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NaCoBe's Dragonball Realm
Bonded Ch 4

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Kakarot slowly slid down the wall, sitting cross legged when he hit the floor. He couldn't believe how strong the urge had been to claim the human, and he wondered if it had something to do with the forming bond. It had gotten stronger now that he had stopped fighting it, and uneasily he realized that if it was the bond drawing him to her, it would probably get worse.

He lowered his head thoughtfully. He hadn't been aware of anything wrong until he'd fought her. His hand slid absently over his bloody cheek and when he pulled it away there was fresh blood on it. Had there been... something... about fighting her, about watching her fight Raditz, that had made the need to claim her stronger? He thought there had been, but he wondered if there was more to it than that.

Sighing he glanced at the clock. It was a lot later then he thought, and getting to his feet, he started making sandwiches. His thoughts went to Chichi again and he frowned as he remembered he'd picked up all of the things that could hurt her except the damaged stairway. Going back into the basement so soon wasn't something he wanted to do but he decided he might as well get it over with.


Chichi stared at the door with a puzzled frown before turning to get her staff. One minute he was practically attacking her and the next he wouldn't let her near him. So far he'd managed to be in control no matter what she'd tried, even when she'd locked him in the cell, it wouldn't have held him if he'd wanted out. Next time she wasn't going to make it so easy for him.

She wiped at the blood still slowly running from her neck and picking up her staff, she started to practice.


The door opened and Chichi watched as Kakarot landed in the center of the training area, setting the sandwich plate down.

He shot her an uneasy look before he turned to the stairs and began to ki blast the twisted metal into smaller pieces. Stopping when he was satisfied with the sections, he flew over to the cell, and leaned against the bars. "Would you mind spending the next twenty minutes or so in the cell? I'm going to leave the basement door open for awhile and I really wouldn't like it if you disappeared on me"

Chichi got to her feet. "No."

He slowly straightened and his eyes locked on to her. He hadn't intended to do anything more then clean up the stairway but he couldn't pass this up. He smiled and flew over to her. "Alright, give me the staff."

"No." She dropped into fighters stance.

His smile faded and he shook his head. "We've already done that today."

"You don't want to fight?" She taunted. "Maybe one of your brothers could get the staff for you."

He frowned when she threw his brothers at him... again, and spoke softly, "You're too rough on them. They can only take so much before they get...hard to control."

She smiled slightly. "That's up to you, but I'm not giving you the staff."

"Don't be so sure." And suddenly, moving faster then she could she could see, he was behind her, one arm wrapped tightly around her small waist and one hand held out, palm up. "Now, give me the staff."


He knew he could take it away from her but that wasn't what he wanted and he stared at her in frustration before leaning down to whisper in her ear. "If I have to take it away from you...I'm going to keep it, and I'm not asking again."

She cursed quietly, realizing once again he was in control, and slapped the staff lightly in his palm.

"Now, that wasn't so hard was it?" He released her and smirked into her narrowed eyes before opening the basement door and starting to clean up the ki blasted metal.


Chichi watched him take the last load of debris through the door and got to her feet when he flew back to land in front of her. "You probably want this back." He held the staff out to her, and unable to help himself, goaded her, "It's a shame you can't fight without it."

Her eyes narrowed and she dropped into stance, not bothering to reach for the staff. "Your move. I'm ready when you are."

Her response surprised him and he studied her, unsure if he was reading her right. He knew she'd wanted to go further with him today but how far? Finally he gave a faint smile. "Is that an invitation?"

She went still and looked into his dark eyes. "Find out," she quietly challenged the uneasy Saiyan, but when he didn't move, she slammed a palm into the side of his face, following it with a kick that knocked him down.

He let go of the staff and slowly shifted so he was sitting cross legged before looking up at her. "If I didn't know any better I'd almost get the idea that you thought you could handle me." The Saiyan met her eyes thoughtfully.

She dropped back into stance. "Try me."

That was pretty hard to misread and he was up instantly, looking down at her with amusement. "You can count on that," he smiled dangerously, "but you really don't need to go to a lot of trouble to get my attention... believe me, you've already got it." He studied her for a moment, watching as she shifted uneasily and his eyes darkened more as he smirked. "You really should try to be a little more careful Chichi, or you might get to be a little too tempting for your own good." He watched her for a moment longer before leaving the basement, and letting the door slam shut too hard behind him, he took off for the bar.


Chichi studied the door, it looked like there was a faint shadow under it and excitement ran through her when she decided it wasn't latched. She carefully pried it open with her staff and half expecting for Kakarot to show up, hesitated before moving to the far wall. It'd been awhile since she'd pole vaulted and she took a breath before she ran at the door, feeling the pole catch on the floor before flying her through the air.

She hit the upstairs floor hard when the pole came up against the door frame, and it jerked out of her hands, falling back into the basement. Chichi cursed at losing her staff, but looked around in triumph at getting out of the basement.


Kakarot quickly found his brother's table and slammed into a chair.

Turlis laughed at his brothers unusual behavior and eyed his bloody cheek with amusement. "So, Kakarot... did your little girl put you in your place?"

He studied the table with a frown. "Yeah, I guess she did."

Raditz's tail made a single swipe through the air before curling on the floor as he watched Kakarot with narrowed eyes. "Did you hurt her?"

"I marked her."

"You marked her?" Turlis howled angrily, glaring at Kakarot as his fist caught in his shirt. "You idiot. You're only suppose to mark a mate not a slave. Can't you tell the difference?"

"He's bonding with her," Raditz spoke softly and took a drink of beer, watching as his youngest brother broke Turlis's hold.

Kakarot's eyes had narrowed threateningly as he ignored Raditz's comment and leaned toward a startled Turlis, "I can tell the difference, now all we need to do is make sure you can. Basically I want you to stop trying to hit her with ki blasts and I would appreciate it if you would stop leering at her...she doesn't like it, and I think it scares her...I know it would me." Turlis sat back down with a snarl and Kakarot glared at him before taking a sip of his beer.

" realize her breeding time is close don't you?" Raditz fought to hold back a smile as Kakarot turned to him with irritation.

"What are you talking about?"

"They send out signals when it's their time, they get a little warmer, a little more inviting." Raditz shrugged. "Your human isn't as easy to pick up on as some of the other species are, but with a bond forming, it's got to be effecting you." "

Kakarot stared at his oldest brother. "You can't be serious." He fell silent, studying Raditz's smirk with a feeling of dread before suddenly shooting out a hand to knot into his brother's shirt and tugging him slightly forward. "If you're telling me I have to go through this every shouldn't look so happy about it."

"What's wrong baby brother? Is your Saiyan blood finally kicking in?" Turlis taunted and just managed to duck the ki blast Kakarot threw at him with his free hand.

Raditz grinned slightly. "Take it easy." He studied his younger brother for a moment. "You really are having a hard time, aren't you?" When Kakarot didn't let go, he laughed and broke his hold. "Maybe I should watch her for you for awhile."

"Yeah, that's sounds terrific." Kakarot sat back and glared.

"What's going on?"

They looked up to see Bardock standing over their table, watching them curiously.

"Kakarot's bonding to his human." Turlis stared angrily at his younger brother.

Bardock looked at his son in surprise. "The boy?"

"Girl," he answered quickly. "She wasn't in a hurry to let me know."

Bardock sat down and looked at him thoughtfully. "How scared is she?"

"Not as much as she should be." Kakarot frowned at the table.

"You have to be careful, just being near her won't be enough, not with a bond."

"I'm finding that out," Kakarot sighed before getting up to get another beer.


She went to an open window and smiled at the light breeze that brushed against her. There were other houses near Kakarot's but she couldn't see anyone around and she quickly found the door and headed outside.

It was dusk and the lights in the sky ranged from shades of pinks, oranges and yellows to dark blue and purple. She studied them for a moment and then with a grin, began to explore.

A shout followed by wild laughter made her freeze and looking up she saw a group of Saiyans fly over her head. She watched them disappear before starting to move again and stopped abruptly when there was a sudden movement off to her right. A girl moved quickly along the street and into a nearby house. The girl hadn't been a Saiyan and Chichi felt some anger that Kakarot had never offered to let her out of the basement. Glancing behind her, she tried to mark his house in her memory before starting to move again.

A hand clamped down on her shoulder, spinning her around to face an unhappy Saiyan. "Where's your registration?"


"All slaves allowed outside by themselves have to have a registration bracelet." He leaned closer. "You don't have one." He stared at her for a moment. "Who owns you?"

Chichi's temper flared. "Who owns you?"

He grabbed her arm painfully and she caught her breath. "You're out past curfew as well and that means either you escaped or your owner no longer wants you."

Fear started to build inside of her. "I'll go back if you let go of me." She tried to pull away and he tightened his grip.

"It doesn't work that way. You tell me who owns you and I'll take you back."

Chichi glared angrily at him. "Kakarot."

He sneered. "He doesn't own slaves."

"He doesn't own me either."

He stared at her for a moment before roughly pulling her back to Kakarot's house and opening the door, he hollered. When no one answered, he turned back to her. "Alright, it looks like you're going to be spending the night in the slave pens."


Loud laughter broke out at a nearby table and Raditz got up to find out what was going on. He wasn't gone long and when he came back he quickly finished off his beer without bothering to sit back down. "New slaves just came in. Let's go check it out."

"Sounds like fun." Turlis got up and glanced at Kakarot. "Are you coming?"

He toyed with his glass before picking it up and finishing it off. "I guess so."


Chichi looked around nervously. The place was crawling with Saiyans and they all seemed to be having a good time as they flew and lounged in the hallway. The Saiyan that had her was flying and she felt relieved when he turned out of the corridor to land in a small room.

"Do you have room for one more?" She heard her captor ask an older Saiyan sitting behind a messy desk.

The older Saiyan studied her and frowned. "You don't want her anymore?"

"She's not mine. I just found her out past curfew and she doesn't have any registration."

"Who does she belong too?"

"She says Kakarot, but he's not home to check with."

The old man studied her. "It's possible. I know he has a slave now, but I'm surprised he wouldn't take better care of her." He dug through the papers scattered on his desk. "Put her in block C."

Chichi panicked when the Saiyan that had brought her here started to move toward her. "Can't I please go back to Kakarot's?"

"No you can't." He reached for her and Chichi kicked him in the knee and then slammed into him, knocking him down.

"Please," she asked again in desperation.

There was a familiar laugh from behind her before arms wrapped around her, holding her still. "Here Rawly, let me help you." Chichi stiffened before looking over her shoulder to see Turlis watching her with amusement.

"Hold on to her for a minute would you?" Rawly walked over to them and glared at her before untying her belt and tying it painfully around her wrists.

"What's she doing here?" Turlis didn't release her.

"I just found her out wandering around. She says she's Kakarot's."

"She is, and I don't think he's going to be very happy to find out she's been running around loose." He looked down at Chichi with a grin before leaning over to speak softly in her ear. "I think you're in trouble, Sweetheart. Kakarot might not be acting like it around you, but he is a Saiyan and that bite mark on your neck means he considers you to be his." He straightened up suddenly. "Let's go find him."


Turlis grinned when he saw Kakarot. "Little brother! I've got something I think you'll like."

"I doubt it." Kakarot smirked before turning to face him, and when he did, he froze before instantly landing in front of her. "What are you doing here?" There was an angry edge in his voice.

She shifted uneasily and then gave him a weak smile. "You left the door open and I was bored?"

Turlis watched his brother closely. "Rawly brought her in. She was wondering around outside after curfew."

Kakarot felt a surge of anger. "You ended up in the slave pens because you were bored?"

"If she was mine the only thing she would have to worry about would be getting sleep." Turlis smirked.

Kakarot suddenly pushed her into the wall and leaned down over her ear. "Is he right?" He breathed angrily. "Am I neglecting you?"

Chichi watched him carefully. "N...No. I just thought it would be fun."

"This is priceless." Turlis laughed. "I can give you fun Sweetheart."

Kakarot looked down at her and smiled dangerously before picking her up, one hand under her knees and the other behind her back. "So can I."


When he got her home, Kakarot set Chichi down in his living room and looked at her with some anger. He didn't know much about women, other than they had hellish tempers and used them over ridiculous things, and a mate was one problem he had never wanted. This one had slipped past him though and he thoughtfully looked down at his own little problem.

His eyes were dark and his body was tense and Chichi studied him uncertainly. "Thank you for getting me out of the slave pens."

That didn't improve his temper any, and his eyes narrowed before leaning down over her. "You never should have been there in the first place. Do you have any idea what could have happened to you tonight? Abandoned slaves are not treated well Chichi. Besides that, you belong to me and I'm not going to lose you because you're bored."

She took a step back staring at him before allowing her temper to match his. "You're half right. I shouldn't have ended up in the slave pens. I shouldn't be on this planet at all." Angry brown eyes met an identical set as she paused to glare at him. "And yes, I was bored but you don't own me. You don't have any right to keep me here." She was breathing hard when she turned her back to him. "Untie me."

He glared at her back for a moment before taking a deep breath and forcing back the worst of his anger. He lightly ran his hands down her arms before letting a finger catch casually in the belt they'd used to tie her with. "No." His hands slid from her tie to snake around her stomach. "I think it's time I showed you that you really do belong to me." She tried to jerk away and he held her tighter, holding her until she went still and when she did, he picked her up and took her to his bed, dropping her onto the soft cushions and covers. She was still struggling to free her wrists and he watched her with a frown. "Calm down. I don't want to hurt you."

She continued to struggle and his eyes narrowed before turning his back to her and quickly undressing. Large fear filled eyes met his when he turned back around and he quickly sank to his knees on the floor before pulling her to him as he bent his head over hers, murmuring soft reassurances. After a few minutes she stilled and he began to trail soft kisses across her face, his hands lightly running threw her hair and over her sides.

He couldn't get her shirt off, not with her hands tied behind her back and he didn't want to untie them. Hoping he wouldn't scare her too much, he covered her mouth with his own, and catching her shirt in his hands, he tore it down the front. He heard her muffled cries and felt her twist under his hands before pulling his head away from hers, and catching his fingers in her bra, he quickly ripped it in two before cradling her again. The bond was like a live wire between them and he could feel her fear through it, but he wasn't stopping this time and he gently ran his hands over her, hoping to find out what she wanted.

Chichi struggled to free her hands. This was going to be scary enough even if she wasn't tied. "Untie me," she pleaded.

He looked at her uncertainly before leaning down to rest his cheek against her hair. "I don't want you to fight me."

Chichi went still. "Please."

He hesitated. "If you'll let me finish undressing you, I'll free your hands." He met her startled eyes and forced a grin.

Chichi nodded slowly and he shifted to the other end of the bed, removing her boots before slowly starting to tug her pants down, grinning when he had to tug a little harder to pull them over the widest spot on her hips. He easily tore off her underwear and his breathing increased as he looked down at her. Fear slammed into him and he quickly met her eyes. "Promise me you won't fight?"

She cast him a worried look at his question and felt him pull her to him gently. "Baby... it'll make it worse if you fight and I don't want to hurt you."

She closed her eyes. "I promise."

Reaching behind her, he quickly tore the belt in two and then with a swift movement, he slid onto the bed and felt her tense. "Relax. I'm not going to hurt you." He forced a smile hoping desperately that it was true. Wrapping her in his arms, he started to explore her body and was surprised when he felt her hands tangle in his hair and her breathing increase. He grinned and pulled back enough to shoot her a mischievous glance before shifting to slide a hand between her thighs and pulled back from her in surprise when she jerked against him and cried out. Going still, he studied her and then grinned wickedly, sliding his wet hand back between her legs. She cried out again and twisted under him causing him to growl before covering her mouth with a kiss.

Chichi's hands trailed over his back and down to his tail?? It was soft and ticklish and she brushed her hands against it lightly. Now Kakarot cried out and he broke away from her panting, before parting her legs with his knees, and fighting for control, he started to push in. Chichi sobbed and Kakarot cursed and froze.

She looked up at him as he panted over her and brushed a hand across his bangs. "It's ok. It's just my first time."

He hesitated and then watched her closely as he pushed all the way in and when she whimpered softly he snarled, reaching down to brush a tear off her cheek before pulling out. "Chichi?"

She met his dark eyes and saw traces of concern and fear. "I'm ok."

Fighting for control, he slid back in and when she cried out his eyes narrowed and glinted dangerously, but this time she hadn't cried out in pain and when her emotions slammed into him from the bond, he gave a relieved smile, kissing her before continuing. Chichi's breathing had increased and Kakarot tried to pay close attention to any emotions that came through the bond, and when she cried out and a wave of pleasure hit him, he clenched his teeth and came. Pulling her to him when he fell beside her.

Chichi pressed against him. He was her's now and with a grin she nuzzled his neck, found a spot and bit him hard, listening as he caught his breath, she felt him jerk slightly under her teeth. She released him and felt his hand run gently over her back and pulling up she smirked into his smile before falling beside him.

Kakarot cradled her. The bond was complete. He hadn't wanted a mate but now that he had one nothing would ever take her away.

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