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Saiyajin Revived
Chapter 2


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When Saiyajins Play

"Was that who I think it was?"  Goten said with his mouth full.  He looked at Trunks with a surprised expression.  He didn't expect Pan to call Trunks so soon. 

I'm  hoping this is the end for them this time.  I know how Trunks is.  He plays with girls hearts.  I've seen him do it time and time again.  He did it to Marron.  She was torn apart from his games.  Luckily, she ended up with Uubuu.  I'm hoping Pan will realize she can do so much better than him.  I promised her I wouldn't get involved but if he hurts her, Gohan won't have a chance to get to him.  I will personally intend on killing him.

"It was Pan.  I guess she was trying to call your Dad."  Trunks informed his friend but he was preoccupied with his thoughts to go in detail on what just happened. 

I'm an idiot!!!  I'm a big stupid idiot!!!  She was on the phone and I didn't even tell her I'm sorry or how much she means to me.  She's changed me somehow.  Something like this would not have bothered me before.  Oh Kami I miss her!  I'm nothing without her.

 "So I'm taking it didnt go too well based on the length of the conversation."  Goten said trying to be supportive of his friend.

"You think Goten?"  Trunks chimed sarcastically.  " What am I going to do man.  She seems like she doesn't want to speak to me."

Just as Goten was going to give a piece of advice, Vegeta and Goku walked in from sparring in the Gravity room.  Trunks signaled Goten to drop the subject.  Vegeta gave both men a suspecting look before going to joining Goku in raiding the refrigerator for a midday snack.

"Hey Goten, Trunks, why don't you come and train with us."  Goku said as he devoured a half of a turkey. 

Before either young man could answer Vegeta gave his thought on the situation.  You two will train with Kakarotto and myself in the gravity room.  Be ready in 20 minutes." 

"Um, Dad, Vegeta were not in your league.  You two will beat us to a pulp."  Goten said what he and Trunks were thinking.  Vegeta looked at Goten with a look that made him understand that is exactly why he wants them to train with them.  Vegeta wanted to take his aggressions out on Goten.  After all, this is the man who got his princess pregnant.  It didn't matter that he married weeks after finding out the news.

"Don't worry fool I wont kill you.  My daughter has three children now.", Vegeta said to Goten as he saw his son-in-law's face turn a pale white.  Goten looked over to his father, who had a look that said he wouldn't let Vegeta hurt him too much, and his color came back.

As Goku saw the look of relief on his sons face he said, "Yeah we won't kill you two but were going to make you give us all you got.  Vegeta, I'm thinking a"

"Youre thinking!  Trunks, Goten run for cover!", Vegeta said in a sarcastically playful voice.  Trunks and Goten laughed at Vegetas rare playful moments.  Goku looked at the three with his trademark confused look and continued.

"How about a two on two.  Trunks and Goten against you and me.  Trunks and Goten are allowed one fusion, but we cant fuse."  Goku smiled at his bright idea.  Vegeta was even impressed.  Goku didn't usually come up with good ideas until the fighting started.  Goten and Trunks, on the other hand, looked as if they were going to die.

"Um, Father,  I really don't like that idea.  Me and Goten havent fused together since we were kids.  Besides, you and Goku can reach Super Saiyajin 4.  I can barely reach level 2 and Goten has just reached ascended.  How about father and son versus father and son?  The Vegetas against the Sons.  Were royalty, you and I can surely beat the third level warrior and his son!" 

Damn, it should be a crime to be this good.  Trunks forgot about the bond.  Vegeta looked at the young Prince of Saiyajins and sent him a little mental present.

"Nice try boy!  You should have kept the last statement hidden.  You almost had me sold.  I didn't raise you to be  afraid of a little ass beating."

Trunks looked at his father then looked down in shame.  Goku or Goten didn't realize they were holding a mental conversation. 

"Hey!  If this is going to be a family versus family, father son thing Gohan has to come too!  It's only fair.  Besides Trunks would have to fight him.  First son versus first son.  I really wouldn't have to fight.  So if you guys don't want to get a beat down I suggest we stick to my dad's plan."  Vegeta and Trunks looked at Goten like he had lost his mind.   Goku looked at his son knowing what the young man was doing. (Remember the bond.)

Please let them fall for it!!!

"Kakkorot, go find that nerd son of yours and be ready in 30 minutes!   There's no way in hell you three will be able to beat me and Trunks.  I am the King of Saiyajins and he is the Prince!  Trunks lets go."  Vegeta and Trunks headed towards the gravity room to get some last minute training in before the family feud.

Goku looked at Goten and laughed. He knew what his son was doing the entire time. Vegeta and Trunks didn't know Gohan had started training again and had become as powerful as a Super Saiyajin 4 in mystic form.  Goku also knew that Goten is well past ascendant Saiyajin and is close to reaching level 3.  One thing he didn't know was why Goten was holding his power back from Trunks.

 "You know this fight isn't going to be really fair.  They have no clue as to what they're getting themselves into." Goku said in a reprimanding voice, all the time he was smiling.  Goten looked at his father with an innocent face.

 "Yeah Dad, I know but it will be fun just to see the surprised looks on their face.  Besides Gohan should show them what he has accomplished."  With that Goten put his hand on his fathers shoulder and they teleported to find Gohan.


Videl sat on the blanket under the sakura tree and sipped on her iced tea.  It would be the first time in months that she and Gohan had spent quality time together aside from training.  She was the new mayor of Satan City and between the city counsel and the media she never had a moments peace.  Now that she had everything in order at city hall, she decided to give herself a couple of days off just to spend with her family.

Gohan was amusing a group of young kids by making ki balls and floating in the air.  Since becoming the head surgeon of the pediatric ward at Satan City General Hospital hes been working on ways to make the kids laugh and smile.  Laughter seems to make them recover a little faster.  Gohan glanced over at his wife who was enjoying the calmness of the park. 

"Alright kids that ends the show for today." Gohan said as his feet touched the ground.  The children moaned with disappointment and slowly left to play other games.  One little girl stayed looking up at Gohan.  Gohan knew the little girl from treating her at the hospital on several occasions .  He knelt down to become the same height as the child.

 "What's up Yakima?"  Gohan asked as he flipped one of her pigtails.  The little girl blushed.

 "Um, Son-san could you teach me how to fly and float in the air like you?"  She looked at the half Saiyajin with adoring eyes. Gohan was surprised at the question.  He knew it would be difficult for her to learn to fly but he also knew that it was possible.

"I think you're a little too young to learn just yet so ask me in a couple of years okay?" Gohan said in a soft pleasant voice.  The little girl's eyes lit up and she smiled at the gentleman before her.  She leaped towards Gohan and threw her arms around his neck.  He returned the gesture with a light squeeze.

"Thank you Son-san."  With that the little girl let go of Gohan and watched him walk towards his wife.

"Gohan has a girlfriend!" Videl sang in a playful voice.  She laughed at the little girl, but she knew why the child admired her husband so much.  Gohan sat by his wife and laughed at her little tease song.

"Baby I swear it she's just a friend." He said adding to her joke.  She elbowed Gohan in the side and flashed mischievous eyes at him.  He laughed lightly as he placed his head upon her lap.  Gohan looked up at his wife and suddenly he felt hypnotized by her beauty. 

Look at her she is so beautiful.  Those blue eyes reflecting against the sun.  It's those same eyes I fell in love with the first day I met her.  I'm so lucky to have her in my life.

As if Videl was reading her husband's mind, she bent over and kissed him passionately.  He wrapped his arm around her neck and returned the kiss.  Just at that moment Goku and Goten appeared standing directly over them.

"Jeez guys, go get a room!!!"  Goten said looking at his brother and sister-in-law.  Videl shrieked in terror then, out of reflex, both Gohan and Videl jumped into a fighting stance.  Gohan realized who it was and looked at his brother and father with a tinge of irritability.

"Damn, damn, DAMN!!!  Why do you all have to do that!", Videl screamed at Goku and Goten.  Goku gave his daughter in law an innocent smile and placed his hand on the back of his hand.  He was embarrassed that he caught Gohan and Videl in a passionate moment.

Gohan looked at his father, who was now blushing from the embarrassment.  His frustration faded and he sighed then asked, "What's up dad, Goten?" 

Goten, who was not embarrassed with catching his brother being passionate, pointed to Gohan's midsection and said, "Little Gohan."  Videl and Gohan turned a bright crimson at the realization that Gohan had become aroused in a public place.  Goku looked as if he was going to pass out from his two son's actions  in the pass couple of minutes.  Gohan threw his younger brother a look that could kill and rephrased his previous question.

 "Dad why are you and Goten here?"  Goku quickly jumped at the opportunity to change the subject.

 "There's going to be a family feud!  It's the Vegetas verses the Sons.  So we need you to come." Goku said  with the excitement that a young child would have about a new toy. Gohan on the other hand was not impressed.

 "Um, Dad, that's an unfair fight.  There's three of us and two of them.  Can't you and Goten take care of this?"  Gohan looked at Videl who was frowning at the fact that her father and brother-in-law were ruining her day with her husband.

 "Well, Vegeta thinks that he and Trunks can kick our butts even if they are outnumbered.  And besides, he called you nerd boy."  Goten instigated.  Gohan snarled at the last remark.  Goten smiled that his brother was affected by the instigation.  Goku looked from his youngest son to his oldest son and wondered when did Goten become such good manipulator.

Hmm, Bra is rubbing off on Goten,  she's the best manipulator I've ever seen.

"Gohan go.  Don't protest because the longer you stay the angrier I'll become." Videl said.  All three of the Son men looked at her with shocked expressions.  Videl looks exactly like ChiChi save the blue eyes, when she is angry.  Gohan turned to his wife and attempted to grab her hand. She pulled away and frowned. "Go and play with the Saiyajins.  Because if you don't, you're going to be preoccupied all day.  Just be back for dinner."  Videl walked up and gave Gohan a kiss on the cheek. 

"Am I invited?  You know I haven't had a really good meal since Bra had the babies."  Goten asked sheepishly. 

"NO!!!!!"  Videl screamed and made all three men jump.

"Babe I love you.  I'll make this up to you, 'kay?" Gohan said.  With that he placed his hand on Goku's shoulder. Goten placed his hand on his father shoulder opposite of Gohan's.  In a heartbeat they were gone.   Videl sat back down on the blanket  and looked up at the sky.

Boys will be boys. Oh well, at least I got the best boy of them all.


He sat at the table quietly eating his food.  He could feel the several pairs of eyes watching him.  It made him feel good especially since the eyes belonged to the table of women about 15 feet away from him.  He was glad he decided to wear the suit instead of the jeans he first opted on. He turned to look at the admiring women and nodded acknowledging their presence. His confidence has been higher than its ever been before, since he has another chance at life, thanks to the dragonballs.  One of the women blew a kiss towards him.  He flashed a brighter smile, the one he used to use to get Bulma to do anything he wanted. 

The same woman got up from her table and began walking towards him.  Just as the woman was approaching the table, his senses prompt him to turn around.   Just as he did so, he saw the most striking woman he has ever seen.  She had smooth caramel colored skin, black hair that was cut at chin length, and intense dark brown eyes.  Her body was toned like one of a martial artist, yet she walked with the grace of a dancer.  She had rosy colored lips that seemed to pout naturally and her hips swayed to its own song as she walked.  He had forgotten about the woman who came from the other table until he heard her ask his name.

"Yamucha", he said.  He then focused his attention back to the other woman who sat at a table across the room alone.

She must be waiting on her boyfriend or husband.  He heard the other woman talking asking him if he wanted to go out tonight. 

"Um, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to give you the wrong impression but I'm not interested.", Yamucha smiled courteously and left her at his table.  He was about to leave and the something inside of him made him walk over to the beautiful woman across the room.  When he got about 10 feet away from her she looked up at him. 

Okay Yamucha you're over here, what are you going to say?

Yamucha looked at the woman and said in a soft tone, "I don't mean to disturb you but I couldn't leave here without telling you how beautiful you are.  I hope your boyfriend or husband truly appreciates you."

That was smooth!!! Go Yamucha!

The woman looked at him with suspecting eyes then said in a sensuous throaty purr, "Thank you.  But unfortunately there is no mate to, as you say, appreciate it."  The woman's voice sent shivers up and down Yamucha's spine.  She smirked at his terrible attempt to mask his reaction.  Yamucha suddenly smelled a sweet scent coming from the woman.  Just as quickly as it appeared it disappeared.

"My name is Yamucha.  And you are?", he said extending his hand. She looked at him as if he should've already known the answer to the question.  Then she softly responded.

"My name is Califa.  It's a pleasure to meet you Yamucha."  She allowed her hand to meet his expecting a handshake.  Instead he raised her hand to his face and softly brushed his lip upon her soft skin.  The entire time she was staring at him with intense eyes. 

"Califa, what a beautiful and unique name for a beautiful and unique woman.  Well, Califa, I was wondering if you are available sometimes go to the movies or something."  Yamucha said in such a rhythmic fashion is sounded is if he was singing.  Califa silently laughed and cursed herself for noticing something so trivial.

"How about tomorrow afternoon. Meet me here at noon.  And don't stand me up, I will find you Yamucha."  Califa said in a threatening but sexy voice.  Again, she sent Yamucha's body in a frenzy.

"Me?  Stand you up? Never.  I'll see you at noon tomorrow.  But don't stand me up because you'll break my heart."  Yamucha said and again kissed her hand and started towards the door.  Before he left the restaurant, he turned to look at the woman who was now ordering her food. 

I wonder why she gives me almost the same feeling that I have around Bra and Pan. Its like she's poised but untamed at the same time. 

Yamucha quickly let the thought slip out of his mind and walked out of the restaurant.


"Trunks, youre not paying attention.  FIGHT BACK BOY!!!"  Vegeta said as he simultaneously threw a roundhouse kick towards Trunks head.  Trunks quickly blocked it and came with a counter punch that had no effect on his father.

"Dad, let's stop for a moment, please?"  Trunks said as he lowered himself to the floor of the gravity room.  Vegeta looked down at Trunks and scowled.  He knew why his son wasn't concentrating on their warm-up session.  He hated to see his son, the prince of Saiyajins, being so weak.  He noticed Trunks' mood change from hot to cold in a flash over the pass two weeks. 

"It's Kakkorots grandchild isn't it.  I told you not to get involved with her, that third class bi-"

"FATHER! Don't say it!"  Trunks said to his father in a tone that sounded more like a warning than a plea.  Vegeta noticed this and was pleased that he found something that will bring out the Saiyajin in his son.

So the boy will fight for her?  I knew they were meant to be together. 

Vegeta looked at Trunks with his trademark smirk plastered on his face and stared his man-child in the eyes and said in a strong whisper,  " That third class BITCH."

Trunks had never felt rage towards his father the way he felt at that very moment.  He immediately went into Super Saiyajin and quickly surpassed the ascended Saiyajins mode.  What Vegeta didn't expect was his son to go into Super Saiyajin 3.  Vegeta quickly jumped into Super Saiyajin 3 to dodge his sons powerful burning attack.


Vegeta didn't reply to his remark verbally but simply responded  with an elbow to Trunks' back.  He pummeled to the gravity room floor but quickly sprang up towards his father.  Vegeta easily dodged his punches and kicks, mainly because Trunks was blinded, literally, with rage and guilt.  After a couple of moment Vegeta grew bored of his son's effective-less attacks and quickly kicked him in the face.  Trunks fell to the floor of the gravity room and fell out of Super Saiyajin mode.

"Well, it's nice to know you are finally catching up to me.  Now about Pan.  Talk to her."  Vegeta stood over his son in his normal regal fashion.

"She won't listen to me.  I've tried calling, e-mailing, and even going through our bond.  She cuts me off in every direction.  Father, I'm dying on the inside."  Trunks held his head down in defeat.  He knew his father was about to scold him for being so weak but he didn't care anymore.  He looked up at Vegeta expecting to see a cold scowl on his face only to find compassion in his fathers eyes.

Vegeta looked down at his only son.  Physically, Trunks was in perfect condition, but Vegeta saw his son's soul. Like all those he loved (though he never would use the word), he always has been able to.  He knew his son was dying.  His life-mate has left him.  There was nothing Vegeta could do to subside the pain.  He turned to walk out of the gravity room.  Upon reaching the exit he turned to his son and simply said, " I know."


Goku, Gohan, and Goten landed in the Capsule Corp. yard about thirty feet from the gravity room.  Their keen Saiyajin hearing could tell Trunks and Vegeta were in the gravity room, but they weren't fighting.  All three men heard the conversation clearly and Gohan chose to ignore it.  He didn't know what happened between Trunks and his daughter but he knows two weeks ago his daughter came home in the middle of the night crying.  That's all he needed to know.  Trunks, somehow, hurt his daughter.  Pan made him promise not to do anything drastic but since they're having this family feud, he wouldn't be responsible for what should happen to Trunks. 

"Gohan, bro, you know you don't have to fight."  Goten and Goku saw the anger flashing in Gohan eyes at the conversation.  Goten had forgot Gohan knew about Pan and Trunks falling out.  Goku looked at his oldest son with concerned eyes.  He knew Gohan was deadly went he was angry but he didn't know how he would act towards being angry with a family friend that, coincidentally, is sleeping with his only daughter, who is twelve years younger than the man.

"Gohan, are you alright with this?  We know how you feel about Trunks right now."  Goku patted his son on the shoulder.  Gohan looked at his father and younger brother smiled.  The smile wasn't the bright smile that is inherited by the Son family but a smile of a Saiyajin going into battle.

" Dad, Goten, don't worry, I'm not going to hurt Trunks too bad.  From the sound of it hes hurting all ready.  But I will let him know he will NOT hurt Pan ever again.  But I won't kill him like I want to."  Gohan began walking towards the gravity room when Vegeta walked out. 

Vegeta looked at Gohan and growled, he knew the man wanted his son's blood.  Gohan smirked at Vegeta in a very Vegeta-like way and said, "Don't worry Vegeta, I won't touch him right now."  Vegeta look at Gohan and said,

"I don't care. You wouldn't be able to touch him now anyway.  My son has gotten stronger than you."   

"Vegeta you should have learned by now, don't just a book by it's cover."  Gohan said realizing he looked more like the nerd than he really was.

"Well, okay, Gohan youre a party animal and your father and brother are walking geniuses!  There, I didn't judging you by your cover!  Wimp!  You won't be able to lay a hand on Trunks!" 

Goku yelled towards Vegeta in a sing song voice,

"I don't think so." 

Goten laughed at his fathers instigation.  He knew his father would love to see Vegeta's face when he and Gohan powered up.  He decided while Gohan, Vegeta and Goku were having a verbal pre-tournament sparring match, hell check on his best friend.

Goten went into the gravity room to find Trunks hunched over on a bench.  His body seemed to jerk every so often.  As Goten got closer, he saw tears falling on the floor.  Trunks was crying.  Goten hasn't seen him cry since they were kids.  He gently slid on the bench next to his friend.  Trunks felt Goten's presence but didn't acknowledge him.    Goten put his hand on Trunks' back  as a comforting gesture. Trunks turned to his loves uncle.

"Goten what am I going to do without her?"  Trunks broke up in a deep sob and buried his face in his hands.

"I don't know man." Goten felt kind of bad for not wanting to get Trunks and Pan back together. 

I can only imagine what Panny is feeling right know if Trunks is like this.

"Then help me get her back."  Trunks eyes flickered with hope.

"I can't do that man." Goten said in a soft but clear voice, making it known he wouldn't help.

Trunks looked at Goten then looked away.

"I know you and Gohan don't want her with me.  But I need her Goten.  Pan is my everything.  I'll die without her.  I never meant to hurt her."  Trunks voice was calm beyond comparison to the way he looked.  Goten was torn between the love of his niece and best friend. 

"Trunks, that's just the thing, you did hurt her.  You tell me Pan's your everything but you fell into the arms of another woman when things got hard between you two.  Pan asked me to stay out of it.  Bro, I'm going to do what my family wants before I do want my friend wants.

"I understand.  But thank you for not holding this against me.  Goten you are my best friend. No, you are my brother."  Trunks forced a smile on his face.

Goten gave a genuine smile said in a bright, cheery voice, " Always, brother!"

The two gave each other playful punches in the arms like they did when they were kids.  Trunks heard his father screaming at Goku about how much of an idiot his was and laughed.

"Come on let's stop my father from kicking your father's ass."  Goten smiled that warriors smile and said,

"Like your dad has a chance.  You should worry about yourself, Gohan's out there too." Trunks turned to Goten and said,

"So.  He's no match for me anymore.", and walked out.

Goten smiled but remained quiet, but mentally he said,

We'll see my friend