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Someone to Hold

Is love enternal?  Or is it until we forget about the pain.

After the Cell Games and Goku has selflessly sacraficed his life, ChiChi and Gohan have to learn to cope with his death; both as a family and as individuals.  Neither one of them takes the noble Saiyajin's death easily. Gohan blames himself and ChiChi struggles through a lonely pregnacy.  Although they want to, neither one can help the other, let alone themselves.
The rest of the Z team feels the absence of Goku too but put their pains aside to help the two surviving Sons family members.  One Z fighter in particular finds himself battling between his loyalty to his friend and the love in his heart.  If he admits to the love, will he loose everything?  If he remains silent will he be able to live happily?

Please understand that this is my adaption of what happens between the Cell Games and the Great Saiyaman/ Buu Saga.  If you are a true and tried ChiChi and Goku fan, please take heed to what you are about to read.  If you totally hate Yamucha, please take heed to this also.

Yamucha and ChiChi?  Wow...

When I update this story, you'll see the information here.  I will ususally update once every month.

Disclaimer:  I do not own Dragonball, Dragonball Z, or Dragonball GT.  All the character are used without permission.  I also do not own the song Someone to Hold performed by 112.