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Saiyajin Revived
Chapter 11


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Keep it Brief, Son

Gohan jolted out of his sleep with a worried feeling. He quickly hopped out of bed and walked to the window.

"Gohan? Why is Pan a Super Saiyajin?" He turned around and found his wife wide-awake like him. He looked at his mate and replied,

"I don't know but Trunks is in the third form and Vegeta is one also. To matters more disturbing, they're all in the same spot." Videl got out of bed and walked to the door. Just as she opened the door Goku and Goten appeared out of thin air, causing Videl to fall back on her behind.

"You two!!! Jeez!", she yelled as she picked herself off of the floor. Goku held his hand out to help her but Goten walked over his sister-in-law and went to his brother. He looked at Gohan and said,

"I know what's wrong. Trunks went to fight Vegeta about what happened this evening and Pan went after him. She may be caught in the middle of their fight." Gohan looked at his little brother with wide eyes. Videl turned asked Goku,

"Goku, please take us to where ever Pan is." Gohan then interjected,

"No, Videl stay here. I'll go." Videl looked at her husband and said,

"I'm her mother Gohan! I'm not helpless you know!", she then turned back to her father-in-law and said, "Goku, please!?"

Goku looked at his sons and then his first daughter-in-law. The way Videl was looking at him reminded him of every time he took Gohan away from ChiChi to fight for the sake of the world. It pained his heart to see her having a look that his wife had so many years ago, knowing that he caused that look. Goku took Videls hand and placed two fingers to his forehead. Before Goku could complete the Instant Transmission, Goten placed a hand on his father's shoulder and Gohan pulled Videl away as he placed his other hand on his father's chest. Videl started voicing her complaint but before her husband could hear her, he was gone.

"Gohan!!! You little shit!" Videl sat on the bed, angry with her husband. She then looked at the window and thought to her self,

*Well, there is another way to get there.*

She went to the window, opened it, and took flight towards her only child's ki. She flew as fast as could, provided that she hadn't flown at full speed in over ten years.

*Gohan, you might as well turn Super Saiyajin now, because when I get there I'm going to beat the hell out of you!*


ChiChi looked at her grandchildren and smiled at their now sleeping form. Bra had just finished feeding and changing all three of them and placed them back in their cribs.

"Bra? Are you okay?" ChiChi asked without looking over to her daughter-in-law sitting in the rocking chair. Bra snapped out of her daze just long enough to answer ChiChi.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah, I guess. I'm just worried Trunks is going to do or say something that he might regret."

ChiChi sighed and stood next to Bra. She placed her hand on the young mothers shoulder and said in a oddly soothing voice,

"Sometimes, things need to be said to help lift the dead air around the ones involved. I doubt Trunks would say anything he would regret. Whatever he says to your father most likely Vegeta knew it was coming." Bra nodded in agreement and sighed. She knew ChiChi was right but she was afraid that Trunks actions and words might put her family more in the dysfunctional category at this moment.

"Bra, youve got to remember you and Trunks may come from the same parents but you're not from the same family." Bra looked up at her mother-in-law with a raised eyebrow, confused by what she meant by that. ChiChi took note to Bra expression and continued,

"It's like Gohan and Goten. Yes, they have the same parents but they are from different families. Gohan grew up with Goku there for him, but he also grew up faster due to the turmoil he went through as a child. Thats why he's so protective of everything close to him. He's afraid that hell lose it at any moment. He seems uptight because he never really knew how to relax. Unfortunately, I had something to do with that. Trust me, I do regret forcing him to work so hard. He doesn't really know how to live normal." ChiChi walked around to face Bra and sat on the windowsill.

"Now Goten, he grew up mostly in a time of peace but without his father around him. He's not as close to Goku as Gohan, just as Gohan is not as close to me as Goten is. Goten is 100% laid back, you know that. Life is a big enjoyable game and he loves to play it. He didn't spend all his time studying, training, or fighting for his life so he doesn't see things like Gohan does. He got a chance to live a semi-normal life." ChiChi leaned forward and held Bra's hands in hers.

"What I'm trying to say is you and Trunks grew up under different circumstances. Yeah you grew up in the same house with the same parents. But there are things that make you different. Trunks has a tendency to hold things back when it comes to your father. Vegeta was never the super dad he is to you to Trunks. Vegeta was always in the shadows with him. Then you have to remember, everyone met Trunks before Trunks was born so that has a lot to do with how he was raised. Trunks was raised in comparison to the other Trunks both by your mom and dad. Vegeta knew exactly what he was doing, but your mom didn't. She began to force him into a mode that she wanted him to be. Therefore, he never truly says what he means. So when it comes out, it may be explosive but it's not unexpected." Bra nodded, understanding what ChiChi meant. She never truly thought about she and Trunks were raised. But it did explain a lot of things about why her brother did certain things.

Bra looked at ChiChi with watery eyes and asked,

"Do you think my family will be okay?" ChiChi smiled and said reassuringly,

"Of course! Your mom is probably pissed at your dad right now and your new sister is probably feeling very uncertain right for the moment, but Kami has a way of working things out. Hey, look at my family. I've lost Goku more times than I care to think and I thought one of my sons would never settle down, but look how everything turned out. I have two beautiful daughter-in-laws, four strong and healthy grandchildren, and I finally got Goku to myself. The Son family is a living testament to the saying; All is well that ends well, and sweety, whether your father likes it or not, youre a Son now." A tear slid down Bra's cheek as she looked at her godmother.

She always saw ChiChi as this gung ho, overly expressive woman. But as she got to know her over the past year, she found herself loving the woman's ability to command whatever she wanted from all the Saiyajin men, including her father, without loosing her simple elegance. Bra then knew at that moment that she had the perfect mother-in-law.


Bulma sat in her lab flipping through her old diary. She smiled as she read about her adventure to Namek, remembering how close she had become to Gohan and Krillin.

*Being around Gohan made me realized that I wanted children.*

She read about how Vegeta protected her from Zarbon and tears came to her eyes. She remembered her husband's eyes and how much anger was reflected as Zarbon attempted to attack her.

*He did want me from the start. But how? *

She read on and relived the anger, anxiety, fear, frustration that eventually turned to lust she had for Vegeta the year that he and the Namekians stayed with her family. She laughed at Vegeta's reaction to the Earth culture and him learning to read Japanese and experiencing different foods.

*He was just like a little child sometimes. I think that what made him somewhat approachable.*

The beautiful middle-aged woman read about the steamy dreams she had night after night for the man and her silly ploys to tempt him. Her body shutter from her written version of her first intimate encounter with the Prince of the Saiyajins. Her soul ached as she read how she and her longtime sweetheart just fell apart.

*I never meant to hurt Yamucha and I know he didn't mean to hurt me. I hope all is forgiven.*

As she went further through the diary, she realized most of her thoughts and expressions were about her mate. From the point were she met him all the way through her pregnancy she was either commending him for some small accomplishment, bragging to herself about how good the sex was between them, or ranting about much of a jerk he was. She came to the last page of the diary and read a page that she forgot inputting.


Dear Diary,

Today I had a baby boy. He's beautiful, just like me of course. He has dad's hair, my eye color, but mostly he looks like his father; the Vegetable man himself. I was actually surprised that he stayed with me the entire time I was in labor. He sat by my side and did that mind speaking crap he likes to do. He told me that I was a strong woman and I could do anything in the world. I even think he said he loved me, but that could have been hysteria.

Diary, I know I said that I could never love the Prince of all Jerks before, but I can't help it. For some weird reason I can't see myself living without him. It's not like hes the best thing for me but I don't care, he's mine, or at least I like to think that. It's not like I all of the sudden started to feel this way, it was always there but I couldn't admit it. But looking at the miracle we created, I can't think that he is all that bad. For some strange reason, I know he feels the same. Maybe, I'm having a motherly epiphany, who knows. All I know is I'm looking forward to this new chapter of my life with my son and his father.

The one and only,



Bulma wasn't aware that she was crying until a teardrop fell onto the paper. She quickly wiped her tears, knowing he would say she was being weak.

*Dammit, I wish I didn't have this bond. I can't live without you Vegeta, no matter what. You're forcing me to accept this. *

In a remote part of the forest, a certain Saiyajin prince was looking at his newfound grandson as he heard a soft voice. He slightly smiled and said back to the voice,

*I do love you Bulma. *