

Deciding he couldn't wait any longer he got out of the shower, toweled off and got dressed. Moving out of the little room he saw her sitting in the middle of his training area.

"What now?" he asked as he easily sat down cross legged to face her.

"I guess I should let you out." She studied him.

"You're in control."

"Am I?"

"I'm still in here aren't I?"

"You could probably break out."

"Maybe." He watched her as she shifted uneasily and he grinned faintly. "I'll make a deal with you. If you let me out, I won't lock you in the cell anymore. What do you say?"

Chichi studied the floor, knowing she didn't have much choice. "Yeah...I guess so." She got slowly to her feet and walking over to the bars, looked at the locking lever set above her head. She had to stand on her toes to reach it but grabbing it firmly she pulled...and the lever barely moved.

"Uh...Can I help?"

She dropped down to see that he was standing at the bars next to her, watching with a small grin. "Let me guess." she said feeling irritated both by the lever and by the fact that he was watching her struggle with it. "You're amused?"

"The thought never crossed my mind."

"That's good," her eyes narrowed, "because if I thought I was amusing you, I might decide I like you right where you're at, that there could be no place else I would rather have you," she taunted him, her voice low, enjoying that he wouldn't meet her eyes.

He grinned at her words but continued to study the floor. "I'm ok with it if it's good for you...but there are so many other...interesting possibilities." He slowly raised his head to lock eyes with her.

Chichi's face turned red and she stared at Kakarot wide-eyed. "W...what?"

He smiled. "Relax Chi, this is your game, remember? he said softly, his eyes never leaving her. I just wanted to point out that you have options." Suddenly he taunted her, "I guess it does amuse me a little that you're too weak to open a door but I guess I should have known it would be too tough for you."

"I can get it." Chichi replied defensively as she glared at him, before glancing back up at the lever and grabbing it, suddenly she felt strong hands pull her down, the lock clicked and Kakarot pushed the door open.

She hastily backed away.

"What's wrong?" He watched with amusement as she picked up her staff and turned to face him.

"We do have a deal right?"

He nodded, grinning at her. "Yeah, we have a deal."

His eyes skimmed over the room . "I guess it's pretty safe down here." He flew over to the weapons display on the wall and started to take it down. "I'll just take these upstairs," he said as he flew easily up to the door, disappearing through it.


Kakarot quickly stored the weapons in his closet and moving into the kitchen, he started to make sandwiches.

When he was done he had a plate of 5 well stuffed sandwiches and thoughtfully he turned to the refrigerator, slowly pulling out a bottle of Trillon ale. It was strong stuff, and he usually didn't drink much of it, just a glass now and then, but he thought she might enjoy it so he dropped a couple of glasses over the top of the bottle and balancing everything carefully, he flew down into the basement kicking the door shut behind him.


Chichi looked up startled to see the plate full of food but after only a slight hesitation she sat down opposite the Saiyan as he put the sandwiches between them.

Grabbing a sandwich, she watched as he poured out a dark amber drink into the glasses. The one he set in front of her wasn't full.

"Sip it slowly." He advised as he picked up a sandwich. "It's got quite a kick."

She took a sip and decided it tasted like lemonade. She took another sip enjoying it.

They ate in silence and as she took the last bite of her sandwich, she picked up her glass and saw about half was gone. She grinned mischievously at Kakarot, almost daring him to take it from her, that was right before she finished it off.

He choked and watched with a frown as she smugly set down her empty glass and picked up another sandwich. His eyes narrowed and glinted, as he took a sip from his own glass.

Chichi glanced down...her glass was empty, when had that happened? Deciding to ask for more she turned to Kakarot. "Can I..." she trailed off. The room was rotating and he was too.

"Can you what?"

"The room's spinning." She dropped her head down, her arms going over her ears, her fingers entwining behind her head.

"Yeah, I bet it is," he said under his breath as he watched her, and then remembering his unfinished business, he smiled as he shifted over to her and pulled one of her arms out of his way. "You know you've got to be one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen," he whispered in her ear, letting his breath tickle her. "Maybe the prettiest if you would stop trying to look like a guy." He pulled back to meet her eyes and smiled playfully at her surprised _expression.

Chichi struggled to her feet in panic but quickly lost her balance as the room shifted again and Kakarot caught her. "It's ok," he murmured as she struggled against him. "Sssshhhh...don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you." Slowly he felt her relaxed as he continued to murmur reassurances, and after hesitating for a moment, "What's your name?"

She was silent as she tried to pull her thoughts together, but everything was fuzzy, and she sighed as she gave up. "Chichi."

"It suits you." He paused before pressing further. "Did you have a mate?" He held his breath.

Mate!!! Chichi stiffened for a moment before she tried to pull away, only to fall back against him in defeat when he tightened his arms. "I...No, I think they thought I was too opinionated... and...well, I could beat a lot of them up."

Kakarot's smile widened. "I've noticed you can be a handful," he murmured. And he looked down at her with amusement, but when she shifted uneasily, he changed the subject, the smile still on his face. "Do you want to try to walk now?"

"Yeah...ok" Chichi felt him release her, and realizing with wonder that she missed his warmth, she closed her eyes and ran a hand roughly over her face, trying to understand exactly what was happening.

"You ok?" Kakarot crouched down beside her.

"I'm just....tired." She glanced at him before she struggled to her feet, and managed two steps toward her cell before losing her balance and Kakarot was suddenly in front of her, an arm around her waist as she fell against him, tried to pull back and then grabbed him to steady herself. "Still spinning." She leaned her forehead against his chest and closed her eyes.

He stared down at her with a surprised smile as he felt her hands knotting into his shirt and he shifted uncertainly.

"'re let's walk." He took a small step and his smile widened as she let him take her weight, not trying to move. "Ok," he laughed as he picked her up. "Maybe you should sleep it off." He easily took her back to her cot, pulling down the blankets and then pulling them back over her after he laid her down. The Saiyan watched as she shifted slightly under the covers and then went still. 'Oh man, he grimaced, I'm in deep.'


Chichi stirred restlessly against the blankets, her head hurt and she frowned, trying to remember why. It slowly came back to her and she remembered Kakarot's whispers that she was pretty. "Dam," she breathed. "That's just great." It was one thing to suspect he knew and another to have it confirmed. Well, she couldn't have kept it a secret much longer...not with her monthly cycle coming up soon.

Climbing out of bed and going into the bathroom she splashed water on her face and heading back to her cot, a sack on the table caught her attention. Glancing inside, she found a short dress, which she quickly rejected, some under clothes and another set of clothes like she was wearing. There was also a little box, and opening it, she saw it was for her monthly cycles. Chichi stared at the items uneasily for a moment, her head beginning to pound harder, and she shifted slightly, feeling the tight restraints on her and the heavy padding around her waist. Well, at least she didn't have to wear all the extra clothes any more and slowly climbing to her feet she took the clothes, and headed into the bathroom to change, leaving the dress on the cot.

Quickly undressing, she took a quick shower before slipping into her new clothes, leaving her extra shirt and wrappings off. She tied the belt firmly around her small waist, feeling better without the heavy padding and wraps and she quickly took the tight braid out of her hair, and pulling it back, she tied it into a ponytail, all except two strands that were too short to be pulled back, that fell on either side of her face.

Glancing out the bathroom door to look for Kakarot, Chichi started back to the cot, but spotting her staff in the center of the training room, she went over and picked it up, carrying it into the cell with her before settling back on the cot tiredly.


Raditz and Turlis stared down at Kakarot as he slept.

"He looks tired." Raditz smirked. "Maybe we should go into the basement and work out a little until he wakes up."

Turlis laughed softly. "There is an... interesting item down there. Although... Kakarot is rather protective of it."

"I know." Raditz grinned as they headed for the basement.


The two Saiyans fell through the basement door with loud curses, barely managing to catch themselves before slamming into the twisted metal.

"Little brother's been doing some remodeling." Turlis frowned at the ruined stairway.

"I'm not sure little brother's in his right mind at the moment," Raditz landed off to the side of the wreckage and looked pointedly toward the unlocked cell where he could see the human stirring.

Chichi woke up to loud curses and seeing the two Saiyans she quickly woke up, pulling the staff closer to her as she stared at the door, trying to will Kakarot through it. It didn't work. Instead both Saiyans turned toward her and she watched as their faces went from smirks to surprise. Suddenly she remembered why and cursed as her hand tightened on the staff, watching as they flew toward her.

"Female?" Raditz landed in the cell door and smirked.

Turlis shoved his brother out of the way and moved over to her, grabbing her arms, he jerked her to her feet, his eyes narrowing as he studied her. "So Kakarot's new toy is even more interesting then we thought."

"Let me go!" Chichi tried to break his hold on her, and failing, she tried to knee him. He blocked it, letting his hands tighten painfully until she cried out softly.

"I wouldn't hurt her too much if I were you." Raditz walked up to stand beside them. "Kakarot won't like it."

Turlis glared at him, but let her go and Chichi glanced at Raditz thankfully. "What happened to the stairs?" The older Saiyan asked as he looked her over with a slow grin.

"I locked him in the cell."

Raditz laughed and Turlis shook his head, his tail whipping.

"Than I guess we came to the right fighter." Raditz's eyes gleamed with amusement as he studied the small girl in front of him. "I hear you fight with a staff." Raditz nodded to the one in her hand. "And you have one... so are you up for a sparing session?" He locked eyes with her and leaned down slightly as though telling her a secret. "I should tell you that I've killed for a lot less than what you said to me the other day Sweetheart." He straightened and watched with an amused satisfaction as Chichi looked up at him nervously.

"I get to fight her first," Turlis's angry voice cut through the quiet after Raditz's statement. "I have a score to settle."

"I don't think so." Raditz faced his brother. "You've already had your chance."

Turlis's grin looked like a snarl. "Then let's settle this." He stalked out of the cell with Raditz following behind him.


Kakarot woke up to the sound of ki blasts somewhere close, and unsure what was going on for a moment he sat up in bed. 'Chichi!'

The basement door was open and he flew through it to see his brothers fighting in the training area, ignoring them, he looked for the human, quickly forgetting about Raditz and Turlis when he found her. She was standing in the door of the cell, two soft tendrils of hair framing her face, and all kinds of curves showing under the loose outfit she wore.

A flash of a movement caught her attention, and she turned from the fight to see Kakarot watching her, a surge of relief ran through her, but when she saw his eyes travel slowly over her, Chichi frowned, shifting uneasily.

"Uh...hi." Kakarot landed in front of her, frowning slightly as she edged away.

"So Kakarot, have you bedded her yet?" Turlis flew over to land beside them. Or maybe I already know the answer since she's not in a rejuvenation chamber," he sneered.

"Be very careful," Kakarot glared at his brother, his voice low. "And why don't you tell me why you're here so you can leave."

"We came to play with your little girl." Raditz smirked as he landed in front of Kakarot. "Turlis bet that she could... take me down."

"You can forget it. She's not fighting."

Turlis turned to Chichi. "I if she isn't a fighter any more then what are you going to use her for, and are you going to share?" He smirked as his eyes traveled over her suggestively.

"Go to hell!" Chichi's eyes narrowed but the words that she had intended to sound threatening had instead sounded uncertain.

"Turlis!" Kakarot gave a warning growl at Chichi's fear. "I've had all I'm going to take." He turned to see his brother motioning for him to make the first move and he did, suddenly flying into the air, he landed a solid hit that sent the slightly older Saiyan flying into the wall. Turlis got up fast, lunging at Kakarot as soon as he was on his feet.

"So do you think you can take me down?" Raditz turned from the fight and smiled slightly at Chichi as he moved a few steps away from the cell.

"Are you so sure I can't?" Chichi moved to face the huge Saiyan that was waiting for her.

He grinned before dropping down slightly. "Let's find out."

She lunged and Raditz easily avoided her staff. "Surely you can do better then that?" he taunted. She swung the staff again, this time aiming for his legs, but he flew a couple of feet into the air, avoiding the hit with a smirk.

"That's cheating!" Turlis howled angrily causing both Raditz and Chichi to look over and see Kakarot and Turlis watching them.

Turning back to her, Raditz landed and Chichi hesitated, a frown on her face as she looked at him thoughtfully. Suddenly she lunged again for his legs and again he flew a couple of feet off the ground. "That move won't work sweetheart. Isn't it time you tried something else?" He grinned and she smiled. Adjusting the staff in her hands carefully, she tried to bring it against his side and he blocked it with his arm. She suddenly shifted the staff to make a half hearted attempt to hit his legs and he flew into the air slightly, but expecting that, she made a quick counter move and landed a hard blow in his stomach, doubling him over before she landed a blow on the top of his head causing him to go down.

Turlis grinned wildly. "Well it looks like you're buying my beer tonight, and let me warn you brother, I feel thirsty."

Raditz climbed to his feet looking at Chichi, his eyes narrow. "Ok. One more time."

Kakarot instantly got between them. "Isn't one defeat enough?" He smirked at his much larger brother.

Raditz glanced at Kakarot and then back at Chichi thoughtfully. There was something in his brother's eyes that he didn't think the human would like, but in this case at least, he thought she would be reasonably safe. He even had his doubts that Kakarot knew what was going on. His eyes narrowed. "Alright little brother. We'll go, but I expect her to be ready to fight next time I see her." There was a hint of a threat in that last part and Kakarot's tail whipped as he watched his brothers leave.


He left his back to her for awhile. He'd enjoyed watching her take down Raditz and had watched with interest as his brother had playfully taunted and teased her. Now it was his turn and he slowly turned to face her.

Chichi took a step back as she saw the dark look in his eyes. It was the same look he had given her when he had pinned her on the first night, telling her he didn't like boys.

His eyes narrowed as she stepped away from him. "I really don't understand why you are so willing to fight with my brothers but are so afraid of me."

She knew the answer but was unwilling to voice it. Kakarot would protect her from his brothers but when it came to him, she was on her own. She remained silent and looked into his darkly glinting eyes.

He studied her when she didn't answer, soon she was going to be his, but first he wanted to get rid of her fear. He thought he knew a fun way to do that, and dropping into fighters stance, he waited for her to make the first move.


Chichi looked up at him angrily as he pinned her for about the tenth time in a row. She hadn't been able to land a hit on him and her eyes narrowed as he grinned playfully before rolling off and dropping back into stance.

Kakarot watched her climb to her feet with a smile. He'd cushioned her with every pin, making sure not to hurt her and making sure to stress the ease of putting her down.

She frowned. He was moving so fast she could hardly see him, and remembering that her sensei had taught her to feel what her opponent was doing, she closed her eyes and dropped into fighters stance, concentrating on Kakarot.

He waited for her to open her eyes and straightened when she didn't. "Have you decided to take it easy on me?" he asked with amusement, but when she didn't answer he grinned playfully as his foot slid behind him and he shot over to her.

Chichi hit him, made a quick move to get out of his reach and dropped down again, a small smile on her face.

Kakarot didn't try to stop her from moving away as he sat there stunned that she had managed to hit him. Curious to see if it had been an accident, he got to his feet and lunged for her. She put him down again.

This time when he got off the floor he grinned, a low growl coming from his throat, 'Oh you are so mine!' he thought as he faced her with delight. He flew well above her staff and tried to land behind her but she swung to face him, and he flew well out of reach of her staff before landing.

The fastest way to get her was with a ki blast, just enough to knock her down, but he rejected the idea with an uneasy feeling, remembering the dark bruises that would show on her arms whenever her sleeves would slide up. Well, he always enjoyed a challenge and suddenly he flew at her, changing directions at the last moment. The staff grazed him but he was able to catch her, and pulling the staff out of her hands, he threw it against the wall. Picking her up, he gently laid her down, straddling her before pinning her wrists to the floor.

"I don't think I should let you up so fast this time. It's getting too hard to catch you." He grinned slightly as her eyes narrowed.

She struggled but this time he didn't move, and knowing she was trapped, she tried to focus on the fact that he had never hurt her. Looking up at him now she saw the dark gleam in his eyes that both challenged and scared her. Well she couldn't deny she was attracted to him but she knew she would have to be careful. He was way too strong but, she stopped struggling, hoping she could trust him.

When he felt her go still he released her wrists and trailed his fingers across the bruise on her cheek before replacing his hand with a kiss, pulling back he gave her a dark smile. He knew something was wrong, he had known it consciously since he had considered using a ki blast to knock her off her feet. He didn't know why he wanted her so much all of a sudden but he knew he did. Kakarot hung his head for a moment, closing his eyes, as he fought to regain control, and totally lost the fight as he felt her hand brush against a lock of his hair and land lightly on his shoulder. His eyes opened and he growled, his tail curling behind him. Shifting slightly against her, he leaned down to nuzzle her neck as his hands slid into her hair.

Chichi felt fear well up inside of her as he pressed down harder, trapping her more firmly under him. He wasn't hurting her but he was scaring her. Trying to ignore the fear she let her hands run across his shoulders, hoping for some reassurances that he wouldn't hurt her. Instead, she felt a sharp pain in her neck as he bit her and she cried out in pain and shock, Turlis's snarled words coming back...'Kakarot's toy.' "W...What are you..." Suddenly his mouth covered hers and she began to struggle harder under him, raking her fingernails across his cheek when he continued to hold her down. She felt him freeze, and looking at him she felt fear hit her as she saw the bloody trails she had left on his cheek.

Kakarot pulled back slowly, his eyes flashing into hers and then narrowing as he saw her protectively cover her face with her arms. He rolled off suddenly, watching as she got to her feet and backed away. Running a hand over his cheek he stared at the blood on his fingers before standing. "What's wrong, Beautiful? I take it you didn't like me marking you?" His voice was low and mocking.

Chichi stopped backing away and her eyes narrowed. "Your mark? And how do you feel about mine?" she taunted before dropping slightly into stance, unsure what he would do.

"I guess we're even." He watched her carefully, knowing he was playing a dangerous game. If she would reject his bond, it would mean a lifetime of pain for him.... or just maybe for her... he quickly rejected the dark thought as he mentally shook himself. But then, he didn't intend for her to reject him.

Chichi looked at him uncertainly, Kakarot was not happy but he wasn't attacking her either and she slowly realized he wasn't going to. She straightened, feeling the blood trickle slowly down her neck and she wiped at it.

The Saiyan watched her wipe at the blood and was surprised at the amount there was of it. He hadn't realized he had hurt her that much and suddenly he felt a wave of fear go through him. Even with total control he would have to be careful, but when he was out of control it would be way too dangerous.

His thoughts turned to the woman he had put in the rejuvenation chamber and he remembered that it had been Raditz and Turlis that had gotten him drunk and sent him into her cell. There had been something about her too, and he had taken her ruthlessly, enjoying it as she fought.


Kakarot almost jumped at the softly spoken word, and looking down, he saw that Chichi was standing in front of him, watching him curiously, and he sighed as he studied her. She had a bloody stain on her shirt from where the blood had run down her neck, and he knew she had to be covered in bruises. "I'm so sorry." He pulled her to him gently. "I don't think being around Saiyans is all that good for your health, but even if I could, I wouldn't let you go."

Chichi let him hold her, now getting the reassurance she had needed earlier. 'Kakarot's toy.' Turlis's words came back to her, and she shifted uneasily. "I.....Turlis said..." she broke off miserably, afraid to ask the question.

His head jerked back in surprise as he remembered Turlis's words. How could she believe what he'd said? He hadn't even considered she would take him seriously. "Turlis doesn't know..." he broke off, not willing to explain the bond to her yet, he tried again, "I never want to hurt you and I'll kill anyone who tries." He laid his cheek against her hair and his arms tightened gently around her.

Chichi snuggled closer to his warm chest, realizing slowly that she wanted to make him hers. It would be dangerous but it was a challenge she knew she couldn't pass up. She took a breath and began to run her hands lightly over his chest before sliding them into his thick hair and trying to tug his head down as she pressed herself harder against him.

He suddenly jerked away from her and for every step she took toward him, he took one back. "No. I can't."

She frowned uncertainly and then grinned faintly as she looked into his wary eyes. "What's wrong? I won't hurt you."

He flew over her head as he listened to her taunts, quickly collapsing against the wall as he closed the basement door behind him. 'No.' he thought, 'but I can't guarantee the same thing.'

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