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Someone to Hold
Chapter 3

Finding Acceptance

Gohan flew as fast as he could. He was so angry and upset that he hadn't realized he turned Super Saiyajin. He flew until he reached the area where the Cell Games occurred. He looked at the deep cater he caused when destroying Cell and walked over to it. Tears came to the young Saiyajins eyes.

"DAD THIS ISN'T FAIR!!! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LEAVE US!!! Mom's going to forget about you." Gohan fell to his knees and sobbed loudly, his body wracking violently.

The young child powered up to a tremendous level subconsciously sending a sense of alarm throughout the Z fighters, Yamucha included. Gohan's mentor and best friend, Piccolo was the first to arrive. The Namekian warrior looked around to see if the child was attempting to battle an enemy. When he saw Gohan on his knees and heard him sobbing loudly, he had his assumptions about why the child was here. Piccolo walked over to the child and placed his hand on Gohan's shoulder.

"What's wrong, kid?" Gohan turned and saw Piccolo and stood up and hugged his mentor tightly.

"It's all my fault. I let daddy die and now mom's going to forget him, and Yamucha trying to take his place." Piccolo looked behind him at the group behind him, hoping they can help him with this. He'd never dealt with any type of family counseling before. He motioned them to come closer with a nod. Krillin and Tien quickly moved in, while Vegeta and Yamucha slowly followed them. Vegeta glanced over at Yamucha, he heard Gohan and was curious to what the boy meant. While walking towards Gohan, Vegeta said to Yamucha,

"You weren't man enough to keep Bulma, so you decided to move to her best friend who's husband died not even a year ago? That's typical for you." Yamucha threw Vegeta an icy glare and said to the Saiyajin,

"Fuck off Vegeta, you don't know the situation. The only thing you're going to do is make Gohan more upset so leave." Yamucha stopped walking and looked at Vegeta, challenging him. It didn't matter the Saiyajin could kill him easily, it was a matter of pride. Vegeta looked at Yamucha and smirked.

"Do you really want to make a fool out of yourself human? Especially in front of all your friends?" Yamucha crouched into a fighting stance. Vegeta laughed and walked away, "You not worth the time idiot.," then walked away. Yamucha let out an unbeknown held breath and went to join the crowd around Gohan.

Before Yamucha could join the crowd, Krillin stood in front of him with a disapproving look on his face.

"Yamucha, how could you!? Goku is one of our best friends! To move in on his wife during her time of mourning? That's sick! You're just playing on her emotions! She's lonely and you know she won't deny you, especially with the baby coming along!" Yamucha attempted to explain but Krillin disregarded him and went back to Gohan's aide. Tien looked at his close friend and shook his head. He too, didn't approve of Yamucha having a relationship with ChiChi but he kept in mind that ChiChi is an adult and Yamucha couldn't have forced her into a relationship with him. Yamucha noticed Tien's expression and said to the royal guardian,

" Just say what you're feeling. Krillin and Vegeta have, so you should too." Tien turned his back on Yamucha and said,

"I'm not one to judge. Launch is the best thing in my life and everyone was against us being together. But I do want to know, are your intentions with ChiChi valiant? Shes been through too much in the past five years, Yamucha. If you're going to play one of those games you played with Bulma, leave her alone. She might not bounce back from any damage you cause her."

Yamucha walked around to face Tien and said, "Tien look at me. Have I lost so much honor that you can't face me when you talk to me? I would never harm ChiChi, Gohan, or Goku's baby. I care deeply for all three. I want Gohan to understand that. I'm not going behind Goku's back trying to scoop up his family and make it mine. I would never do that. He his one of my best friends and I couldn't dishonor him like that." Yamucha noticed that Gohan was listening in on the conversation, so he turned to him and knelt down to look in the youngster's eyes.

"Gohan I would never try to make you, your mother, or even the baby forget about your dad. He is one of my best friends. Your mother and I are talking about spending more time together as two individual adults, not as two old friends." Gohan looked at the men before him.

*How can he say he's my daddy's friend but wants to be my mom's boyfriend? Im confused. What if he's lying?*

Gohan didn't say anything in response, he just looked at Yamucha with a blank face. Yamucha wanted to reach out a touch Gohan but didnt know what the boy was thinking. His face didn't show any emotion.

"Gohan, I give you my promise that I would never hurt your family. I just want to make your mom happy and hopefully, you too. I may not be as strong as you but I will die trying to protect you. I know this will take you some time to get used to but give me a try, okay?" Gohan still had the same look on his face but he did respond to Yamucha.

"Are you going to marry my mother? If so will I have to call you dad?" Yamucha smiled relieved the boy asked a question the average kid in his position would ask.

"No, me and your mom are not talking marriage at this time. We might not ever talk about it. But if, by some reason, we do get married, you can call me whatever you feel comfortable with." Vegeta injected then and said,

"Weak, stupid, shithead." Yamucha turned to look at Vegeta. Vegeta smirked and said, "You said called you whatever we are comfortable with."

"Not you asshole!!! I was talking to Gohan!" Gohan laughed at the comical scene that just occurred. Yamucha turned back to Gohan and said,

"So kiddo, were still friends?" Gohan looked at Yamucha and said in response,

"I guess, but if my mom cries because of you. I will hurt you badly." Gohans face showed he was serious about the last part.

Vegeta smiled that the boy was showing pride and honor for his family, like a Saiyajin should.

*Gohan is growing to be more Saiyajin than his idiot father. He's lucky to have me, the Prince of all Saiyajins, to teach him about his culture. And whatever this fool messes up on, I'll correct.*

Yamucha smiled at the growing boy before him and nodded his head in respect. He then looked at Piccolo, who was totally indifferent about the entire situation. Yamucha nodded at the young boy's sensei and stood up. The man looked at his long time friend Krillin hoping the man would understand the situation. Krillin turned his head away in disgust. He wasn't about to accept this so easily. Vegeta took off once his figured Gohan was okay. Tien looked at Yamucha and nodded his head. Yamucha turned to take off in flight. Before he left, he said to he fellow friends and senshi,

"I just want to assure you that I'm not doing this as a game. I really care for ChiChi and she feels the same for me. Hopefully you will be able to accept this once you see that we both are happier around each other," he then took off to the sky.


"You what!!! Wha'ts wrong with you!!!," Bulma screamed at the top of her lungs, making baby Trunks jump out of his slumber. ChiChi bowed her head and said,

"Bulma there's nothing wrong with me. I was hoping you would give me some support." Bulma looked at her best friend not knowing what to say. She was shocked to find out that her best friend and ex-lover had escalated to something more than friends.

*Am I jealous? I can't be! I left Yamucha after all. But I never expected him to go for my best friend neither! I know I should be mad at ChiChi but look at her, she lost her husband and she's pregnant. I kind of understand her situation. I mean when I was pregnant and Vegeta wasn't around I know I needed someone. *

Bulma's thoughts were interrupted by ChiChi setting a cup of tea in front of her. She looked at the expecting woman and saw that she needed some support from her . Bulma sighed and turned to look at her son who had went back into his nap. She looked at her best friend and said, "But ChiChi, it's Yamucha, and Goku hasn't been dead for a whole year. I know you're lonely but why run to my ex!?" ChiChi looked the blue haired woman in the eyes and said barely above a whisper,

"I didn't run to anyone Bulma. For the past seven, eight months, Yamucha has been around me more than anyone, including my own son. When I stayed in bed for days, who do you think made sure Gohan ate and studied and my daddy was well taken care of? Yamucha. When I fix too much food he would attempt to eat it all to keep from realizing I was cooking for my dead husband. When I sit here day in and day out wondering how to go on without Goku and I cry myself sick at times. There's only one person out of all of my friends that constantly makes me feel stronger. That's Yamucha.," ChiChi was still speaking just above a whisper but her words were very harsh. Bulma looked in the womans dark eyes and saw pure anger. ChiChi continued,

"He's been here to support me. In the process I begin to feel more and more for him. Now, if you as my friend, can't accept that, that's tough on you. I'm not looking for your approval, I'm telling you out of respect that you are my best friend and he was your lover." ChiChi went back to the stove to get the tea kettle. Bulma sat at the table quietly contemplating whether or not she was willing to lose her best friend over this.

*I don't want to lose her friendship over this. Maybe I am overreacting. It's not like theyre talking marriage here. She just needs someone around. I do understand that. *

"It's going to take some getting used to ChiChi, but I don't want to ruin our friendship over this. I do respect the fact that you did tell me though. Just promise me one thing, okay?" ChiChi looked at her longtime friend, who holding back tears, and asked in a softer, more gentler tone,

"What is it B-chan?" Bulma looked at ChiChi, damning herself that a single tear fell from her eye. She scooted her chair closer to ChiChi and said,

"Don't fall in love with him. That's when he starts to break your heart. No matter how much he proclaims his love to you don't give all of yourself to him."

Before ChiChi could respond, Bulma hugged the younger woman tightly and silently cried. ChiChi wrapped her arms around her and allowed the woman to cry out all of her painful memories of her and Yamucha's countless fights and arguments. ChiChi whispered in her friends ear,

"I won't B-chan. I won't." She sighed and thought to herself.

*Can I control my love for someone? *

Someone to Hold

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