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Saiyajin Revived


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Pan's Nightmare

Pan was in the yard of Bulma and Vegetas home.  She sat on a chair under a large tree.  It was an extremely hot day for this time of year. She watched her grandfather and Vegeta spar in the sky.  Trunks was in the house with Bulma, ChiChi, Gohan and Videl.  Pan sat up to get out of the chair and found it to be extremely difficult.  When she looked down at her legs she saw a very large mound blocking her view.

What the hell!!!  I'm pregnant! 

She struggled again to get up and found a slender russet hand in front of her.  She looked to she who the hand belonged to and saw the woman from the welcome home party for her godchildren.

Why is Yamucha's girlfriend here?

Pan grabbed the hand and pulled herself off of the chair and noticed the rather large ring on her finger.

Wow! Is this my engagement ring?  Trunks has taste!  Well he better!  He got me pregnant without me remembering it.

She opened her mouth to talk to the woman and found her attention was pulled to the little boy walking towards them.  The young child had a looked to be about five or six years old.  He looked exactly like Vegeta but had dark skin and dark blue hair.  He even had Vegeta's smirk.

That's not my cousin.  Who is he? And why does he look like Vegeta and Ryoku?  This is getting very weird.  Why can't I remember any events before this?

The little boy ran over to Yamucha's girlfriend and started talking in a weird language.  Pan looked on as the conversation transpired, wondering why no one else seemed curious to why she was pregnant, why Yamucha's girlfriend was here, and why she is talking to a dark-skinned Vegeta clone in a weird language.  Pan felt strong hands on her shoulders. She knew who the hands belonged to and turned around.  She her eyes grow large as saucers as she looked at a longhaired Trunks.  She muttered in a small voice,

"Mirai Trunks?"  Trunks laughed and kissed Pan. 

"You're funny babe, do you want something?  You promised that you would stay off your feet today.  It's too hot for you to do anything in your condition."  Pan stood and thought to herself,

Oh shit!!! When did Trunks let his hair grow out!  Okay Pan you're dreaming, you have to be.  Too much crazy stuff is happening.

The little boy looked up at the sky and walked towards the area where Vegeta and Goku were sparring.  Suddenly the child's hair turned white-blue and began to glow and he began rising in the sky.  Yamucha's girlfriend ran towards the boy yelling in the same strange language she spoke in earlier.  Vegeta stopped sparring and saw the child rapidly rising higher in the air.  He flew towards the child at a high speed attempting to stop him.  The little boy let out a yell that sounded like it should've come from a grown man. 

Right as Vegeta reached out to grab the child, the boy seemed to fuse with something or someone.  Pan strained her eyes to see what happened but the bright light forming was blocking her view.  All of the sudden Yamucha's girlfriends ki rose significantly.  Pan turned to see the woman's hair turn a bright gold and her eyes turn from brown to green.  The woman then took off to the sky.  Pan didn't know what to say.

She's a Saiyajin!? A Super Saiyajin at that!  But how? I thought we were the only ones.

She turned to look at her mate who also turned Super Saiyajin.  But he wasn't just a Super Saiyajin.  He had red fur covering him and his normal lavender hair had turned black.  There was a thick tail wrapping itself around his waist.  Quicker than what her Saiyajin eyes could see, Trunks had grabbed her and was heading towards his parents house.  She looked up and saw her grandfather, father, and Vegeta looked like Trunks.  But their fur was a lustrous gray, almost silver and their hair was white.  She knew they were in Super Saiyajin 5 form, they looked exactly like what Goten had described.

"Panny please stay here.  Don't try to join us no matter what happens."  With that Trunks flew off the join in the battle.

Pan stood at the door with Bulma, her mother, and grandmother.  She watched her father, Trunks, Vegeta, her grandfather, and Yamucha's girlfriend fight the thing that seemed to absorb the little boy.  Pan gasped when Yamucha's girlfriend fell to the ground.  All four of the woman's limbs seemed broken.  Vegeta looked down at the woman and Bulma screamed,

"Oh my, Califa!!!," then ran outside to the woman.  Vegeta yelled and started throwing several ki blasts.  It was evident this woman meant something to him.  But what surprised her was Trunks was just as angry.

Who is she!?  Why is Trunks so upset?  Where is Bra and Goten?  I know they feel everybodys ki!

A very large flash occurring in the sky broke her thoughts.  She shielded her eyes from the assumed Solar Flare.  When the blast died down and she regained sight, she saw the other four Saiyajins were on the ground out of their respective Super Saiyajin forms and seriously hurt.  She gasped, too shocked to scream at the sight before her.  She started to go out and help her family, lover, and friends until Trunks said telepathically,

"Pan don't come out.  Get out of here now.  He's too strong for you and you gotta save the baby."

"No, I'm not leaving you all here to die!  Come on, Trunks get up."

Pan watched the creature blast a hole through her grandfather and father simultaneously.  Her entire world stopped moving at that  moment.  She didn't hear her mother and grandmother screaming and sobbing behind her.  Nor did she feel herself collapse to the floor. She saw the creature walk slowly to Bulma who was trying to drag Califa into a safe place. The being shot a blast right through the heart of Califa and stared at Bulma.   Bulma started to scream and beg the creature not to hurt her.  The creature grabbed Bulma by her neck and started to laugh softly.   If it wasn't for her excellent Saiyajin hearing, Pan wouldn't have heard the bones in Bulmas neck crack.  The sound caused Vegeta and Trunks both to get a boost of energy that neither of them knew they had.

Vegeta flew over to the monster that just killed his mate, screaming at the top of his lungs while Trunks gathered his mother in his arms and rocked her while sobbing wildly.  Pan struggled to get up only to feel an intensely sharp pain wash over her.  She felt the baby kick profusely within her.  She looked down only to see that her water had broken.  Trunks looked over to his mate and saw her growling in pain.  He gently placed her mother down and kissed her forehead.  His then whispered in her ear, 'Goodbye mother,' and flew over to Pan. 

Pan felt Trunks lift her but the pain was so forceful that it blinded her.  As the man ran passed ChiChi and Videl he lifted them up and told them to follow him.  Both women obeyed but were still crying a great deal.  Another sharp pain came over Pan and she screamed loudly.  She then heard a loud blast and felt Vegeta's ki disappear.  She knew that now she, Trunks, her mother, and grandmother were now the beast primary target.

Trunks ran through his childhood home quickly with ChiChi and Videl both following close behind.  He finally reached a lab in the sub basement and placed Pan on a table.  He told ChiChi and Videl to help Pan have the baby then turned to his mate and said,

"Always remember I loved you since forever," then  he ran out of the room and sealed the door once it closed.  Pan tried to get off the table and stop him  from committing suicide, but the baby inside of her had a different agenda.  The pain flew over her again and made her straighten out on the table.  

Videl and ChiChi were coaching her while she fought to get the child out.  At the same time she was trying communicate to Trunks through their love bond,

"Trunks don't do this. Come back to me!  I don't think I could live without you!"

"Panny always remember I love you."

 After Trunks said that, his ki became nonexistent to Pan.  The expecting woman screamed from both pain from the baby forcing its way out of her and from loosing the only man shes ever loved.

Videl searched out for the ki of the brutes and said to her daughter and mother in law in a defeated voice, "I don't feel a ki for that thing.  It didn't seem like an android.  But then again Cell absorbed-"  A ki blast entered her back and exited her chest.  ChiChi turned from Pan to see the creature had, somehow, gotten through the door.  She stood in front of Pan and yelled for the creature to leave them alone.  The faceless monster laughed and pushed ChiChi aside like a rag doll.  ChiChi hit the steel wall hard enough to make a momentous dent in the wall.  She died on contact.

Pan wasn't able to do anything.  Her child was trying to enter this world and this thing had killed her family, her life mate, and her friends.  The fiend looked Pan's way and said to her with its booming voice.

"I know you wish you weren't kuxo-ta-Saiyajin right now, because Pan you're about to die."

It knows my name and that I'm quarter Saiyajin?  What is this thing!?

Pan howled from the pain of the baby coming through her birth canal. The creature chuckled and said,

"Here let me help you with that.  Saiyajin babies must be hard to have."  The creature came closer to her and Pan mustered up all the energy she had and started throwing ki blasts at the thing.

"Stay the fuck away from me and my baby!!!"  The creature laughed as the ki blasts bounced off his shield.  The creature placed its hand on Pan stomach and Pan felt the baby stop moving. The being had killed her unborn child.  Pan screamed as tears ran down her face.  The monster turned to her and said,

"Now pretty Panny, you die too.  Saiyajin,"  Pan looked at the creature intensely.  The glow from the monsters ki ball illuminated a very vague face.  Pan gasped in surprise when she recognized the eyes of the creature.  Just then the ki ball enveloped her.

Pan sat up in the bed, clutching her neck and the blanket that covered her.  She looked around the large room noticing that she was in she and Trunks bedroom.  She looked next to her and found Trunks sleeping naked.  Although she was used to seeing him so natural she was take aback by the man's perfect body.   She lightly brushed a lock of hair from his face and kissed his forehead.  She was extremely relieved that her life mate was still her with her.

I was dreaming!?  That felt so real!  Geez, that felt so real.  Was that a premonition? After all it had to be the future, I was pregnant for Kami's sake!  What does Yamucha's girlfriend have to do with Trunks, Vegeta, and Bulma?  And who was the little boy that looked like Vegeta, only darker?  Did Vegeta and that woman cheat on Bulma and Yamucha.  No, that couldn't have been the case.  Trunks and Bulma were too caring for the woman.  Then again, I am talking about Bulma and Trunks.  Was Yamucha in the dream?  I'm not sure. Well, whatever the case I won't allow anything to happen to my family and friends.

Pan looked over to Trunks again only to find cerulean eyes looking up at her.  She smiled and turned her head.

"You seem perplexed about something.  Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, just had a bad dream, but I'm okay now."

"What was it about?"  Trunks already knew the answer.  He could feel it through their bond.

"I, I dreamed I lost you and my family."  Pan looked at Trunks with deep concern on her face.

"Well, don't worry I'm still here.  But I'm not so sure about your uncle if my dad got his way." Pan giggled and hugged her boyfriend.

"Trunks, I don't ever want us to be apart from one another ever again.  The past two weeks were hell for me.  I never want to be without you." Pan cuddled up to Trunks, facing him.  Trunks felt Pan's soft skin next to his and gave her a devilish grin.  Pan noticed the man's expression and playfully tried to get out of his embrace.

"Muwahahaha, youre mine now Panny-boo.  Muwahahaha!,"  Trunks climbed on top on Pan and began nibbling on her ear.  Pan felt his manhood come to life and laughed.

"You know we left our god-children's party.  We should be getting back."  Pan moaned as Trunks kissed her neck and trailed down to her breast. He was too engulfed in his motions to give a complete response.  He said between licks and kisses,

"Mmm, later, well go later.  Now quiet woman!," then Trunks fervently kissed Pan.  She responded adequately and said through their bond,

"Never leave me Trunks."

"That will never happen."