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Saiyajin Revived
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Just because you know someone for a long time doesn't mean you really know them.

This story is the epic of epics in my lists of stories.  Every other one-shot, mini-epics, and epics revolve around this one here.  It is also the very first story I started to write. 
About five years after the grand tour, the Sons, Vegeta-Briefs, and Chestnuts are living their lives pretty normal.  Well, as normal as one could be being a Z fighter.  There are no disturbances, disappearances, and most of all, no crazy villians trying to take over the earth. 
Then out of the blue, old friends start to pop up younger than they should be, someone past catches up with them, another one's future continues to shadow over them. Now the Z fighters find themselves dreading their peaceful times are now over.
In the mist of this dreading, the team must deal with their own personal issues and the acceptance that some things are never what they seem.  While dealing with these things, some new fighters come among the ranks.  Will they be able to help or hender the team?

Take me back to NaCoBe's Dragonball Realm!!!

Disclaimer:  I do not own Dragonball, Dragonball Z, or Dragonball GT.  The characters of these series are used without permission strictly for entertainment purposes.  I also do not own any snippets of song lyrics use through the story.  I do, however, own any and all characters not in any three of the series.  Using them without my permission is a very bad thing!!! 
No money is being made from this site on my part.