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Saiyajin Revived
Chapter 6


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Let's get ready to ...rumble?

Trunks heard the official introduction of his niece and nephews.  He smiled as he heard the babies names and where they were inspired from, but tears slowly filled his eyes.  He could sense his life mate was in the ballroom, she'd even said a brash hello through their bond, but she didn't seem to feel like he did.   He could even smell her from the top of the stairway where he sat.

She smells so good.  I need to touch her and taste her.  Now.

Suddenly, something came over Trunks.  He didn't care if Pan was angry with him.  He didn't care that Gohan was downstairs.  He wanted his woman and he wanted her now.  He stood up from the stairs and started down them in a trace-like pace.  His heart began beating faster than normal but he wasn't afraid, it was more like a when one is anticipating a great battle.  Out of instinct, the demi-Saiyajin growled and then laughed impishly.

Downstairs in the ballroom, a black-cladded Pan looked towards the foyer in curiosity.  She could've sworn she heard him laugh manically through the bond.  She could see Trunks coming down the stairs slowly.  The quarter Saiyajin bit her bottom lip at the sight of the handsome man.  She could sense that something was a little different about him.  She decided to drop her anger for one moment to ask him through their bond,

"Trunks, what's wrong with you!?"

There was no reply from Trunks.  Pan walked away from the crowd and towards the foyer.  Before she could make it to the ballrooms entranceway, she found Trunks standing right next to her.  Pan stepped back from Trunks, not sure of what she saw in his eyes.  She asked her boyfriend verbally,

"What the hell is wrong with you!?  Answer me!"  Trunks eyed Pan's outfit and licked his lips hungrily.  He growled again, sending chills up Pan spine. It was then she knew exactly what he wanted. 

Gohan, Vegeta, Bulma, and Videl turned in time to see Trunks roughly throw Pan over his shoulder and walk out of the ballroom.  Pan was yelling but really didn't fight back.  Videl and Bulma smiled at each other, knowing what was to happen next.  Gohan frowned but then smiled at the fact that his daughter would be happy again.  Vegeta dismissed the previous scene with a low humph and turned back to Yamucha and the woman who looked too familiar.

Both Gohan and Goten gave Yamucha a jovial hug.  Both of the men loved Yamucha dearly.  He had become like a second father to Gohan when Goku died after the Cell Games.  Yamucha was pretty much always there for Goten.  Yamucha hugged the men back and smiled at the two.  He loved both men dearly and hated the fact that he shied away from them for so long.  He looked at Goten and then Bra, who was standing off to the side with Ryoku in her arms.

"Goten, Bra, I'm so sorry that I missed your wedding.  There is no good reason except for I was being a self indulgent jerk."  Bra looked at Yamucha then looked away mimicking one of her fathers actions.  Goten smiled, nodded his head, and said,

"Yamucha don't sweat it.  What matters to me is that you are here now.  The past is the past."  Yamucha smiled and shook the younger man's hand. 

Goku smiled at the sight before him. Goku knew of the role Yamucha played to his sons and was eternally grateful to the man.  He also knew that ChiChi relied on Yamucha after his untimely death.  Instead of being angry with the man or his wife, he thanked Yamucha upon his return for help keeping his family thriving.  Yamucha, however, fell extremely guilty, not only because of his actions but because he found himself falling in love with one of his best friends' family. Because of that and his undying love for Bulma, Yamucha left and ran away from the Z fighters.

Vegeta grew tired of the sappy event occurring before him and was about to say something until Bulma bombarded Yamucha a series of questions,

"Yamucha how are you?  Where have you been!  Oh my, look at you!  You look so young!  Who's your plastic surgeon?  Who's your friend?"  Vegeta looked at Bulma, still amazed after all of their years together of how fast she could talk.  Yamucha smiled, happy that Bulma was still the spicy woman he knew and loved.  He looked over the crowd and saw everyone was waiting for his reply.  He took in a breath and thought to himself.

How do I explain I asked Shenlong too make me younger and to make me rich.  They'll hate me, I know it!

Yamucha smiled and began,

"Well, I'm great Bulma!  Actually I'm the best I've been in years.  I left to, um, work some things out, physically and emotionally.  As far as my plastic surgeon, well, um you all know him.  His name is, um, Shenlong."  Everyone in the room except for Puar, Califa, Juuhachi, and Vegeta gasped at Yamucha last statement.   Krillin walked towards Yamucha and asked in a low tone,

"You went to Shenlong for your appearance?"  Yamucha nodded warily as he scanned his old friends expressions.  Krillin thought for a moment then said,

"Gees!  Why didn't I think of that!"  Just then, everyone started talking all at once about how great of an idea Yamucha had.  Krillin, ChiChi and Bulma immediately decided they would do the same.  All three felt kind of weird walking around with their spouses, who looked years younger than them. 

Vegeta growled to hush the crowd.  He walked over to Yamucha, a man he never liked, and said to the man.

"Shenlong, does things in two, what else did he do for you.  Also, you didn't Bulmas last question, who's the woman, introduce her."  Bulma looked at Vegeta quizzically.  She was curious to know why Vegeta wanted to know who Yamucha's girlfriend was.  She looked at the woman and back at her husband.  Through the bond she asked,

"Vegeta, why are you so curious about Yamucha's girlfriend?  Who is she?"

"Quiet woman!!!" 

With that, Vegeta closed the bond and refused to look at his wife.  Bulma glared at Vegeta and Califa. She was extremely angry and confused but decided to let things unfold on their own accord. Yamucha stared down at Vegeta with contempt, still after all these years, and said in a sarcastic tone,

"To be just like you Vegeta." Vegeta stared at Yamucha and smirked. Yamucha knew Vegeta could kill him in a heartbeat, but he wouldn't give Vegeta the satisfaction of cowardice from him. Vegeta was impressed with Yamucha new confidence. Yamucha never stood up to him. 

Califa saw the two men mentally challenging each other. She really wanted to see them fight but she wanted the fight to be for her, not over a grudge. She decided to stop this childish quarrel by stepping in front of Yamucha and introducing herself. Bulma stepped right next to Vegeta, uncomfortable with the close distance between Vegeta and the other woman. Califa cleared her throat and spoke,

"Thank you for allowing me to join in on your festivities. My name is Califa." She extended her hand to Vegeta. Bulma, instead grabbed Califa's hand and said in a threatening voice,

"How do you do Califa. I'm Bulma, Vegeta's wife, mother of his two children, mate for life and beyond. You know, the Queen of his castle." Califa looked at Bulma with surprise written on her face. Bulma looked at Califa with daring eyes. 

Okay, Vegeta has some kind of history with this woman.  What I'm going to find out is when this history occurred and what type of history is it.  Then I'll make him wish he never had met this, this lady.

Bra looked at her mother face off with Califa.  She didn't quite understand why.  She looked at her father who turned away from the two women.  She could tell he was working something out in his head.  She walked over and handed Ryoku to Uubuu.  She then stood directly in front of her father.

"Daddy, what's going on?  Why is mom giving Yamucha's girlfriend a stare down?"

"Your mother doesn't know why she challenging that woman."  Bra looked her father in the eyes and continued,

"But you do.  Do you know this woman?  Huh?

"Yes I do."  Bra stepped closer to her father, still looking in his eyes.


"Bra it was a long time ago.  It will be very complicated to explain to you, your mother, and Trunks.  But I do need to speak to that woman alone." 

Bra then did something she thought she would never do.  She pulled her hand back and struck her father with all her might.  Vegeta flew back into a table.  He stood and prepared to teach his daughter a lesson she wouldn't soon forget.

She struck me!  Bra has never attempted to hit me nor have I attempted to hit her! 

"You cheated on her!!!  Daddy how could you!  With Yamucha's girlfriend!  How could you stoop so low!"  Bra screamed at her father.  She launched towards her father, ready to attack him again.  Goten flew to block Bra from attacking Vegeta.  When she tried to go around him, Goten grabbed her in a bear hug to restrain her.  Bulma looked at Bra, then Vegeta, then back to Califa.  Califa stood confidently  ready for any attack the human would throw.

I won't underestimate her although she's a pitiful human woman.  She must be strong to be with Vegeta.  Look at her offspring. She fights like a Saiyajin.  The young woman is most definitely Vegeta's.  But the man who grabbed her is stronger than her.  Is he Saiyajin also?

Bulma stepped closer to Califa with fire in her eyes.  In a low serious tone, Bulma asked,

"How do you know my husband.  What business do you have with him, tell me now."  Califa smirked in a fashion that made Bulma step back. 

What the hell?  Thats Vegeta's smirk!

Califa remained cool and replied to Bulma,

"I think you need to ask Vegeta that question.  I'm not the one who should tell you or your children."  Yamucha looked at the confusion going on and pulled Califa close to him.

"Califa, whats going on!  How do you know Vegeta?  Why is everybody so uptight now!" 

Califa placed her hand on Yamucha's head and said to him telepathically,

"Yamucha, I am Saiyajin.  Vegeta and I know each other.  Well, at least we used to.  I will explain everything to you, first, Vegeta needs to explain this to his mate and children."

Yamucha stood back and looked at the beautiful woman before him.  He was amazed and confused.  He thought to himself.

SHE A SAIYAJIN!!!  Oh my Kami!  How is it that every woman I have  feelings for has something to do with Vegeta or Goku?  Is my life cursed to being overshadowed by Saiyajins?  Did she just speak to my mind!?  I really need a drink!

Califa turned around just in time to catch Bulma hand across her face.  The slap didn't hurt her but she would never let anyone shame her like that, much less a human, even if she is Vegeta's mate.  Califa smiled and placed her hand out in front of her.  Her palm was facing Bulma and her thumb was folded towards her palm. 

Goku noticed this movement and knew a ki blast was coming.  He ran in front of Bulma just as Califa yelled Big Bang Attack.  Goku fully absorbed the blast.  His clothes were shredded but the blast wasn't strong enough to harm him, although it would've done serious damage to Bulma. 

Every one in the room, less Vegeta, was shocked at what Califa did.  Puar, Oolong, Roshi, and Marron gathered the babies and quickly left the room.  Everyone else, except for Vegeta, Bulma, and Yamucha, assumed fighting positions.  Gohan asked in a commanding voice,

"Okay, who are you and what do you want."  Califa looked over to Vegeta and said,

"Vegeta, I really think you need to explain the situation now!"  Vegeta smirked and said in return,

"Fine, Bulma, Bra, Califa, follow me."  Vegeta walked out of the room in his normal regal fashion.  Califa followed  with Bulma and Bra close behind her.  The rest of the Z fighters  looked on in utter confusion.  Yamucha found a liquor cabinet and began pouring shots of tequila.  He said out loud to himself, "I can't win for losing", then down the shot.


"Trunks let me go now!"  Trunks released Pan in mid air and stared at her with lust written all over his face.  Pan floated directly in front of her mate, wondering when she will get a response, outside of growling, from him. 

"What the hell is up with you!  Did I say I wanted to be with you?  This is not the pre-historic days where you can haul me off and get some anytime you deem fit!"  Trunks just looked at Pan with his family's trademark smirk.

How can I get her to shut up. Hmm. I know.

Trunks floated behind Pan.  He growled in her ear and grabbed her by the waist.  She attempted to get out of his hold, only to find him holding on tighter to her.  He slid the strap of her tank top over to kiss her bond mark.  Pan moaned from the feeling Trunks was giving her.  She admitted to herself that she missed his strong arms around her and the way he felt to her. 

Wait a second, Pan, you're mad at him!  He cheated on you!

Pan flared up her ki to get out of Trunks hold.  She quickly turned to look at him and said, 

"I don't want you.  You cheated on me, with that bitch."  Trunks smirked at Pan, totally ignoring her last statement.  He floated closer to her and slowly ran his hand over her cheek, down to her neck, and to the valley between her breasts.  Pan closed her eyes, loving the way Trunks strong, warm hands felt on her skin. 

Before she knew what was happening, Pan was in Trunks arms again.  This time she openly welcomed his embrace by wrapping her svelte arms around Trunks' neck.  Both Saiyajin hybrids kissed passionately.  Trunks broke the kiss and muttered breathlessly,

"Pan Son, I love you."  Pan nodded, indicating she fully understood.  Pan then formed a small, weak ki blast and threw it towards Trunks shoulder.  The blast was enough to disintegrate the material of the shirt on Trunks shoulder.  Pan then kissed Trunks neck and trailed down to his shoulder blade.  Trunks was doing the exact same action to her.  

Suddenly, Trunks gasped sharply and turned his head, only to see Pan had reaffirmed their bond.  He felt his blood trickle down onto the ruined silk shirt he had on.  He saw Pan had tears in her eyes.  When she bit him she was able to read every single thought that he was having.  It was then she found out the truth about her mate and Sora.  While still clamped onto his shoulder she moved her hands down to the small of Trunks back; a very sensitive area for Saiyajins and those of Saiyajin decent.  With the tip of her fingers, she slowly ran her fingers area the area where a tail should be.  Trunks shuddered in her arm and pulled away from her.  He looked at his life mate, whose face was smeared with his blood and said,

"Let's go home."  It was now Pan who had lust in her eyes.  She stared at the man before her and then flew off towards the house they both shared.


Vegeta went to one of the gravity rooms in the house.  The gravity room was sound proof  and he figured what he was about to say would cause Bulma and Bra to get extremely loud, so this room would keep everyone out of their business, for now.

Once the three women were in the room Vegeta closed the door.  Almost immediately Bulma and Bra started yelling at him.

"Vegeta, who the hell is this woman!  What have you done!  Is she Saiyajin?  How does she know your attack!  She was going to kill me!"

"Daddy I cant believe you!  You've ruined our family!"   Vegeta quickly grew tired of his wife and daughter's ranting.  He loudly yelled,

"Enough!  You haven't let me say one word since we got in here.  Now if you two would stop your incessant cackling I will tell you who Califa is!"  Bulma and Bra quickly hushed up and allowed Vegeta to speak.

"Bulma, you and I met on Namek but we didn't bond until two years later.  Up until I came back to you, before Kakkorot came back from Yardrat, I was involved in a relationship but never bonded.  Califa is one result of that relationship; she had a twin sister.  She is one and one half years older than Trunks.  I kept contact with her, her sister, and their mother until they were eight years old, then I lost contact.  I was told she and her sister was killed in battle along with their mother at that time.  I am surprised that she is still alive and that she has found me."  Bulma and Bra were awestricken by the news theyd just received.  Bulma looked at Califa examining the woman's face. 

By Kami, she looks like Vegeta!  But she has dark skin.  Why didn't he tell me after all these years!  She's my stepdaughter!

Bulma stepped closer to Califa, seeing her in a different perspective.  Califa looked at Bulma, unsure what the human would attempt to do.  She looked at Vegeta and back to Bulma, she saw the woman had tears in her eyes.  Califa was curious to why the woman was crying.

"Are you in pain?  Why are you crying?  I do apologize for the blast."  Califa asked in her normal regal voice.  Bulma thought to herself,

Dammit, she even talks like Vegeta.

"I'm crying because I was never told about you and you suddenly appear and your father acts like this is any other day."  Bulma went to touch Califa's face only to have Califa grab her hand in defense. "I only wanted to touch you", Bulma said in a squeaky voice.  Califa released her grip on Bulmas small hand and placed the hand on her cheek.  Bulma rubbed her stepdaughter's cheek where she originally slapped her. Bulma smiled at the woman and said through a shaky voice, "I'm sorry I hit you."

Califa smiled and said to her newfound stepmother,  "Don't worry, you didn't hurt me.  I only see one of your children here, where is the other one?"  Vegeta answered before Bulma could open her mouth.

"He is with his mate, who is partial Saiyajin, like him and his sister Bra."  Califa looked at Bra, who was still in a state of shock.  She knew she was mad but she didn't know at who.

Should I be mad at Califa or daddy.  No, I can't be mad at her, she had no say in this situation.  Daddy is the one to blame here.  How could he keep something like this any from us.  We're his family!   I have a big sister!  Oh my! How's Trunks going to take this.

Califa walked over to her little sister.  Bra looked at the woman in awe.  She wasn't quite sure if she wanted to believe that this woman was her sister.  Bra stepped closer to Califa and said,

"You're black.  I mean, you have dark skin and dad-,Vegeta has fair skin.  How is that."  Califa answered the question in a manner that showed she was asked the question a great deal in her life.

"Just like there are people of different colors and nationalities here on earth, my mother was a Burakku Saiyajin, they are Saiyajins with dark skin and curly hair.  I guess I took her color but my father's, I mean, Vegeta's straight hair.  My hair isn't stiff though."  Bra looked at Califa and asked the woman,

"Can I hug you?  I mean I know youre a full blooded Saiyajin and probably don't show a lot of emotion but I never had a sis..." Bra was cut off by Califa grabbing her tightly.  She sighed and hugged Califa back.

"I had a sister before but she died with my mother."  Califa let go of Bra and nodded to her.  " I think I will leave you all alone to talk about this.  I need to speak to Yamucha anyway."  Vegeta turned to Califa and asked her,

"What is Yamucha to you.  Is he your mate?  Because if he is I think it's fair to let you know that I disapprove of him and will make him fight for your honor and my respect."  Califa smirked at her long lost father and said,

"No Yamucha is not my mate Vegeta, but I do believe he will be mine soon.  Also, there is someone I want you and your family to meet when the time is appropriate for you."  With that Califa exited the gravity room.


Goku and Krillin looked at Yamucha, who was consoling  himself in a bottle of tequila.  He had long since forgot about the shot glass and began drinking directly from the bottle.  Yamucha had refused to allow anyone to come near him.  He was mumbling incoherently to ChiChi, Videl Krillin, and Juuhachi but Goku, Gohan, and Goten fully understood.  Goten stood in shock of what he was hearing from his surrogate father.  Since Goten had the strongest bond with Yamucha he spoke to him telepathically,

"Yamucha you don't mean what youre saying.  That's just the alcohol talking, isn't it?"

Yamucha turned to see Goten's mouth wasn't moving.

"Not you too Goten.  What is it with you Saiyajins!  Why can't you talk like regular people! Oh, I forgot youre Saiyajin!"  Yamucha scoffed and took another swig out of his bottle.  Goten watched the man as he gulped the hard liquor.  ChiChi walked over to her family and stood next to Goku.

"What was that about?", she asked her husband. 

Yamucha looked at the Son family standing together. When he and ChiChi made eye contact, he snarled and looked at Goku.

"You know, I saw her first.  I liked her first. Why did you get her, why?  Because, you're Saiyajin, and a Saiyajin always get what they want.  Ask Vegeta."  Yamucha attempted to stand up but the tequila had already affected his motor skills.  He stumbled and almost fell, he saw ChiChi, Gohan, and Goten supporting him. 

Goku looked on as his family helped his friend regain his composure.  At first, Goku felt a little jealousy but quickly remembered the man before him had helped his family out in a way most people wouldnt have been able to.  Gohan and Goten got a chair under Yamucha while ChiChi went to get him some black tea to help him sober up.  Yamucha looked at Gohan and Goten and smiled at them, then he thought to himself,

You two could've been my stepsons if Goku didn't come back.

ChiChi returned with a large cup of tea for Yamucha.  Behind her Califa entered the room.  Yamucha looked at her and turned his head.  Califa could smell the stench of alcohol on her date.  Everyone turned  to look at her and was curious of what Vegeta had to say about her.  Yamucha stood up again, but this time he had his bearings.  He walked over to Califa and said to her, in a slurry voice,

"Although I just met you I have feelings for you.  If you don't feel the same I can understand that but please dont tell me it's because of Vegeta."  Yamucha staggered back and felt back into the chair.  Califa looked at Yamucha wondering if his emotional outburst was genuine or influenced by the toxic liquid he had consumed.

"Yamucha, I am truly flattered that you have feelings for me.  I ,too, have feelings for you, but the feelings I have for Vegeta will always outweigh the ones I have for you."  Yamucha silently laughed a bitter laugh and looked at the floor.  Califa walked closer to Yamucha and placed her hand on his shoulder.  She knew the man before her totally misinterpreted her.

"Yamucha what I mean by that is, I will always love my father more than I love any other man." 

Everyone in the room looked at Califa flabbergasted, Yamucha included.  Califa came closer to Yamucha and kissed his cheek.  Yamucha looked at Califa and said,

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying Vegeta is my father."  Yamucha looked at Califa then around the room and smiled.  His eyes rolled in the back of his head then he passed out.