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Someone to Hold
Chapter 2

Feelings Revealed

I dream of you all the time

Wishing that you were mine

Feeling so empty

Hoping you think of me

I need you here tonight


It was 2:30am. Gohan was in his room, supposed to be asleep. He could hear the blithe laugh from his mother and Yamucha chuckle from time to time. She and Yamucha had been downstairs talking since he went to bed at 9:30pm. He didn't know what they were talking about but he was happy that whatever it was made her laugh so much. The boy smiled and turned his body to fall asleep. Right before he fell into slumber he could've sworn he heard his father voice tell him Yamucha would be around for a while.

"It was at the very end of the ceremony that I realized my fly was opened. ChiChi, I didnt have on any underwear!!! I stood up on the stage for a half hour giving everyone a peep show!!! I was so embarrassed. So that why my teammates called me Hang low. The media thinks its for another reason though." Yamucha looked over at ChiChi flushed-face. ChiChi was leaning on his shoulder laughing, teary eyed. Yamucha knew she hadn't laugh like that in almost a year. It made him happy to hear the woman's beautiful laugh ring throughout her house, even if it was at his expense.

When she finished her laughing episode, ChiChi looked at Yamucha, who was still looking at her. She found herself getting lost in the man's dark eyes, Yamucha knew he was already lost. The two friends abruptly broke their eye contact and looked to different parts of the room. The room that was filled with laughter less than five minutes ago had become deathly quiet. ChiChi was the one who broke the silence.

"Thank you Yamucha." Yamucha looked over at ChiChi, not sure exactly what she was talking about.

"For the story? No problem! I have more of those." He stopped talking when ChiChi looked at him. She had tears streaming down her face. He hadn't seen her cry in months. He knew she cried, Gohan attested to that earlier, but ChiChi never allowed Yamucha to see her shed a tear. Now that she was crying it brought a since of panic in the pit of he stomach. Yamucha held ChiChi close to him. "ChiChi whatever is wrong, you can tell me. I'm here for you." ChiChi looked up at Yamucha and saw the man had tears building up in his eyes.

"No. Thank you for being here. I wouldn't have made it this far without you. I doubt Gohan would've either. I owe everything I have to you." Yamucha blinked desperately trying to keep this tears from falling. One fell and ChiChi wiped it away. Yamucha instinctively grabbed her small hand and placed it back on his face. ChiChi snuggled up closer to Yamucha and closed her eyes. They both fell asleep in this position.

Before Yamucha fell asleep he thought to himself. He hoped, somehow, that Goku could hear him.

*I hope ChiChi and Gohan know I would give my life for them. I love both of them so much. They are the family that I always dreamed of having. Goku, I hope you know that I would never hurt them and you understand why I want to be with ChiChi. I'll never hurt them. I also what you to know that I would never try to take your place or make them forget you. I just want to make sure that they are happy, loved and safe. *

Yamucha then began to drift deeply into sleep. Before he went to sleep he thought he saw and heard Goku. Standing by the fireplace. The dead Saiyajin was smiling at him as he said,

***"Yamucha I know you love my family. Your actions over the past eight months have shown that. If ChiChi accepts you, there nothing I can do. Just treat them right."***


If I'm all alone

And you're all alone

Ain't nothing wrong

Having Someone to Hold



Gohan walked downstairs expecting to find Yamucha asleep on the couch and his mother preparing his breakfast. When he saw neither one of the adults were where he thought they would be, he ran back upstairs. The boy noticed an attraction between his mother and Yamucha but thought it was just two friend who liked being around each other; like his enjoys being around Piccolo. He figured his mom and Yamucha went to hang out and do whatever it is they do. He was heading to the large washroom in his parents room and saw a note on the door of his bedroom as he passed it.



Yamucha and I went for a walk. There are some left over chili-cheese dogs in the refrigerator. Enjoy yourself!!! Dont forget you have studying to do. I will quiz you when I come back. We will be back soon.

Love always,



Gohan smiled and ran downstairs to polish of the rest of his new-found favorite food.


Yamucha and ChiChi walked slowly through the forest. The two close friends were unusually quiet in comparison to last nights correlation. ChiChi stopped walking thinking it was time to break the thick silence between she and her longtime friend.

"Yamucha, I have a confession to make. I've, um, I've how do I say this. Ever since I first met you I had a little crush on you. I quickly pushed it aside because I loved Goku and it was evident that you loved Bulma. Well, ever since you been around I find that crush being pushed up again. What I'm saying is, I've come to rely on your more than as a friend. I'm beginning to see you more as my companion. I don't know if that's wrong because it hasn't even been a year since Goku's been gone but I know what I'm feeling. If you don't feel the same I understand but I don't want this to ruin our friendship." ChiChi's back was turned to Yamucha and her eyes were closed. She was afraid to turn around because Yamucha's expression might say something she didn't want to see or hear. She felt his strong hand on her shoulder, she took in a deep breath and turned to find Yamucha smiling.

"You don't know how much I wanted to hear you say that. I've always been infatuated with you, but never said anything because I thought it wouldn't be in appropriate. ChiChi, I'm in love with you." Yamucha smiled down at the woman, who had a look of relief on her face. She wrapped her arms around him the best way she could, provided her large stomach limiting her reach. Yamucha extended his arm around her to complete the embrace. Both of them were thinking how was Gohan and the rest of their friends going to accept this.


Gohan was sitting on the couch reading his history book when his mother and friend returned home. He looked up and saw his mother had a smile on her face. He smiled a brighter smile and moved his books so she could sit beside him. ChiChi sat next to her son and Yamucha sat in the chair next to the couch. Gohan set his book down noticing that his mother wanted to say something to him.

"Yes mom?" ChiChi sucked in a deep breath and looked at Yamucha, who nodded. She rubbed her stomach and said to Gohan,

"Gohan, I have something very important to tell you. First off let me say, I love you and there's nothing that can change that. I do know this has been a rough year for you and Im proud of you for being so strong, especially when I couldn't." Gohan looked at his mother and knew whatever she was about to say he might not like.

"Mom I know. You have had it rough too. But if I would've just taken care of Ce-" ChiChi cut him off.

"No. Everything happens for a reason sweetie. I don't ever want to hear you beat yourself up for your father's death. You did what destiny called for you to do. Everyone is proud of you, even Vegeta, I want you to be proud of yourself. Now Gohan, what I need to tell you can affect me, you and the baby. As you know me and you have had it pretty rough since your dad died. Our love for each other kept us going but our friends helped us not drown in pity." Gohan looked at his mother, confused at where she was going with this.

"I know we own them a lot, especially Yamucha." Gohan looked at Yamucha and smiled. Yamucha smiled back at the Human/ Saiyajin hybrid, hoping he would still be smiling in a couple of minutes. ChiChi was happy Gohan mentioned Yamucha because she didn't know how to lead this conversation on.

"Yes baby, especially Yamucha. You know Yamucha has been coming around to keep me and you company. Well, Gohan when two adults, who dont have companions spend a lot of time together, they tend to get closer to each other. Sweetie that has happened between me and Yamucha. We have become closer than friends over the past eight months and I want to know if you are able to be comfortable with that." Gohan looked at his mother surprised. He looked at Yamucha with a little anger in his eyes. He stood and said to his mother,

"Are you letting Yamucha take daddy's place? Don't you still love daddy?" ChiChi looked at her son with hurt in her eyes. She didn't think her son would ever fear someone taking his father's place.

"Gohan, no dear! Yamucha will never take Goku's place. I still love your father and I always will. It's just that Yamucha and me care for each other deeply. We are both in a situation where we need someone around us." Gohan didn't understand what ChiChi meant. In retaliation, he said,

"You've got me, mom. You don't need Yamucha to love you."

"Gohan I mean another adult. The type of love and companionship your daddy gave me." Gohan looked at Yamucha and yelled,

"You can't take my daddy's place!!! I won't let you, ever!!!" Gohan ran out of the house and took off. Yamucha was about to go after him to further explain the situation until ChiChi intervened.

"Yamucha leave him be. He's scared and confused. That was a lot for an 11year old boy to take in. No matter how mature he acts he's still a kid and sees thing through kid eyes. He'll come around. Let's just let him work this out his way." Yamucha went to sit next to ChiChi and placed his arm around her. ChiChi laid her head on Yamucha's shoulder and sighed.

*I hope Im doing the right thing.*

Someone to Hold

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