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Saiyajin Revived
Chapter 4


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A little support here!!!

Bulma returned home expecting to find Vegeta in his gravity room. Goku had told her and ChiChi about the incident that occurred earlier that evening. She knew Vegeta was highly pissed because when she tried to talk to him through their bond he only said five words to her , Leave me the fuck alone! She knew that was his way of saying he's hurt and a little jealous but she still didn't appreciate his crude message.

Still upset by his remark to her she walked over to the gravity room, preparing herself to give Vegeta a nice chunk of her mind. She didn't hear a hum from the room, indicating the gravity was on, but she was still sure he was in there. When she opened the door and found the training room empty, she found herself getting angrier. Through their bond, she screamed,


She heard him humph her through the bond but nothing about where he was.

Fine! But you will have to face me eventually and when you do, King of Saiyajins, you will feel the wrath of the Queen of Saiyajins. And Vegeta, you thought you were bad? Well, my love, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Bulma had to giggle to herself that she has finally admitted that she is the queen of the nearly extinct race. She headed back to the house and up to her room. She passed a mirror in the hallway and stopped to take a longer look at herself. Although Bulma was 61 years old, she didn't look a day over 40. She thought to herself, thank Kami for cosmetic surgery, and continued to her room.

When she reached her and Vegeta's bedroom she noticed the balcony doors were open. She figured Vegeta was in the room and went flying. She walked over to the balcony to close the doors and saw Vegeta sitting on the floor of the balcony. She immediately allowed herself to get angry again but she saw something in her husband's eyes that made her throw her original idea out the window.

Vegeta looked at Bulma with a look of anguish. Bulma sat in between her husband's legs and wrapped her slender arms around him. She looked into his eyes inviting him to say whats on his mind. Vegeta turned his head as an effort to gather the right words to say that wouldn't make him seem like a weakling.

"Bulma, what's wrong with me?" Vegeta looked his wife directly in her cerulean eyes. Bulma looked at Vegeta and ran her hand along his high cheekbone. She was surprised that Vegeta had asked her a question like this. She asked him in a soft, but serious, voice,

"Why do you think something is wrong with you?"

"Because Kakkorot and Gohan always seem to surpass me in everything I hold sacred. I train several hours a day, all year long and I seem to always stay on this plateau. Kakkorot makes his training a big childish game and he always seems to be one step ahead of me. Gohan stops training for years and starts back and in a couple of months he surpasses everything I work so hard for. It just doesn't seem right." Vegeta said in a low voice that made Bulma feel like Vegeta was near an emotional breaking point.

Bulma really didn't know what to say. Vegeta has always been so confident about himself that he was easily described as arrogant, now he was looking like child who lost his favorite toy.

"Vegeta, there's nothing wrong with you. It's just that some people progress differently. We all know that Saiyajins with human blood progress faster than pureblooded Saiyajins. As far as Goku goes, he did get a lot of special training every time he died. Vegeta, what I'm saying is don't compare your progress with theirs because each one of you have had different circumstances that changes your lives in different ways. The only ones who could compare their progress with one another is Trunks and Goten. Even then Trunks has the advantage of the grand tour that makes him a little stronger than Goten." Bulma said as she played with Vegeta's hair, for some weird reason that always seemed to relax him. He in turn began rubbing Bulma's long, silky mane that she now wore in soft waves.

"Then how do I measure my progress? I've always measure my growth with comparing it with others." Vegeta said as he twirled Bulma's hair around his fingers.

Bulma placed her head on Vegeta's muscular chest as she thought of a good way for him to measure his growth. When she had the answer, she lifted her head and said,

"Use the retrospect method. Look at how much your strength and experience has grown over the years. You're not on a plateau, youre fine-tuning your skills. Who knows, tomorrow you may just ascend to a Super Saiyajin 6. Different things make people grow. Baby, your thing just hasn't happened." Vegeta thought for a moment then put a slight smile on his face. His onyx eyes brighten up. Bulma had no doubt that he liked her idea. She smiled back at him.

"Woman, you know it's times like this when I know exactly why I chose you."

Bulma smiled at him mischievously and said, "You chose me? How do you know I didn't choose you?"

"I chose you the first time I saw you. Remember on Namek? I could've killed you but I kept sparing you. I knew then you were my Queen." Before Bulma had a chance to rebuttal, Vegeta kissed her passionately. Bulma willingly kissed him back. When they broke for a breath Bulma said,

"Lets go to bed Vegeta. It's been a long day." Vegeta knew exactly what his queen was implying. But he knew he had something he needed to take care of something.

"Not yet woman, I need to make sure Trunks is okay. A lot happened to him today." With that he got up with Bulma still in his embrace. Vegeta slowly let go of Bulma and moved to the balconys guardrail. He turned to Bulma with his usual smirk on and said, "But don't fall asleep without me." Then took of to the Capsule Corp. business building. Bulma looked at her kings retreating form and thought, I never will Vegeta.


Trunks sat in his office at Capsule Corp. in complete silence. The building was dark and quiet with the exception of the cleaning crew on the floors below. He looked around his office and sighed. Gohan's actions kept replaying in his head. Gohan had every intention on killing him. That hurt him a great deal, particularly because he thought of Gohan as an older brother. Tears fell from Trunks' eyes for the umpteenth time since the feud. He cradled his face in his hands and said out loud to no one,

"Gohan I didn't mean to hurt her. That was never my intention."

"Then tell me Trunks, what was your intention?" Trunks looked up and saw Gohan standing in the doorway. Gohan looked angry but he seemed like he was more curious than upset now. Trunks stood up just in case Gohan decided to attack him. Gohan walked further into the office.

"Trunks answer me, please. What did you do to make Pan so upset and distraught? Why won't she tell me? Did you hit her!? Trunks saw that Gohan was totally in the dark as to what was going on.

Then why did he attack me like that?

"Gohan I would never touch Pan like that. Why she won't tell you, I really don't know, but it's nothing like that. Pan found me in here with an ex-girlfriend." Trunks step back a little anticipating Gohan's reaction. To his surprise, Gohan stayed rooted where he stood, but his face turned a bright scarlet.

"What do you mean she found you with your ex-girlfriend! You promised you'd never cheat on her!" Gohan was fuming but he didn't approach Trunks. From behind Gohan a voice said,

"Did he say he cheated on her? You were making the same assumptions Pan made. Let him explain." Gohan turned around and saw Vegeta in the exact same spot he was a couple of minutes ago. Vegeta walked into the office and past Gohan to his son. His eyes were locked onto Trunks' eyes. Clairvoyantly, Vegeta spoke to his son.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, thanks for asking dad."

"You really need to explain the whole story to him before he goes ballistic again. I don't think your mother, his mate, or your mate would like it if we destroyed this building fighting."

"I think you're right."

Gohan realized that Vegeta was talking to Trunks through their bond. He wondered what were they talking about but didn't interrupt them. Trunks took a step towards Gohan said,

"Gohan let me explain. I didn't cheat on Pan but she doesn't know that. She won't give me a chance to explain the situation." Trunks motioned Gohan to have a seat and Gohan sat next to Vegeta. He leaned back onto the soft leather couch and noticed that the couch was brand new. Trunks sat in a chair closest to his father. He leaned back in the chair and said,

"See, this is what happened..."


Trunks was running around office quickly trying to dress from the lunch meeting he and Goten was having with the president of Yummy Time, Inc., the worlds leading school lunch service company.

"Pan baby, I'm sorry I can't go out tonight. I'm going to be here pretty late. Why don't you go out with a couple of your friends from school." Trunks said to Pan over the speakerphone while he was in his office closet looking for a tie to go with the dark blue suit he decided to wear.

"Why don't I come down to help you so you can get done quicker then we can go out. Trunks, this is important to me. It's the grand tour anniversary. Granddad's not going to be able to come so it has to be you and Me.", Pan said on the other end of the phone. Trunks winced at the fact that she was almost whining.

I hate it when she does that. She knows that if she comes down here to help well end up staying longer. I can't seem to work when shes around.

Trunks sighed and said to her, "Look, this is what I'll do. After this meeting I'm going to come back here and do some work. I'll meet you at Alfredo's around 7:30 tonight. We'll have a nice dinner and do what ever you want to do. But I have to be back at the office by 10:30, is that okay with you?" Pan sighed and moaned,

"If that's what I can get then that's what I'll take. Trunks Vegeta Briefs, you are so going to make this up to me! I'll see you at 7:30 and don't be too late!" 

"I won't baby." Trunks smiled as he made sure his hair was okay then said to the speakerphone, "Oh, Pan, you know I always make it up to you."  Pan giggled on the other end and said,

"I love you Trunksy-poo."  

"And me you Panny-boo." Pan hung up the phone before she heard her Uncle say,

"Eww that's my niece youre calling Panny-boo, Trunksy-poo." Goten laughed at Trunks realization that Goten had heard he and Pan's pet names for each other.

"Okay, get your laughs out and let's go. We're running late." Goten walked out of the office followed by Trunks. Trunks turned to his assistant, Kylie, and said, "Please make reservations for two at Alfredo's for 7:30 tonight. If they say they're booked, remind them who I am and I'm bringing the daughter of Satan City's mayor." Trunks and Goten walked to the executive elevator that went directly to the executive garage.

"Alfredo's, hmm, so what's the occasion?" Goten asked. He knew you just didn't go to Alfredo's for a romantic dinner. Their reservations had to be booked two weeks ahead of time for the social elites and three months in advance for the average Joe.

"Grand Tour anniversary. It's important to Pan so it's important to me, I guess." Trunks looked down at his watch and frowned.

We are way behind schedule.

Goten looked at his brother in-law and said, "You don't sound to thrilled."

"It's not that, its just I have so much work to catch up on. Lately, Pan wants us to spend every waking minute together. Not that I don't want to, but I don't have that luxury. I can't just leave like I used to. The company is growing extremely fast and I need to be here or it will crash down on us. I advised her to work more hours at the dojo or to get a hobby, but she refuses to. In a sense I'm happy that she's going that trip with Marron. It'll give me some time to catch up on work."

Trunks glanced at Goten, who was nodding his head in empathy.

"Dude I don't know what to say. Maybe if you let her work here things might work out."

"Tried that, didn't work. We end up taking more breaks than actually working. Besides when I see her here all day we usually end up in some unofficial business meeting at home. I won't even mention the tension between her and some of the female employees. It's just better if we had our own time apart."

Trunks and Goten exited the elevator to find Trunks' limo driver waiting for them. Both men quickly got into the limo and prepared for the ride.

"Well, you guys will be okay. Pan's just probably going through a phase. Remember, she has my mom's blood in her and my mom is the clingiest person I know." Goten smiled at his lifelong friend. Trunks smiled back but in the back of his mind he thought of Pan being like ChiChi as she got older.

Pan becoming like ChiChi in the future? Nah!  (Think about it, it could happen!)

The lunch meeting went on smoothly. Goten did most of the talking while Trunks was mostly there to make sure Goten went through everything okay. Goten has been the VP of the newly developed food distribution department for less than six months but he had made some excellent executive decisions in that time. Both men returned to the office to get some work done. Trunks worked peacefully for what seemed like a couple of hours. He had become so wrapped up in his work that he didn't hear Goten come into his office. He almost jumped out of his skin when Goten appeared directly in front him with the desk separating them.

"What the hell are you doing Goten! You scared the shit out of me!" Trunks said as he tried to calm himself down.

"What the hell are you still doing here! You're late!" Goten said with a tinge of annoyance in his voice. Trunks looked at his sister's husband with complete confusion on his face. Goten saw the look and sigh.

"Pan? Alfredo's? 7:30? Hello, do you remember?" Goten said as he walked towards Trunks' office dressing room to grab his friend's tuxedo. The information registered in Trunks' mental Rolodex and he glanced at the clock on his desk. He gasped at what he saw.

7:48pm. Oh man, I won't be able to make it there until 8:30 if I rush. Well, better late than never. Hopefully, Pan will understand.

Trunks rushed to get ready as Goten assisted him. He was dressed as ready to go in eight minutes flat. Goten told Trunks that he will call the restaurant to let Pan know that he was on the way. Trunks didn't want to waste anytime with riding the car so he hopped out of his office window and took off to the restaurant.

Pan sat patiently at Alfredo's waiting for Trunks although she was getting angrier with him as each minute ticked away. She had already had three glasses of wine. She had gotten a message that he was running late and he should be there within the next ten minutes, but that was that was close to fifteen minutes ago.

8:09pm! He knows this is important to me! Why does he act like he doesn't care?

Pan dug her hand into her purse and pulled out the little black velvet box. She opened it and looked at the gold band with a diamond-eyed dragon, which was reminiscent of Shenlong, wrapped around it.

Trunks do you know how hard it was for me to get grandpa to stay home for this? Do you know how long I had to save for this ring? Do you even care? Where are you!

Pan felt tears welling up in her eyes. She signaled the waiter to bring her the check for her drinks. The waiter quickly returned with the check. She paid for her drinks and headed for the door. Before she left she informed the hostess if Mr. Briefs ever arrives, please inform him that I got tired of waiting.

Pan walked out of the exclusive restaurant and hailed the first taxi she saw. She was in a very expensive dress and didn't want to take the chance of ruining it by flying. Besides she had been drinking and liquor severely effects Saiyajin blood. While in the taxi, Pan broke down into tears.

Maybe he doesn't care.

Trunks had finally arrived at Alfredo's. For some reason the taxi below caught his attention but he disregarded it. His heart was beating faster than normal, he knew Pan was most likely beyond the point of being pissed. He straightened his tie and entered the restaurant. He walked to the hostess and informed her he was meeting Miss Son for a 7:30 reservation. The hostess timidly told the world renowned president Pan's message. Trunks' face went slightly pale as he heard Pan's message. His thoughts went back to the taxi that caught his attention earlier.

Pan was in that cab! I just missed her! Dammit!!!

Trunks left the restaurant and said to his mate through their bond,

"Panny baby, I'm sorry I just lost track of time. I know this is a very important date for you, no, for us and I blew it. I promise to make it up to you. You forgive me?"

Trunks waited and got no response from Pan he sighed and called out to her again.

"Panny, please, say something to me." Trunks listened for a moment. He heard Pan's voice but it was so soft that he couldnt make out what she said.

"What did  you say? Baby, I didn't hear you."

 "I said leave me alone! I don't want to talk to you right now!"

"Pan I'm sorry! I just got caught up at work. You understand don't you?"

"No. But then again it doesn't matter. Just leave me alone, okay?"

"Pan, please listen to me, I..."

"Shit Trunks! I said leave me alone!!!"

With that last remark from his mate Trunks knew she would block any messages he would try to send to her. He sighed and looked down at the ground.

How do I always seem to make her so mad? Doesn't she know that everything I do is for the both of us? Oh Pan we gotta make it through this storm.

Trunks didnt realize he was walking until he heard a horn blaring in front of him. He then noticed he was standing in the middle of the street. He ran back to the sidewalk to avoid destroying the car upon it impact with him. He looked around at his new surroundings trying to figure out where he was. The area looked vaguely familiar. He looked across the street and saw the hotel he used to visit frequently before he and Pan became mates.

"Trunks? What are you doing here? It's been a while since I've seen you." Trunks turned in the direction the voice came from. Behind him he saw a tall, slender but shapely woman looking at him with almond shaped green eyes. She pushed her shiny, shoulder length auburn hair behind her ear and smiled at Trunks.

"Uh, hello Sora. I was just taking a walk. Uh, how are you?" Trunks looked at his ex-girlfriend.

"Well, I'm fine sweetie. But you dont look so good. Look at you, you're all wet." Sora said eyeing Trunks from head to toe. Trunks blushed at that fact. He also looked up and realized that it was raining hard. Trunks mumbled under his breath, upset that he was so engulfed in his thoughts that he allowed his physical environment to drastically change without him noticing. Sora knew from when she and Trunks was together, that when he mumbled he was upset. She also knew that Trunks was heavily involved with the mayor of Satan City's daughter, who was barely legal.

"Trunks, where's your girlfriend. Pan, isn't it?" Sora watched Trunks' face go from confused to angry to hurt. She looked in her ex-lovers azure eyes and knew it was Pan who caused him to look like a lost child. "Trunks can I take you somewhere? You don't need to be out here alone."

Trunks looked at Sora with her jade eyes flashing at him. He knew he hurt her before just like he just hurt Pan.

What is it with women and me! Sora treated me so good and I hurt her. Damn, come to think about it, I left her for Pan. Look at her, shes being so nice to me, even after what I did to her.

"Yeah thanks, you can take me back to my office. Sora,  I just want you to know that I never meant to hurt you. It's just that I had always lov-" Sora put her finger over Trunks lips to hush him.

"You don't need to explain. Trunks things happened.", she smiled at Trunks. Trunks smiled back at Sora and walked towards her car. Sora began walking behind him.

He better not say he loves her because I know she doesn't love him. She's just doing what I did, use him for the status. She's a fame hound. Both of her parents are constantly in the media and she just wanted more attention and controversy added to her name. The little bitch knows how to play the game, I'll give her that. But Pan there's one thing you did wrong, you let him out of your sight.

Sora opened the door for Trunks to get in the car. Once she turned on the heat, Trunks felt into a very light slumber. Once she arrived at the Capsule Corp. building she softly nudged Trunks, waking him gently.

"We're here sleepyhead", Sora smiled at Trunks who looked at the building.

"Thanks Sora. You're a good friend." Trunks leaned over and gave Sora a quick, friendly peck on the cheek.

Trunks I intend on being more than your friend.

Sora quickly thought up a way to keep the night from ending between her and Trunks.

"Trunks, sweetie, are you going to be okay? Let me come up and make you some hot chocolate or something. You look like you need to talk about what ever is bothering you, and you know I'm a great listener." Sora smiled her beautiful camera smile.

"I don't wanna bother you with my problems, but thanks for the offer.", Trunks said as he was getting out of the car. Sora quickly cut the ignition to the car and got out of the car.

"I'm not going to take no for an answer. You're upset and I would feel wrong if I let you go knowing I haven't help my friend." Sora said as she held Trunks strong hand. Trunks looked down at her hand and timidly pulled his hand away from hers.

"I really have to get some work done though. I really thank you for being concerned but I'll be okay." Trunks gave Sora his best reassuring smile and started towards the building.

Sora think fast!!! Your ticket to stardom is getting away again!

"Okay Trunks, answer me this one question. Just how much work are you going to get done with your mind on Pan? If you can answer that question honestly and tell me that you can work with personal troubles on your mind then Ill be okay with leaving." Sora leaned against her car with a slight smirk on her face.

I got him now.

Trunks stayed with his back to Sora for a while. He was contemplating her question and her motives.

Why is she trying so hard to get me to talk to her? Can she honestly care about my problems, or could she want something else. But honestly Trunks you know you're not going to get any work done tonight with Pan being mad at you. Maybe Sora can give some advice. If she tries to go beyond a friendship level I'll make her leave.

With his back still to Sora, he said, "You right Sora, I won't get any work done with this on my mind. I can use your listening skills and maybe even some advise.", he then continued towards the dark building. Sora smiled and began following him.

Once they were in his office, Trunks began telling Sora about his problems with Pan.

"Sora, I don't know if she realizes everything I do is for us and our future. Yeah, I work a lot but I want to make sure that she's always taken care of. I'm not saying that she can't take care of herself but I want her to enjoy every aspect of life. With that being my main goal in our relationship, I know I tend to forget some of the details like special dates and times but I never forget that she's my world." Trunks face frowned in deep concentration.

I can't believe this! The only thing he's talked about is that, that Pan! He hasn't even noticed my innuendoes! The things I'm doing now used to drive him in a frenzy. What did that girl do to him!

Sora sat with an attentive look on her face although her brain was screaming. She didn't expect him to really want to talk. She also knew she couldn't just up and leave. The man was bearing his soul.

"Trunks have you told her this? It sounds like you've thought a lot about your intentions in the relationship, but does she know all of this?"

Why did I say that? I don't want them to stay together!

Sora looked at the gorgeous man sitting next to her. She reached up and touched his smooth face. Trunks turned to look at her.

Finally, he's getting the picture. It took him long enough.

Sora pulled Trunks' face closer to hers only to find the man lying his head in her lap.

Damn you Trunks!!! How can you be so clueless all the sudden!

"I think I told her my objectives but I'm not sure." Trunks said slowly and a raspy, low voice. Sora knew that meant Trunks was on his way to sleep. She sighed out of annoyance.

Please don't let him fall asleep on me! He's too heavy to move! I knew I should've left his ass out in the rain! He didn't even pay me any attention!

Sora looked down at the god of a man who was now snoring, indicating he was in a deep sleep already. She knew it was too late to move him so she positioned herself the best way she could so she could get some rest. Within a couple of minutes she, too, was asleep.

The taxi dropped Pan off in front of the castle-like mini-mansion that she and Trunks shared. Trunks bought the house as a 20th birthday gift for her. It was located at the very edge of West City, right where the forest and the city seemed to meet in perfect harmony. The house reminded her of something out of fairy tale. She decorated the inside in a modern gothic motif with accents of traditional Japanese art throughout the manor, something that seemed to fit her personality perfectly.

Pan quickly entered her home to escape the heavy downpour and stood in the dark foyer staring at the large portrait window above the door. It is one of her favorite places of the house. When the sky was clear she could see all the stars in the sky. She then turned to look at the grand staircase that led upstairs to the east and west wings of the house. She sighed and began climbing the stairs slowly. She went to the east wing, where her and Trunks quarters were.

Before she opened the large double doors that belonged to her room, she turned left and entered Trunks private office. She walked around the room carefully, making sure not to disturb anything in the classically decorated office. Pan walked over to the massive mahogany desk and picked up the picture on the corner of the desk. It was a picture of her and Trunks about 5 years ago. Trunks was holding her hand while she held a very large ice cream cone. Both of them were laughing. She smiled and placed the picture back in its place.

Am I being insecure? Maybe he really lost track of time. Doing paperwork can make you forget about the time.

Pan walked behind the desk and sat in the chair. She inhaled deeply taking in the chairs smell, a combination of leather and Trunks. Her eyes then fell on a piece of paper that was placed under the desk calendar. She looked at the supposedly hidden piece of paper contemplating whether to look at it. After a couple of moments she decided to read it. As she read the paper, tears slowly fell down her face. By time she finished reading the hidden document she was bawling. She held the manuscript to her chest and leaned back into the chair.

Suddenly, Pan jumped out of the chair and ran to she and Trunks room. When she returned from the room she was dressed in a gray sweat suit and white sneakers. She still had on the makeup and her hair was still in a French bun. She grabbed the paper from the desk, not caring that she knocked over several important looking documents in the process and ran downstairs. She grabbed a car capsule and ran outside to open it. She got in the hovercar and quickly drove to the Capsule Corp. building.

Twenty minutes later when Pan arrived at the Capsule Corp. garage, she got out of the car and headed towards the executive elevator. On her way to the elevator, she noticed a silver sports car, which had a license plate that said SKY ANGL. (FYI: Sora Mitsukai means Sky Angel in Japanese.)

That car really looks familiar. Oh well, that can wait.

Pan entered the executive elevator that went express to the executive floors. She pressed the button that led to the 42nd floor, where Trunks office was. The elevator quickly reached the 42nd and Pan went directly to Trunks office. Before she entered to office she sensed two kis; one definitely belonged to Trunks. The other she didn't quite recognize but she knew it was human and shed felt it before. Both kis were low like they were sleeping.

Why would Trunks be sleeping in his office with someone, unless he was-, Pan get that out of your mind! Whoever it is he was most likely doing some Capsule Corp., business with him, no, her?

The gentle scent of flowery perfume entered Pans nostrils. Immediately, Pan burst through the door. The sight before her was enough to make her heart stop. There was her life mate lying in between the legs of another woman sleeping. Not just any woman, his ex-girlfriend. Pan looked at the situation and saw the woman's skirt was hoisted around her waist and her shirt was slightly open. Trunks hand was on the woman's thigh, close to her behind and his head was resting on the womans hips. Pan became unsighted with fury and pain. Instinctively, she began powering up. Trunks felt his mate power up and abruptly woke up.

"Pan, what's wrong?" Trunks said hopping up, completely unaware of the woman still asleep on the couch.

"What's wrong?! What the fuck were you doing with her Trunks! Huh!" Pan shrieked. Her body was shaking but she continued to power up. Trunks on the other hand turned to look at his ex-girlfriend, whose legs were opened wide and her skirt has rose up to her waist. Trunks mind raced to remember why Sora was here.

"Pan it's not what it seems! She drove me back here and-"

"And what! You were paying her back for the ride?!" Pan eyes flashed a bright green. Trunks took notice to this and stepped closer to her.

By this time Sora was awake trying to figure out what was going on. She hastily evaluated the situation. She saw Pan was upset and that actually made her kind of happy. She simpered and said to Pan in a tone one would use when speaking to a young child,

"Sweetie, if you calm down Trunks and I could tell you what was really going on. So stop this little tantrum of yours and come sit down." Trunks looked at Sora like she had lost all of her wits.

Pan looked at her with emerald eyes and raised her hand towards the couch. Trunks saw what Pan was going to do and yelled for Sora to move. Just as Sora moved she saw the couch blast into several pieces.

"Dammit Pan! Calm down! Nothing happened here! I swear it to you!"

"FUCK YOU TRUNKS!!!" Pan charged at Trunks and threw a series of kicks and punches at him. Trunks easily avoided them but he was more concerned about her hair, that was now out of the elegant French bun and standing on end and flashing from its normal ebony color to a light golden blonde. Trunks said to Sora in an agitated voice,

"Get the fuck out of here now!" Sora complied with no complaints. Once Sora was on the elevator, Trunks jumped into Super Saiyajin and grabbed Pan. Pan fought and struggled to get out of Trunks bear hug. She eventually got out his hold and screamed to Trunks,

"Don't you ever come close to me again! I hate you! Don't say anything to me ever again! How could you?! You bastard! I was a fool to think that we could ever be together forever!" With that she blasted the window behind Trunks and flew out. Before she flew away she threw the velvet box and the piece of paper at Trunks. Trunks bent down to retrieve the two items Pan spewed at him. He opened the velvet box and saw a ring that looked a lot like a wedding band.

She was going to propose to me?! Oh Kami, that's why it was so important for me to be there tonight!

Trunks looked at the crumbled piece of paper by his foot. He bent down again to see what the paper said. When he uncrumbled it, he immediately knew what the manuscript was. He broke into tears and flew out the window after Pan.

"And that was the last time I spoke to her."


Gohan looked at Trunks, who was now crying uncontrollably. He then turned to Vegeta, who moved towards the window in his classic stance. Gohan was trying to process the information that Trunks just told him. One thing was going through the mans mind.

My baby was going to propose to Trunks?

Gohan got up from the couch and walked over to Trunks. He stood directly in front of the man. Vegeta opened his eyes and looked at Gohan, who was looking at Trunks. Gohan knelt down in front of Trunks and placed his hand on the younger man's shoulder.

"Trunks, answer one question for me. What was on the paper?" Trunks looked at Gohan and got up from the chair he was sitting in. He passed his father and went to his desk. He pulled the wrinkled sheet of paper from the top drawer of his desk. He walked back to Gohan and handed the man the sheet of paper. Gohan looked down at the sheet that looked like a list.

My goals

  1. Make sure Capsule Corp. remains successful (ongoing)
  2. Have Bra as Co-President
  3. Have Goten as VP of Food Distribution (Will take some convincing, bring Bra into the plan)
  4. Buy a home for me and Pan
  5. Have Marron's and Uubuu's company involved with CC
  6. Make sure mom and dad are well taken care of
  7. Make sure Goku and ChiChi are well taken care of
  8. Make sure Gohan and Videl are well taken care of
  9. Help Pan graduate college
  10. Help Pan with the dojos (if she wants me to)

Gohan was amazed by what he was looking at.

Trunks isn't the self-centered asshole I always thought he was. He has everyone's well being in mind. He really does love my baby too.

Trunks looked at Gohan wondering what the man was going to say. He couldn't read the man's face. Gohan then looked at Trunks with a serious face and said in a voice that made him sound like Piccolo,

"I will get Pan to listen to reason. I am sorry for attacking you.", then got up and left the room.

Trunks said really to no one, "Thank you. I hope so."