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Someone to Hold
Chapter 1

Feelings Withheld


Sometimes I stare at my bed

Knowing that no ones there

Something is telling me

That you fell the way I do


ChiChi walked through the forest picking berries for the dessert she had planned on making. It was a beautiful day and she was feeling better today than she had in a long time. She came to a fork in the trail that she always walked, and turned left. She looked at the forest animals gathering food and she smiled. She found the berry patch that she was looking for and began picking berries and placing them in the baskets she brought with her. She blinked her eyes furiously, fighting back the memories that were trying to invade her mind. She and Goku used to do this together. She, alone, could never pick enough berries to make dessert and have some for Goku to eat on the way back to the house. She stopped picking, the memories were too strong in her mind to fight off. She sat on the ground and began to cry.

"Goku why did you have to go," she moaned softly as she rubbed the large mound of her stomach. ChiChi was eight months pregnant with she and Goku's second child. It had become a difficult pregnancy, mainly because of her depression. She forced herself to get over her mourning mainly for Gohan's and her unborn child's sake, but she still felt dead inside. Her father and friends stopped by on a regular basis to check on her, even Vegeta and Piccolo stopped by once a week. Both fighters usually had an excuse like they wanted to make sure Gohan is still training.

"ChiChi are you out here?" ChiChi turned towards the sound of the voice. Shortly after she saw Yamucha searching profusely for her.

"I'm over here Yamucha," ChiChi said as she wiped the tears from her eyes. Yamucha followed the sound of her soft voice and came to sit next to her. He placed his hand on ChiChi's shoulder and looked into the widow's brown eyes.

"Are you okay? You're not hurt are you." Yamucha glanced over ChiChi's body checking for blood. ChiChi smiled at her friend and said,

"I'm fine. I just came out here to pick some berries for dessert tonight." Yamucha looked at the baskets of berries ChiChi picked. He knew she picked too many berries for a dessert for her, Gohan, and the Ox-King but didnt want to tell her. It would only open up the infected wound in her soul. He smiled at her and said in a soft tone,

"I think you have enough berries for a dessert. Let me get you back home. You shouldn't been out here by yourself anyway." ChiChi looked at Yamucha then looked away. She didn't feel like arguing with him about how to care for herself. Yamucha stood up and helped ChiChi up, then grabbed the three baskets full of berries.

The two friends walked back to the Son house in silence. ChiChi was used to Yamucha's presence around the house, he came by almost everyday to help her out around the house. Yamucha had started back playing baseball and came by after every practice and home game. When he had away games he would call to make sure ChiChi was eating and sleeping, and that Gohan had done his homework and his chores. When he was around, he would help ChiChi out by doing laundry and doing the cleaning he felt was too strenuous for her to do in her condition. He also helped Gohan fish and gather firewood. Yamucha had, in a sense, become a stand-in for Goku.

When ChiChi and Yamucha were in the house he set the berries on the kitchen table. He looked at ChiChi and realized that the woman has dark circles around her eyes.

"ChiChi, how much sleep have you had? You look tired." ChiChi walked past Yamucha, she was grateful for the man's help but she couldn't stand him being so overly nurturing.

"I had enough, besides, I need to cook dinner. Daddy will be over soon and Gohan will be home soon from sparring with Piccolo." ChiChi then began to gather vegetables from the refrigerator. Yamucha grabbed her hand and said,

"I'll take care of dinner. I want you to go and take a nice bath and get some rest." ChiChi looked at Yamucha, smiled and said,

"Yamucha you can't cook worth anything, I've tasted your cooking." Yamucha smiled back at ChiChi and said,

"I know but I'm one mean orderer. I'm going to get take-out for you, your dad, and Gohan. I know this great American restaurant, you guys would like it. Right now I'm going to prepare a bath for you." Yamucha nudged ChiChi out of the kitchen and up the stairs to her room, he then went to newly added master bathroom Bulma had built onto the house.

He ran warm water into the huge tub then added powdered milk to the bathwater. He looked at the window and saw a bundle of flowers in a vase on the sill. He took three of the flowers and pulled the petals off of their stems and placed the them in the water. ChiChi then entered the washroom in a thick white bathrobe. Yamucha smiled and the excepting woman and said to her,

"It's all yours madam," and bowed towards the woman. ChiChi smiled and pushed Yamucha out of the bathroom. Yamucha closed the door and leaned against it for a moment.

*Yamucha, you gotta stop feeling this way for her. She still loves Goku. You're just here to help her through her pregnancy.*

Yamucha headed downstairs to call the restaurant to place a dinner order large enough for Gohan to full and not eat ChiChi's and the Ox Kings portion. He also placed a separate order for himself to take home with him. To occupy his time, Yamucha went outside to chop more firewood.


Gohan arrived home and headed directly for the kitchen expecting to see his mother fusing over the stove. His face dropped when he saw she wasn't I the kitchen and that she hadn't started dinner. He noticed the baskets of berries sitting on the table and he thought to himself.

*She's depressed again. If I had killed Cell, daddy would be here and she would be happy.*

The young boy headed up stairs towards his parents room. He knocked on the door and waited for a reply from his mother. When he didn't receive one his slowly opened the door. He saw ChiChi asleep in her bathrobe, her hair still wet from her bath. Gohan sighed and went to place a blanket over his mother. Gohan then heard the sound of chopping outside. He went to the window and saw Yamucha chopping wood. Gohan smiled and tiptoed out the room. Once he was out of the room he ran downstairs and out the backdoor.

Yamucha saw Gohan look out of ChiChi's window and heard him come out the backdoor. He stopped chopping wood and turned to acknowledge the boy.

"What's up Gohan! You have fun with Piccolo?" Gohan stopped about ten feet in front of Yamucha and shook his head. He enjoyed Yamucha's company and he knew his mother seemed somewhat happy when the man came around. For those that reason alone, he welcomed Yamucha in his familys home with open arms. Gohan looked at Yamucha and asked him,

"Is mom okay? I found her asleep in her bathrobe and her hair wet. She didn't even fix dinner." Yamucha smiled at his friends oldest child and said,

"Yeah, she's fine. She went walking in the forest and most likely tired herself out. Don't worry about dinner, I got that covered." Gohan looked at Yamucha warily and hoped the man meant he was taking them out.

"You're not cooking are you? I tasted your cooking." Yamucha frowned and replied,

"No! I'm not cooking. I ordered take out. As a matter of fact, I need to pick it up. I'll be back in a little while." With that Yamucha took off towards West City.


When Yamucha returned, he found Gohan studying and the Ox-King watching TV. He announced he was back with dinner and both males were at the table in a heartbeat. He set bags of food on the table and let them serve themselves. Gohan took a bite of the food and asked,

"Yamucha what is this? It's great!" The Ox-King nodded in agreement. Yamucha smiled and said,

"They're called chili-cheese hotdogs." The man watched his two friends faces drop. He laughed at the fact he knew what they were thinking.

"They're not made out of dogs. It's made from beef. Some weird American gave it that name and it stuck." Both Gohan and the Ox-King sighed out of relieve and continued to eat. Yamucha turned to leave the kitchen and saw ChiChi enter the kitchen. She looked totally refreshed and even had a little color in her cheeks. She didn't have her hair in her usual tight bun. She wore loose with it cascading around her slim shoulders and down her back. She wore a lilac dress that made her seem as if she was glowing. Yamucha looked at her awestricken.

*She looks like a fairy tale princess. She is so beautiful. Stop Yamucha! Thats Goku's wife!*

ChiChi took notice to Yamucha's face and blushed slightly. She's noticed him watching her around the house a couple of times before but never said a thing. It made her feel good that she still had enough beauty to catch a man's attention, even in her third trimester of pregnancy. She walked past Yamucha and kissed her father and son on the cheek before joining them for dinner. She watched her son devour the chili cheese hotdogs and came to the conclusion they must be good. She took a bit of the popular American food and spit it back out.

"Yamucha was is this gunk! I can't eat this!" Yamucha was prepared for ChiChi's response. He'd grown accustomed to her fickle taste buds throughout the pregnancy. He came behind her chair and placed a chef salad in front of her and said,

" I knew you would say that so I got this for you. It's more to your liking." ChiChi turned and smiled at the man behind her. Yamucha was trying his best to ignore the sweet smell of ChiChi's skin. He slowly straightened up and stood behind her for a moment longer. ChiChi tasted the salad and smiled loving its taste. Yamucha smiled, happy that he made a wise choice of food for her.

He started towards the back door, leaving for the night, then Gohan said,

"Yamucha, you don't have a game or practice tomorrow, so why don't you stay here." Both ChiChi and Yamucha looked at Gohan with surprise on their face. The Ox-King looked at his daughter and his daughters friend curious to what their expressions meant. Gohan didn't notice the look and continued,

"You can sleep on the couch. That way you don't have to do the traveling back and forth. You have one of your training gi here so you have a change of clothes. Come it'll be fun, like a sleepover." Gohan looked at his mother hoping she wouldn't refuse. He had made the suggestion for her sake.

*If she has someone to talk until she falls asleep she wont be able to cry herself to sleep. Then she could have at least one peaceful night's sleep. *

Yamucha looked at Gohan and ChiChi. He didnt notice the Ox-King looking at him. He saw that Gohan was looking at awaiting an answer. He took in a deep breath and said,

"That's fine with me if ChiChi is okay with it." Gohan looked at his mother with pleading eyes.

"Mom? Is it okay?" ChiChi turned to look at Yamucha and back to her son.

*Oh, boy, can I handle Yamucha sleeping in my house? I mean I can deal him being around it the daytime but at night? Look at Gohan, he really wants this. I guess I can handle it.*

"It's fine with me, but Gohan remember you have to studying to do tomorrow." ChiChi looked at her son with a stern look, glanced at Yamucha, then went back to eating her salad. Yamucha came to sit at the table in his usual spot, opposite ChiChi, where Goku used to sit and began to eat his dinner.

Later that night Yamucha was in the living room watching TV when Gohan came to sit next him. Yamucha acknowledged the boy and went back to watching TV. He noticed that Gohan was still looking at him and decided that the child wanted to talk. Yamucha turned off the TV and looked at Gohan,

"What's up kiddo."

"Nothing" Yamucha gave Gohan a strange look knowing the boy was lying. He also knew that Gohan was just shy of being a genius and could easily fool an adult.

"You sure, because I see a little worry in your eyes." Gohan knew then his mind game wouldn't work on Yamucha this time.

"Well Yamucha, I noticed my mom is happier when you come around. I'm just curious why. I mean I've been good by studying and doing my chores but she still cries. Even when grandpa comes around she cries, but with you it's different. She laughs and jokes when you're around. Even when she's still sad, she won't cry when you're around. What do you do to her?" Gohan looked at Yamucha with a hint of desperation in his eye. Yamucha knew Gohan still held a lot of guilt about Goku's death although everyone, including Vegeta, told him it wasn't his fault. Everyone decided it was something Gohan would have to realize himself.

"Well Gohan, I've known your mom and dad for a long time and sometimes when people have someone to reflect on the past with they tend to feel a little better. Don't think that ChiChi doesn't realize that you're helping help more and that you're still going through a hard time because she does. She's very proud of you and loves you very much. Heck, I'm proud of you too. You're growing up too become a very intelligent and well rounded young man. And Gohan, just to let you know I'm here to help you with whatever you need." Yamucha tousled the pre-teens hair and smiled at him. Gohan in turn jumped into Yamucha's arms and gave him a big hug.

Neither of them knew ChiChi was sitting on top of the stairs listening to the entire conversation. She sighed and looked at a picture of Goku hanging on the wall by the stairs. She thought to herself,

*Goku, Yamucha's being so nice and caring to us. If it wasn't for him, I don't know if I could make through most days. I tried using Gohan as my support source but I feel wrong doing that. He's still a little boy even though he's the strongest in the universe. I should be his support. But he reminds me of you so much that sometimes its unbearable at times. Would you hate me if I let Yamucha in my heart? Please give me some sign that youd understand. *

ChiChi heard Yamucha and Gohan downstairs laughing and felt it was an appropriate time to go down stairs. The expectant woman waddled down the stairs. When Yamucha saw her he rushed over to help her the rest of the way. She quietly thanked him and sat in the nearest chair.

"Gohan, go wash up for bed," she managed to get out between breaths. Gohan quickly obliged and ran upstairs to the bathroom. Yamucha sat on the couch looking at ChiChi. She looked at him and said,

"You're going to have to help me get back into shape after I have this kid." Yamucha laughed and said,

"No problem boss lady. I'm at your service." ChiChi smirked at the man and added,

"Well since you're at my service, get me a glass of water." Yamucha got up and said in a military style voice,

"Yes Ma'am!," and left the headed towards the kitchen.

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Someone to Hold

Chapter 2