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Saiyajin Revived
Chapter 5


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Strength, Love, and Beauty

Bra stood in the middle of the hospital room watching her husband pack all of her and their children's belongings. She inwardly laughed at the scene playing before her, Goten folding her nightgowns in a business suit with a teddy bear tucked under his arm.

That's my man!

Goten took notice of Bra's amused expression and said,

"B-chan you can help me a little."

"Why should I. I'm the one who spewed three lives from my body. You can handle packing for me."

"Okay, since you put it that way. Why do I have the feeling that youre going to milk that reason for all its worth?" Bra walked over to her husband and wrapped her slender arms around him and purred,

"You know I am. My mom taught me well." Goten turned around and sat on the bed and pulled Bra onto his lap. He nipped her ear as she slowly closed her eyes. She ran her hands through his hair, which looked exactly like his father's again.

"Well, if you have something to milk, I want something to milk." Goten ran his hand up Bra's inner thigh under her skirt. She moaned from the feeling of his warm hand on her skin. She turned her head to kiss his lips but was interrupted by an all too familiar humph.

Goten and Bra looked towards the door to see Vegeta standing there. Goten face was a fair shade of pink. He knew Vegeta was probably standing there for a while. She got off of Goten's lap and went to hug her daddy. Vegeta walked into the room and said,

"Boy, she's barely healed and you have three offsprings to care for. Do you really want more so soon?" Goten turned a bright fuchsia and stood to face Vegeta.

"Vegeta, why are you here?" Vegeta looked down at the floor then directed his answer to Bra.

"You mother sent me to help you and your mate get the brats to your house." Bra shook her head, knowing her father was still upset that she got pregnant by Goten. She said to her father through the bond,

"Get over it daddy. You see he's here taking care of me."

"I don't care. You are too young to be a wife and mother. On top of that, the wife of a third class Saiyajin! He should've been more careful."

"You know he didn't get me pregnant by himself. I played a pretty big part in it!"

"Well you both should've been more careful. You're so young, you're giving up so much."

"Daddy, you've been around Gohan too long. I'm 19 years old and the co-president of one of the world's top companies. I've probably experienced more things than an average woman my age would've experience before I was 15."

"Bra, you're not average, YOU'RE A PRINCESS!"

"I'm a princess of a dying race daddy! As a princess shouldn't I try to preserve the race I'm supposed to be ruling? Well, I'm doing that with the man I've loved since I knew what love was, who just happens to be half Saiyajin like me! You're just upset that Goten is Goku's son!"

Goten noticed the tension between Bra and Vegeta. He couldn't help but feel bad. He knew the tension was because of him. He and Bra talked about her relationship with her father and she simply told him, Stay out of it. I wouldn't get involved with you and your parents relationship, so stay out of mine. Goten saw his wife's mouth begin to move although she was still talking telepathically, he knew she was getting upset. He took it upon himself to interrupt them by changing the subject.

"Vegeta, I thought Trunks was coming to help." Vegeta and Bra looked at Goten peeved that he interrupted their conversation. Goten in turn smiled like his father. Bra shook her head again and smiled.

"You big lug, I was about to set my daddy straight."

"I know but let's wait until we get the kids home."

"Trunks wasn't able to make it. He needed to help Bulma and your mother." Goten and Bra knew that was the excuse Bulma made Vegeta tell them. They both knew Trunks was most likely too much of an emotional wreck to help them out right now. The couple said in unison,


Just then the nurses arrived with the baby Saiyajins. Vegetas usual scowl was replaced with a warm smile at the sight of his grandchildren. He walked over to the bassinets and stuck his index finger the first one. The child who resembles him with Trunks hair color grabbed the extended finger. Vegeta smile brightened impressed with the childs strength. He repeated the process with the other two children and thought to himself,

Yes, they will be excellent Saiyajin warriors. Too bad they are the last.

Goten continued gathering all the items in the room and placed them into a capsule, then placed the capsule in his pocket. Bra started to bundle the children up, preparing them for their first venture outside. Vegeta grabbed two of the babies, as if they were footballs. Bra grabbed the remaining child and headed towards the door. Goten stopped her and lifted her into his arms and followed Vegeta down the hall. Bra and Goten yelled as Vegeta was about to go out of a window.

"Vegeta stop!"

"What the hell are you fussing about boy!"

"What do you think youre doing!"

"Going to your house! What else would I be doing?!"

"Daddy, you're not about to fly with the babies! They'll get cold! Besides they're not used to all that wind!"

"Are both of you stupid? I will increase my ki to keep them warm. I did this to both of you when you came home from the hospital!"

Bra and Goten looked at each other both with very confused expressions on their faces.

"Daddy, what are you talking about? You do realize this is Goten not Trunks right?"

"I know who he is! Who do you think helped ChiChi deliver Goten and get home once he was born. Gohan? I don't think so. When ChiChi was released from this medical facility, Gohan carried her and I carried Goten."

Bra and Goten looked surprised to hear this information. It was known that Vegeta was a prominent male figure in Goten's life, since Goku wasnt alive to help raise him most of the time. But neither Bra nor Goten knew the man was there for Goten since the day he was born.

Goten looked at his wife and asked her telepathically,

"Do you think that why he's so upset with our relationship? Because he probably sees me as a son?"

"I don't know. But that would explain some things."

Vegeta looked at his daughter and her husband, then stepped out the window and took off with his grandchildren to Mount Paozu. He heard Bra and Goten's mental conversation.

Boy, that's exactly why.


Yamucha walked down the street towards the restaurant he ate lunch at the day before. Before he got to the restaurant, he stopped in the small floral shop a couple of doors away from the eatery. He bought two dozen long stemmed red roses. He told Puar to go to Goku and ChiChi's house and he would meet her there with his date. Yamucha stood in front of the restaurant and looked at his watch.

11:51am. I'll give her until 12:15pm. Women like her are usually casually late.

Yamucha thought about Califa and the way she made him feel just in the few minutes they'd spoke. He knew there was something special to this woman. She brought a level of anxiety in his heart. Not the type of anxiety like he was going to get hurt or die again, but the type of anxiety that made him look forward to seeing her over and over again.

I haven't felt that way about anyone since since Bulma. Maybe she's what I thought Bulma would be for me. Yamucha, you're moving a little fast, aren't you? You don't even know her last name.

"I see you didn't stand me up Yamucha and you're prompt. I like that." Yamucha turned around to see the stunning woman before him. She dressed in a short denim skirt, white baby tee, and white sneakers. Yamucha noticed her silky, coffee-toned stomach and legs.

Kami! She is beautiful!

"Well thank you very much. I see you are a very prompt woman yourself. I love that." Califa gave Yamucha a familiar smirk. Her topaz eyes glistened as she saw the roses that were at Yamucha's side.

"Are those for me?" Califa said as she pointed towards the roses. Yamucha followed her hand and saw it was pointed towards the bundle of flowers in his hand. Yamucha blushed slightly and said,

"Oh, yeah, these are for you", then handed the roses to her. Califa gave a slight smile, smelled the roses, and gave one to Yamucha.

"They're beautiful, thank you. So what do you have plan today Yamucha?" Yamucha was lost in the womans eyes and didn't hear her question. He snapped out of his daze once she touched his shoulder.

" Huh?"

"I said what do you have planned today?"

"Well, a couple of old friends children just had triplets. So I thought we could go and visit them for a while and then well do whatever destiny calls for us to do." Califa smiled. She was intrigue by the man standing in front of her.

He seems like a free spirit, but at the same time he seems so reserved, like he's holding something back.

Yamucha smiled back at Califa and began walking. Califa's smile faded and she wondered what he was doing.

"Um, Yamucha wheres your car?" Yamucha turned and smiled at the model like woman frowning at him.

Whoa!!! I've seen that frown before. But where?

"Well, I didn't bring one. I have a little surprise about how were traveling today. Are you afraid of heights?" Califa looked at Yamucha suspiciously; wondering what he was talking about.

"No, I'm not afraid of heights, why?

"Because were flying today." Yamucha smiled at the brown skinned beauty before him then said, "Follow me."

Califa followed Yamucha to a side street expecting to see a helicopter or small plane. When she didn't see either she stopped walking.

"Yamucha, what are you up to? I thought you said were going to fly."

"We are, but you gotta trust me. I promise you I don't bite." Yamucha walked towards Califa slowly and gently lifted her into his arms. He then slowly levitated off the ground and took off towards Mount Paozu.

"You can fly?!" Califa looked Yamucha directly in the eyes. "But how?"

He's human, isn't he?

"I think happy thoughts." Califa wrapped her arms around Yamucha's neck and rested her head on his shoulder.

How can a human fly? Who taught him? Maybe, maybe he knows Vegeta!

I would've expected her to freak out or something when I lifted off the ground. She most definitely is a unique woman.


Gohan and Videl was in the kitchen at the Satan manor. They decided to move into Videl's childhood home when Pan entered her junior year of high school. Hurcule moved into a smaller house connected to the estate. She was putting some final touches on her famous crab cakes while Gohan was busy trying to steal a couple of them.

"Gohan stop! I don't know if this is going to be enough to feed all of you as it is!"

"Honey, you fixed 750 crab cakes. That's more than enough considering my mom has cooked also. Beside the food is supposed to be just snacks. This here is good enough for me and Goten, maybe my dad."

"Gohan, baby, GO AWAY. Go make sure Pan is up and ready to go." Gohan nodded to his wife and left the kitchen.

Once his was out of the kitchen, he took the two crabcakes hidden in his pockets out and devoured one of them. He walked to the foyer of the house and decided to levitate up to the second floor. Julie, the maid who has worked for the Sons for four years, was dusting a vase in the vestibule when she looked up at Gohan and smiled.

"Mr. Gohan, you know Ms. Videl doesn't like it when you do that." Gohan looked down at her and blushed like a little kid.

"Lets keep this our secret Julie, please?" Julie laughed and went back to her work.

Working for the Son family is an experience indeed.

Gohan walked down the hall to Pans room and stood outside her door. He didn't talk to her after he came home last night. He knew she would be upset that he went to Trunks to find out what happened between them, but he couldn't stand seeing her being despondent. He lightly tapped on the door and waited for her response. When he didn't get one, he knocked a little harder and called out her name. Pan opened the door and let her father into the room. She was still in her nightgown and her hair was all tangled on her head.

"Pan, why aren't you dressed? We're almost ready to go."

"I'm not going dad." Pan sat on her bed and began fiddling with one of her many stuffed animals. Gohan looked at his daughter sitting on her bed and had to force back the many memories of the late night talks about his dad's death and the crush on the mysterious boy.

"What do you mean youre not going? These are your cousins and you're their godmother. You have to be there." Gohan walked over to Pan's vanity and picked up the silver brush she got for her sweet 16th birthday from his mother then went to sit on the bed beside her. He began brushing her ebony hair.

"Dad, Trunks will be there. I don't want to see him right now." Pan's voice was a little louder than a peep. Gohan sighed. He knew somehow Pan and Trunks belonged together, even if he didn't want it to be true.

"Panny I talked to Trunks yesterday." Pan turned her head to look at her father. Gohan stopped brushing her hair and looked at his only child.

Oh, boy she is going to go off.

"I know, when you tried to beat the snot out of him and turned Super Saiyajin 5. So?"

"No Pan. I went to talk to him last night at his office." Pan's already large eyes got larger as she looked at her father like a foreign object. She growled under her breath and said to her father in a low tone,

"You what? I thought I asked, no told you to stay out of it!" Pan jumped off the bed and glared at her father. "You betrayed me."

"No, Pan, I didn't. I needed to know what he did to make you so upset. It was killing me to see you so distraught." Pan facial expression softened slightly but it was still very evident she was very angry.

"So you want to know what he did to me dad? He cheated on me! He cheated on me with that floozy bitch Sora! I was willing to spend the rest of my life with him and he cheated on me with a broad who only wants him as status quo! I'm supposed to be his fucking life-mate and he cheated on me!" By this time Pan was screaming and Videl had run upstairs to find out what was going on.

Gohan walked over to his daughter and held her in his arms. When Gohan wrapped his arms around Pan she broke down into deep sobs. Her legs gave way under her and she fell to the floor. Gohan still held her while they were both on the floor. He began rocking her as she cried. Videl stood by the door with tears in he eyes. The last time her daughter cried this hard was when Goku died. Gohan turned to look at his wife and mentally asked her to let him and Pan have a moment alone. Videl nodded and softly closed the door.

When Videl left, Gohan lifted his daughter's face to his. He looked her directly in her eyes and spoke to her via their bond,

"Panny, I need you to listen to me. Trunks is your life-mate. Nothing can and will ever change that."

"But dad, he cheated on me. I can't forgive him for that." Gohan thought of a way that would make Pan and Trunks work out this problem without his interfering too much.

"Pan did he tell you he cheated on you or did you catch him?"

"I caught him in his office asleep with that, that Sora. And Dad, they were in a very convicting position."

"Did you give him a chance to explain?"

"Explain what?! There was no need for explanation. I saw all I needed to see."

Gohan smiled at his little girl. She was falling right into his plan. He stopped talking through the bond and said,

"Pan let me tell you a story about me and your mom while we were in college. This was right after we bonded. She had this friend named Sharpner. I found out a couple of weeks before we bonded that they were a hot item before I came along. Well, one day after class, I decided to come over here to surprise your mom. Well, when I got to the front gate, I saw your mom and Sharpner kissing each other."

Pan eyes widened at the realization that her mother cheated on her father. Gohan eyes showed pain as if the incident was happening before his eyes but he continued.

"When I saw that Pan, it felt like my heart had been ripped out. I turned heel and flew home as fast as I could. Your mom called me but I refused to talk to her. She came over and I wouldn't let her come in. I finally told her what I saw and she quickly tried to explain the situation. She told me that she tutored Sharpner and he was leaving her house. He asked for a kiss on the cheek and when she got close enough he grabbed her and kissed her on the lips. What I didnt see was her slap him. Of course, I didn't really believe her but something inside of me told me I had to trust her. I eventually found out that Sharpner was planning on taking your mother from me. Well, needless to say, that didn't happen." Pan looked at her father, curious to know what this story has to do with her and Trunks.

"Little bit, what I'm saying is you have to look with your heart, not just your eyes. Listen to your bond. It will very rarely lead you astray. Trunks told me side of the story and I could see how you could get very angry but you need to stop and listen to what he has to say. If something inside of you tells you he's lying then you can walk away knowing you did the right thing." Gohan held Pan close and kissed her on her forehead, then nuzzled his chin on the top of her head, like his did when she was a little girl. Pan lifted her head and look at her father.

"Daddy, thank you for being you. I know you're not very smitten on the idea of me and Trunks, right now I'm not either, but you're trying to get us back together." Gohan smiled and blinked back tears that were threatening to escape his eyes.

"No Pan, I'm not totally okay with you and Trunks being together but I'm obsessed with making you happy. If that means getting you and Trunks back together, then I'll die trying to do it. You're my baby girl." Pan hugged her father very tight and kissed him on the cheek. She stood up out of her father's embrace and ran to the bathroom to get ready. Gohan stood and watched his daughter saunter to the washroom. He thought to himself,

When exactly did she grow up? Where was I? She still looks like my baby girl but she's having grown up problems. She is willing to give her life to another man other than me! Kami, it's not fair.

Before leaving the room Gohan turned and allowed a memory to play in his mind.


"Daddy, I think I'm in love with this guy but I don't think he feels the same. How can I get him to love me back?" Pan looked at her father, who was surprised by his little girls last statement and question.

"Pan, you're only 16 years old! How you could you love someone already?" Pan blushed as Gohan sat on the bed and began brushing her hair.

"I don't know, I just do! And I want him to love me too. Please daddy how can I make him?" Pan looked at Gohan through the mirror in her hand with pleading eyes.

"Panny, you can't make someone love you, they just do. If he really cares for you it will happen soon enough. Who is this boy?" Gohan asked hoping he could go and scare the hell out of the kid who stole his daughter's heart.

"It's a secret. But I will tell you that hes smart and handsome and every girl I know, with the exception of his sister is head over heels for him." Gohan smiled thinking his daughter was in love with some rock star.

"And what song does he sing?"

"What? Daddy, I'm serious. He's somebody I really know. You'd actually like him. He has some qualities that remind me of you."

"Like what?" Pan thought for a moment then turned around to face her father.

"Well, like I said he's smart like you. He's strong like you, but of course he's no where near as Saiyajin's strength. He's caring like you and I have great talks with him, like you." Gohan laughed and said,

"Well it sounds like this guy has taken Trunks place. You know he's going to be jealous." Pan turned a beet red and jumped into her fathers lap.

"Daddy! Trunks was a childhood crush. I'm practically an adult now." Gohan wrapped his arms around his daughter and said,

"Yeah, I know, but you will always be my little girl and no boy can ever take you from me." Pan smiled and looked at her father.

" Daddy, no one can ever take your place."


Gohan wiped the tears that escaped and exited the room.

My little girl's grown up.


ChiChi, Bulma, Juuhachi, Puar, and Marron were putting the last touches on the decorations in Goten and Bra's house. Krillin, Goku, and Uubuu sat outside talking about nothing. Master Roshi and Oolong were being their usual hentai selves. (Yes Master Roshi is still alive; someone told me he wished for eternal life with the dragonballs, so I decided not to kill him.) Trunks was sulking in one of the bedrooms of the house.

Goten moved into the house next to his parents after Gohan and Videl decided to move to Satan City. When he and Bra got married he was going to move to a house closer to Capsule Corp. but Bra insisted that they stay by Mount Paozu. So instead, they expanded the house, tremendously. The three bedroom house was turned into a fifteen bedroom mansion with a grand ballroom, formal dining area, two gravity rooms, a restaurant style kitchen for their Saiyajin appetite, and a underground lab area for Bra's inventions.

The ladies decorated the grand ballroom in light blue and pink ribbons. To one side of the room there were enough gifts to start a small baby store. To the other side of the room there was enough food to easily feed 100 people, but that would a nice lunch for two pureblooded, four half, and one quarter Saiyajin, and a reincarnate of Buu.

Videl and Pan came into the ballroom to join the other women. All eyes immediately fell on Pan. Pan was dressed in black boot-cut jeans, black stiletto-heeled boots, and a tight black tank top with the words Mega Bitch across the chest in rhinestones. The tank top looked as if it had been ripped to show off her very toned stomach. All the women were surprised at how sexy she looked.

"Whats everybody staring at?" Pan asked in an annoyed tone. She knew they were surprised by the way she was dressed but she felt that didn't give them a reason to gawk at her.

"Have you been in Bra's closet Pan? I've never seen you dressed like this. But I like it!" Bulma said as she walked towards Pan. She hadn't seen the Pan since before the young woman left for Australia. ChiChi ran over to her granddaughter. She also hadn't seen her since before her trip either.

"What happened to you?!" ChiChi shouted as she turned Pan around, examining her new look. She ran her fingers through Pan's short hair. Pan pulled away from her grandmother and frowned,

"Nothing happened to me! And no, I haven't been in Bra's closet. These are my clothes and I cut my hair in Australia! I just wanted to change my look a little."

"That's more than a little change. The cute little tomboy became a dominatrix over a two-week time span." Juuhachi said as she admired her friends only childs new look. Videl turned to look at Juuhachi and laughed. She was trying to figure out a name for Pan's new style and dominatrix fit the style perfectly.

"Whatever. Where am I putting these gifts?" Pan said as she pulled a capsule out of her back pocket. ChiChi pointed to the rest of the gifts and Pan pressed the capsule button and sat it near the gift area. "Where's grandpa?"

ChiChi rolled her eyes and said, "Where else would he be? In back playing with the other guys." Pan started towards the door than quickly turned around. All the women knew what she was going to ask.

"No, Trunks is not with them. He's upstairs in one of the rooms." Marron said with a slight smile on her face. Pan face dropped for a brief moment then she smiled and said,

"I don't care. He can be wherever he wants to be", then walked out of the room.

When Pan left the room all the women, with the exception of Puar, exploded into laughter. Videl said in between laughs,

"You should've seen Gohan's face when she came down stairs in that outfit. I thought he was going to faint. Just wait until Goku sees her." Bulma smiled and said,

"Wait until Master Roshi sees her. He's going to be obsessed with her from this day on."

ChiChi joined into the conversation by saying,

"We all know who that outfit is for, right?" All the women, less Puar, looked at each other and said in unison, "TRUNKS!!!" then broke into more laughter.

Puar was utterly confused and didn't see anything funny.

Was that Pan? No! That couldn't have been her. She looked so...different. And why would she dress like that for Trunks. Aren't they together already?

The ladies saw Puar's expression and started to clue her in on what they knew. Once she understood the situation she began to giggle and suddenly stopped. Marron asked Puar in a concerned voice,

"What's wrong?"

"Aren't you guys concerned that they won't get back together?" ChiChi, Bulma, and Videl smiled at each other and then Puar. ChiChi then said,

"They'll get back together. It's their destiny."


Goku and Uubuu were in a light sparring match while Krillin and Gohan looked on. Pan walked out of the house and gave her Uncle Krillin a kiss on top of his head.

"What's up Krillin." Pan said as she began watching the sparring match. Krillin said, still watching the playful fight said,

"Nothing much kiddo. How are you?"

"Oh, I'm fine."

"Are you sure?" Krillin turned to look at Pan and got the shock of his life. His quickly turned his head the opposite way and said in a wary voice, "Um, Panny? Why are you dressed like that?"

Pan rolled her eyes and thought to herself,

What with everybody!!! Can't I change my style without people freaking out!

Gohan took noted to Pan's expression and figured his mom just screamed at her for the way she was dressed. He smiled at his daughter and said to Krillin, "She's just exploring different styles. Honestly, I like it for a club scene." Pan looked at her father and said to him through their bond,

"Thanks Dad. You're the greatest."

"I know.

Krillin shrugged his shoulders and started watching the fight again. He turned just in time to see Uubuu pummel to the ground. Goku slowly floated down and helped Uubuu up. He started walking towards Krillin, Gohan, and Pan. The closer Goku walked towards Pan, the wider his smile got. When he was about ten feet away from her, he started singing,

"Someone's trying to make Trunks lose the rest of his mind." Gohan turned head away from the crowd ignoring his fathers teasing song. Pan started to blush and ran to her grandfather.

"Hi grandpa. Are we going to spar today?" Goku held his granddaughter's hand and spun her around to see the ensemble she was wearing.

"Not with that outfit on, lil bit." Goku said in his usual cheery voice.

"Don't worry I brought a gi with me." Pan smiled and hugged Goku again. Uubuu looked at Pan like he saw a ghost. He came up to his friend and she gave him a quick hug. He pushed her back and said,

"Pan, don't take offense to what I'm about to say but, WHERE WAS ALL THIS BODY WHEN I WAS TRYING TO GET UP WITH YOU GIRL!!! Damn, are you trying to kill Trunks or something!" Gohan and Goku were surprised by Uubuus statement. Krillin slightly powered up out of anger but tried to repress it.

"Hello! Father in law standing front of you, shitbrain!" Krillin said in a low growl.

Uubuu laughed like nothing was wrong and said, "Chill out Krillin! Pan and me are 100% friends. I tried to date her after she, Trunks, and Goku came back from the grand tour but it didn't work out." Gohan looked at Pan with confusion written across his face.

"Pan how come you didn't tell me about this?"

"Because it wasn't worth mentioning. Dad, Uubuu is like a brother to you and Goten and I sort of always thought of him as my second uncle."

"Oh, okay."

The gang outside of the house heard Bulma yelling which meant Vegeta was back with Bra, Goten and the babies. The gang went into the house and saw Bulma waving a fist at Vegeta and screaming at him about being a dummy.

"Vegeta you were supposed to use to plane capsule I gave you! What if you dropped one of them!" Vegeta frowned, looked at his wife and said,

"But I didn't drop them. Besides, they're Saiyajin. They could've handled a bump on their head." Bulma let out an exasperated breath, screamed at Vegeta and walked away. ChiChi quietly reminded Bulma that he brought Trunks, Goten, and Bra home that way and they made it home okay.

Once the tension died down everyone start cooing over the babies. Goku picked up the little girl and started making goofy faces at her. She looked at her grandfather and smiled that traditional Son smile. Goku smiled back at her and handed her to his wife.

"Bra? Goten? What are their names?" Krillin asked the proud couple. Goten and Bra smiled at each and gathered the babies back. Goten held all three babies in his arms and said to the group.

"Well, me and Bra decided we would name the children according to who and what they remind us of." Bra took over from there she walked in front of Goten and said,

"We're going to introduce them from oldest to youngest." Bra picked up the baby who looked like a hybrid of Trunks and Vegeta. " This little guy reminded me and Goten of Daddy and Trunks. So we named him Ryoku Vegeta Son because when you think of my daddy, you think of pure brute strength." Bra picked up the baby and handed him to her father. Vegeta looked at Ryoku, then to Bra and Goten.

"The child's name is sufficient." Vegeta said in his usual regal tone. He said to Bra mentally,

"I know you thought up the name. I do like it." Bra smiled at her father and said,

"Actually Goten thought up the name. I wanted to name him Jeremy."

Vegeta looked at Goten and nodded his approval. Goten smiled back at him. Bra continued with the introductions. She picked up the baby that resembled Goku and Goten.

"This is our middle child. At first I wanted to name him Kakarotto Goten, but me and Goten decided that we should stick to our theme. Goku, he looks exactly like you and Goten, so much that it's freaky! So we named him Aikou Kakarotto Son. We chose that name mainly because Goku emanates love and everyone with a heart can't help but love him." Vegeta humphed at his daughters statement. Bra turned to her father and said,

"Daddy stop! You know you love Goku just as much as the rest of us." Vegeta blushed slightly and everyone began laughing. Vegeta threatened to blast all of them if they didn't shut up. A few people shut up but some laughed harder. Bra continued with the introductions for Aikou and handed Goku his look-alike.

Goten held the youngest, and only girl, of his children, Bra smiled at him and allowed him to do the introductions because she knew how much he loved his mom and her mom alike.

"Well mom, Bulma. Our daughter totally reminds us of both of you. She took her own sweet time coming out and she always seems to demand attention. So we named her Kaijin Chi-ma Son. We chose Kaijin because she is beautiful, just like both of her grandmothers and Chi-ma is a combination of both of your names." Goten smiled and handed Kaijin to ChiChi, who turned to Bulma as they both cooed and smiled despite the fact that they were crying. Everyone started gathering around the babies again. Gohan went over to his little brother and smiled,

"That was very sweet of you and Bra to name your kids in dedication of Mom, Dad, Vegeta, and Bulma." Goten smirked at his brother and said,

"I had to do something. You know they were all still mad that Bra got pregnant. Besides it's only appropriate. Theyre our next group of Z fighters, why not name them after the originals.

In the mist of everyone crowding around the babies, no one noticed that Yamucha and his date had come in. Yamucha and Califa stood off to the side, watching the celebration of the new Saiyajins. Suddenly, Goku's head popped up.

"Yamucha! Hey buddy! You look great!" Everyone turned to look at one of the original Z fighters. ChiChi and Bulma smiled; both women have a special love for the man. Goten and Gohan ran towards the man. Pan and Bra rolled their eyes; both women despise him. Krillin, Videl, Roshi, and Oolong smiled but stayed rooted in their spot. Juuhachi and Marron looked indifferent. But Vegeta, Vegeta had a look of curiosity on his face. He noticed Yamucha and how young he looked, but he was more concerned about the woman on his arm.

I know her, I think. But that can't be her, can it? Califa?

Califa looked back at Vegeta and noticed the woman holding on to his arm. She also noticed the younger woman who looked exactly like the woman holding on to Vegeta.

Is that Bulma Briefs entangled with Vegeta? Why?! What is she to him? And who is that woman who looks exactly like Bulma Briefs? She has to be her offspring. But is she also Vegeta's?