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NaCoBe's Dragonball Realm
Bonded Ch 5

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Caspia looked at Bardock with a small smile as he told her about their son's forming bond.

"I could have wished Kakarot would have told me about it before now but perhaps I can see why he has not."

"He may not realize your right to challenge his mate." Bardock watched her warily.

"Never the less I shall," Caspia turned from him "and there is no time like the present."

Bardock watched his mate fly toward his son's house and followed her with a sigh.


There was a knock at the door and Kakarot frowned as he pulled on clothes to answer it.

"Mother," he looked at her with surprise and a feeling of dread as he moved out of the way to let her in. Bardock landed in the yard behind her and gave his son a warning look before following his mate inside.

Caspia studied her nervous son. "I can feel the bond is complete." She eyed the fresh bite mark on his neck, her eyes narrowing. "So tell me Kakarot, where is this mate of yours?"

"Mom, I know you have the right to challenge but please don't. She's too weak."

Caspia shook her head. "I will not be told what to do by my sons, bring her here."

Kakarot turned to Bardock. "Dad?" he asked helplessly.

Bardock shook his head. "Your mother's within her rights."

Chichi had quickly gotten dressed when Kakarot had gotten out of bed, pulling on one of his shirts to replace her ripped one before moving into the hall to listen to the conversation. Hearing Caspia's wish to meet her, she took a deep breath and entered the room where the woman was sitting. "I think you mean me," she said softly. Instantly feeling three pairs of eyes on her, but she only met Caspia's.

The older woman studied Chichi approvingly. "You've marked my son well."

"I felt that under the circumstances it would be best."

Caspia smiled faintly. "Bardock tells me you are a fighter?"


"Do you feel up to a match or perhaps you have been through enough for one day?"

"Mother," Kakarot warned.

"I'm up for it." Chichi sensed the other woman's challenge.

"Come than." Caspia nodded to her and made her way to the training area.

To Chichi's surprise, it was Bardock that took her in his arms and flew her down into the basement.

Kakarot followed, landing silently between his mother and mate.

Caspia picked up the staff at her feet and swung easily in a series of practice swings before ordering Bardock to get the identical one hanging on the wall upstairs. She spun around to face Chichi only to find Kakarot standing in front of his new mate with a glower.

She ignored him. "You know how to staff fight?"


Caspia nodded. "I thought as much. Like the majority of the Saiyan race, my sons only believe in brute strength instead of the finer art of the fight."

Bardock handed Chichi the staff with an encouraging smile before moving out of the way. The only obstacle left was her son and Caspia looked at him warningly. "Move Kakarot. You've claimed her for a mate, now it's my turn to decide if she will be my daughter."

"No." he shook his head and clenched his fists. He didn't have a chance to say more before Bardock slammed into him, throwing him into the wall before kicking him in the side.

With their mates out of the way the two women ignored them, squaring off as they focused on the other. Caspia made the first move and she swung her staff over Chichi's head, aiming for her shoulder. Chichi blocked it feeling the heavy jolt as the two staffs connected. The fight had started and Kakarot climbed to his feet with a frown, his eyes never leaving the women in front of him.

The staff fight went on for several minutes, so far none of the attacks had made contact but Chichi was beginning to feel the heavy jolts taking their toll. She threw her staff in another attack to Caspia's side and just after the staffs hit, she landed a solid kick to her stomach. It staggered Caspia slightly backwards and Chichi followed through with another hit that knocked her legs out from under her. Caspia went down but she swung her staff in a solid hit to Chichi's legs and the human went down as well.

They quickly got up and squared off again. The difference being that this time when Caspia attacked, she used more force than she had before and after several minutes, when her staff finally made contact, Chichi went down hard. Caspia glanced at her worried son before nodding to her smiling mate. Turning back to Chichi she saw that the human had gotten back on her feet and was facing her, ready to continue the fight.

"It's enough." Caspia looked at Chichi with approval. "I claim you for a daughter and as such I have a gift for you. Come here my child."

Kakarot watched with relief as Chichi moved to stand by his mother and then suddenly they both disappeared. "What?" He looked around the room but didn't see either one of them.

Bardock smirked at his son. "Your mate was able to put Caspia chose well."

"Dad." Kakarot was near panic as he stared with disbelief at the older Saiyan. "They just disappeared. Where are they?"

"Who knows. Your mother gets like this sometimes."

"But you can't just vanish like that it's not possible."

"Unless I'm mistaken, your mother's about to solve a lot of your problems for you." Bardock slapped Kakarot across the shoulders. "Let's see if your brothers are at the bar. I'm sure that's where the women will go eventually."

"Chichi can't go to the bar!" Kakarot exploded. "It wouldn't be safe!"

Bardock laughed enjoying his youngest sons discomfort. "Do you really believe Caspia is going to allow that girl to sneak around this planet like a slave after she's claimed her for a daughter? Not likely," he answered his own question and grabbing Kakarot's arm he pulled him toward the door.


Chichi stared around her in surprise as she suddenly found herself in a different room. It was painted in black with two narrow windows along one wall. There wasn't any furniture and only large pillows arranged in a circle at the center of the room. She looked at her new mother questioningly.

Caspia smiled and moving over to the pillows, she sat down, waiting as Chichi sat across from her before she began.

"I wasn't born a Saiyan, but to royalty on the planet we are on now, Verdat." Caspia paused frowning as the memories came back to her. "Saiyans are a cruel race showing little or no mercy for those that are weaker, and when they decided to claim this planet, they went after the royalty first. My mother and father were killed and I was taken to the Saiyan's home world but like you I was claimed before going to the slave pens." She paused again.

"Bardock and I slowly fell in love although both of us fought against it." She smiled slightly as she remembered before continuing. "I told him of my right to three wishes as the daughter of Sharant and begged him to take me home to claim them."

She studied Chichi. "I've used two of my three wishes. My first was to make my home world safe from all the races who would harm it or its people and my second was to make myself a Saiyan befitting of my royal class."

Chichi looked startled at that.

"You do understand, don't you?" Caspia asked softly. "I loved Bardock and wanted to meet him on equal footing with the same strength and love of fighting that all Saiyans share. I wanted him to know I could hold my own against his people." She turned her attention back to the point of her story.

"Now it is time for my third wish." She passed her hand over the floor in the center of the pillows and a section slid back to show a large ruby red gem stone. Chichi caught her breath as she watched the light seem to move in it from the inside as it sparkled and glimmered.

Caspia smiled. "It is beautiful isn't it?"

"Very much so." Chichi agreed unable to take her eyes from the glittering gem.

Caspia watched her with a faint smile before turning her attention to the gem as well and beginning to speak in a ritual tone, "As the daughter of Sharant I am here for my third wish."

Once again Chichi caught her breath as she saw the light display in the stone change into a pattern as if the stone was gathering energy. Caspia smiled. "I wish for you to accept this girl as my daughter in all ways, as if she were of my blood."

The light in the stone exploded brilliantly and then dispersed.

"Now my daughter, you have three wishes, do with them as you please."

Chichi stared at the older woman in shock. "Thank you," she breathed as she leaned forward to hug Caspia.


Kakarot sat uneasily at a table with his father and brothers as he sipped on a beer and constantly scanned the crowd. The bar was filling up rapidly.

"We'd better claim two more chairs or the women won't be happy with us." Bardock frowned as he got up to grab a couple chairs from other tables.

"Mother's actually bringing Chichi here?" Raditz looked at Kakarot curiously.

"I hope not," Kakarot murmured.

"I've never saw anyone go up against mother," Turlis broke in. "It should get interesting if anyone tries to give her trouble."


Caspia looked with pride at the girl standing in front of her.

Chichi's first wish had been to protect her planet and her second wish of becoming a Saiyan of royal class had just been granted with the girl's ki skyrocketing through the roof, her hair turning gold and her eyes turquoise.

"What?" Chichi stared down at herself only to look at Caspia to see a gold haired, turquoise eyed woman laughing at her.

"It's a Saiyan strength above what is normally seen." Caspia watched as Chichi's feet started to float off the ground. "Right now there's not a single Saiyan that has the strength to hurt you."


A flurry of movement, barely caught out of the corner of their eyes.

"Caspia!" Bardock looked up to see her standing beside his chair.

"CHICHI!!" Kakarot stared. Her hair had thickened and now hung loosely down her back in thick wild curls, Her muscles were slightly more pronounced and her figure was shown off to its best advantage in the tight shorts and top she wore.

"Well, well, well...and just where did you come from?" Brel wrapped an arm around Chichi's waist.

Kakarot jumped up with a growl. "Back off...she's my mate."

Brel sneered. "I thought you were bonding with some little boy."

"I wouldn't call her a boy," Kakarot growled."Now let her go."

Suddenly Chichi stepped between them, a ki ball glowing in her hand as she faced Brel. "I'm not interested, now back off before you make me hurt you." She smiled pleasantly into Brel's very interested eyes.

Kakarot was still trying to get past seeing a ki ball in Chichi's hand and as he felt her power levels rise he shot a questioning glance at his mother.

Caspia caught her son's look and gave him a mischievous smirk as she motioned for him to look back at his mate. He did and saw Brell nervously backing away from her as her power levels exceeded the first class sayian's.

"What's going on here?" Turlis asked in a loud voice sounding bewildered.

"We are celebrating!!" Caspia answered as she slammed her fist into the table causing her two seated sons to jump and her mate to smirk. "I finally have my first daughter!" Her eyes narrowed at her two seated sons. "And I'm looking forward to having two more." Raditz hurriedly finished off his beer and Turlis slumped in his seat and scowled.

Chichi smiled as she moved to stand in front of Kakarot and felt his arms wrap around her. "Chichi?" he questioned uncertainly.

She laughed quietly before kissing him. "Yeah. Any complaints?"

"Only that we're here instead of in bed," he whispered before his tail slid between her ankles only to feel Chichi's tail brush against his.

The End!


P.S. Ok, just to tie this up Chichi didn't use her third wish! ;)

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