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Saiyajin Revived
Chapter 9


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I said I love you

ChiChi came into her room to prepare for a soothing bath. She had just came back for her youngest son's home. She offered to clean up after the family event. She played the day's events over in her mind and her mind kept leading to her daughter-in-law and her best friend.

How could Vegeta have another child without telling Bulma, Trunks, and Bra? That's just wrong any way you look at it. Is that woman really his daughter or is she just saying that. Well, it is possible, he did spend a lot of time away for home and his family at first. He could've easily had two families.

ChiChi shrugged her shoulders as she took her hair out of the tight bun she began wearing again. Suddenly she stopped what she was doing and went very pale.

So could Goku too.

As if on cue, Goku walked into the bedroom with an arm full of notebooks.

"ChiChi, did you know Gohan and Goten had written all this stuff about the Saiyajin race? They have things on the culture, ancient rituals, civil laws, even medical information Gohan and Bul-ma whats wrong?" Goku saw ChiChi looked like she was on the verge of tears. He dropped the notebooks and rushed over to his wife.

"ChiChi are you hurt? What's wrong?"

"Goku, you go away so much"

Tears began to shriek the aging beauty's face. It was safe to say Goku was beyond confused.

"Babe, I'm not going anywhere right now, I promise." Goku wrapped his large arms around his wife. She was now sobbing. Through her sobs, she said,

"Vegeta used to come and go, sometimes he still does, and we just found out he has another child. And you're gone more than him at times." Goku sighed, realizing what she was talking about.

"Chich, honey, you know Vegeta and me are totally different." ChiChi adjusted her body in the gentle Saiyajin's arms. She rested her head on his hard chest and said very soft, so much, Goku had to strain even with his keen Saiyajin hearing,

"I know but there are some similarities Goku." Goku looked down at ChiChi as she gently wrenched away from his arms and went to sit on their bed. Goku looked at ChiChi wondering what she meant by that.

"Goku, you're always gone. Bra told Goten and me that when Vegeta went away and Bulma thought he was training, he was actually visiting his daughter. What's to say you don't do the same." ChiChi placed her face in her hands and sighed, choking back tears that fought to break free. To Goku, ChiChi looked like a frightened little girl.

What have I done to make her think I would be unfaithful to her? Goku, you don't say those words enough.

Goku walked over to the bed and sat next to his mate. He grabbed her hands and held them within his as if they were rare crystal. His eyes were soft and innocent, like they were when she first met him. The soft lines in his face made ChiChi wonder how he can ever harm anyone. Goku leaned closer to his wife and said,

"ChiChi, I know I don't say it a lot, but I love you." ChiChi looked into her husband's eyes through her tears. His eyes looked glassy with his own tears. She lifted one of her hands from his and placed it on his cheek. Goku leaned his head into her silky touch. He closed his eyes wishing he could stay there forever.

"ChiChi I have a secret to tell you." ChiChi looked at Goku with anxiety dancing in her eyes. She nodded, beckoning him to continue.

"When you asked me to marry you I had no clue as to what you meant." ChiChi held her head down, feeling the shame that has plagued her for many years.

I can't believe I forced him to marry me He didn't know what he was getting into.

Goku heard her thoughts and leaned closer to kiss her passionately. When he broke the kiss he said to her,

"When me, Bulma, and Oolong left you and your dad's kingdom, I asked Bulma what was a bride. She said something that I didn't understand at the time. Later I asked Kamesennin when I was training with him. Well, you know he confused me. So I took what Bulma said and what Kamesennin said and made my own meaning. ChiChi I was actually flattered and honored that you asked me to be yours forever." ChiChi listened attentively and smiled. Goku smiled back and continued,

"When we saw each other at the World Tournament, I may not have recognized you but I knew what I was getting into. I acted weird because, well, I was a teenager. ChiChi, I have always and will always be proud and honored that I am the beautiful Ox Princess's husband and the father of her children." ChiChi climbed onto Goku's lap, wrapped her arms around his neck, and nuzzled her face into his neck, taking in his scent. " Chich, I could never be with anyone but you."

ChiChis eyes glazed over again from her husband's words.

"Oh Goku, I want to say the same. You know I love you more than life itself. I want to say the same but I can't. I was with someone else."

Goku stroked ChiChi's back and whispered back,

"That's different. Plus it's forgotten."

ChiChi looked up at Goku and said,

"Goku, I love you so much." Goku smiled and cradled ChiChi in his arms, He laid wife down on their large, firm bed. He laid next to her and looked into her soft obsidian eyes. He kissed her softly and said,

"I love you too ChiChi."

The long time lovers fell asleep in each others arms and shared the same dreams that night.


Baby come to me

I will chase your fears away

Put your trust in me

Girl I swear I'll never change

Darling you will see

That my love is here to stay

I promise you, I will be true

From here and now, forever girl I

I said I love you

I said I care

When I tell you I love you

It means I always will be there

I'll never leave you

I ain't going nowhere

When I tell you I love you

Cross my heart I will be there



"Where is it?!" Uubuu moaned to himself as he flipped through several papers. He sat back into the plush nubuck leather chair and sighed with frustration. He glanced around the dark masculine office and smiled.

I've made up my mind, she can't redecorate my office. Everything in this house is so light and feminine. This is my spot and she can't have it.

The island native turned business executive closed his eyes. After a couple of moments, he jumped out of the chair and went to the doorway leading out to the rest of the house.

"Marron, where's my extra medical card?" When he didn't receive an answer he decided she was out of the house and went to their room. He lied down on the bed and thought to himself,

Where would she put it? She really needs to stop moving things!

Then his eyes fixated on Marron's bedroom desk. He remembered her saying something about the insurance papers should be somewhere with quick access.

"Well, how quick can you get , than next to the bed?" Uubuu lifted himself off of the bed and went to her desk he wondered if he should go in it. After all, it was her personal desk.

But I need my insurance card!  I have to go to the doctor in the morning!

Uubuu went to the bottom drawer and opened it. It was the only one that looked like it would hold any files and he didn't want to go rummaging through her personal things. He quickly found the file that said insurance and took it out of the drawer. He began flipping through the file until he found he extra medical card. The honey colored man smiled and closed the file back up. As he was putting the file back in its place an envelope fell out. Uubuu picked it up and was about to put it back into the file, until a picture fell out. He picked up the picture and saw his wife wrapped around some man. The picture looked very recent.

What the hell is this!

Uubuu looked at the envelope and saw that it had an Australia address. Anger began to build up in the reincarnate. He pulled the letter out of the envelope and began reading the letter. As Uubuu read the letter, it took every bit of training he received from Goku to keep him from powering up to alarming levels. After he read the letter he sat on the bed and held his head down.

Have I been that bad a husband that she had to go to a complete stranger? No, I haven't! I give her whatever she wants and I try my best to be there for her more matter what. She did this out of her own selfishness!

Marron came back home with McDonalds, Uubuu's favorite food. She wanted to surprise him with the expensive American food.

"Uubuu, I'm back. And I got a surprise for you." Marron smiled anticipating her husband running down the stairs like a little kid once the scent of the food attacked him.

She waited a couple of moments before calling him again,

"Uubuu!!! Food!! Yummy?" When she didn't receive a response again, she figured he was sleep. She thought to herself,

Well, I guess its dinner in bed. I needed to change the sheets anyway.

Marron began ascending the stairs, heading to her bedroom. She passed Uubuu's office and saw the light was on.

He must have tired himself out from working. I really need to redecorate that office, its just plain ugly.

When she reached her and Uubuu's room, she saw Uubuu was wide-awake. On the bed, was Jack's letter, the flower and the picture. Marron dropped the food on the floor.

Oh shit! Dende why did he have to find that?

"Uubuu, let me explain. It's not" Uubuu let out a dark laugh. He didn't face Marron, but she knew he had that scary smirk on his face that made him look like Buu in the flesh. He said in a low voice,

"What are you going to say Marron? That it didn't mean a thing? That it was a mistake? It was a one-time thing? WHAT!!!" Marron jumped from the sudden volume change in his voice. She stepped closer to her livid husband and said almost in a whisper,

"Uubuu, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me." Uubuu spun around to look Marron in the eyes.

"You're sorry you got caught! If you were sorry about this you wouldn't have kept this letter! I give you everything! I try my best in this marriage, always concerned about us and how we can make our relationship better. What do you do?! You go fuck some aborigine!!!" Uubuu was shaking. The anger was winning over all his training and he began powering up. Marron felt this and stepped directly in front of him.

"Baby, our marriage was falling apart and I wasn't thinking straight. All I know is I wanted your attention. I'm sorry that I allowed myself to be so weak. Uubuu, I love you. You must know that. You're my everything." Marron fought back her tears. She reached up to touch Uubuu's face and hopefully calm him down. Just as her hand got close to his face, Uubuu pushed Marron out of his way. He didn't intend to use a lot of force, but she flew and hit the wall. She groaned as she got up, wiping away tears that escaped from the impact.

Uubuu cursed under his breath that his didn't control his strength, but didn't turn around. If he did, Marron would've saw the river of tears flowing down his face. "You know, you deserve someone like Trunks. Someone who would treat you like shit. Because you treat those who love you with everything they have like theyre shit. Your gold digging mother is better than you are. At least she knows when someone loves her. I don't ever want to see you again, we're getting a divorce Marron." Uubuu ran down the stairs and out the door.

Marron, fell down to her knees and began bawling hysterically. She cried so hard that her body racked with each sob. She laid on the floor and cried herself to sleep. But before she fell into slumber she said,

"Uubuu, I love you so much. Don't leave us.