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Saiyajin Revived
Chapter 1


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A new breed of Saiyajin

Trunks stood by the mannequin as he tried his hardest not to laugh at his father, brother-in-law, and friend.  They volunteered to go shopping without their wives help.  Trunks agreed to come along because he knew they were going to provide him the comedy he so desperately needed.  He had been so detached this past two weeks. 

Life without her doesn't seem right.  I miss her so much.

"Dad, that doesnt even match.  Besides its the wrong size.  Were shopping for babies not ourselves!"  Goten said to his father trying his best not to sound frustrated.  Goku had picked out a red leather jacket and purple pants for himself. 

 "ahh, but Goten I like this and this.  They may not match but I'm sure ChiChi will make me look good."  Goku smiled at his youngest son trying to lighten the tension.  He didn't realize shopping could be so hard.  ChiChi and Bulma seemed to do it so effortlessly.  Why couldn't he, Goten, Trunks, and Vegeta do the same.

"Damn this!  The brats can be naked, they're babies!  Nobody cares!"  Vegeta yelled as he threw a hand full of clothes in the air.  He was tired of doing such a trifle deed.

I hate this!   Everything I pick up Kakkorot's brat says no to.  Bra wouldn't like it.  That's not what Bra wanted.  Is he afraid of my daughter?  He should be!  She can easily blast him to bits if she wanted to.  I don't understand what she sees in this, this fool!  He's just as dumb as his father and he's not as strong as him.  I just don't understand it!   Well, the only good thing about their marriage is that their children will be more Saiyajin than either of them.  The Saiyajin race can be preserved for at least another generation.  Now for that I am happy that they are together.

"Boy, what the hell are you doing over there!  Help us find some clothes for the brats!"  Vegeta yelled at Trunks who was at this time practically on the floor laughing at the trio.  When Vegeta started towards him he tried to quickly subdue his laughter with no success.  Then he felt his father begin to power up.

"Dad, stop!!!  Okay, Ill help.  Geez, dad you really need to lighten up on the caffeine, it's getting to you."  Trunks smiled and pat his father on the shoulder, something he could only get away with in public.

Trunks began to look at the baby clothes.  Slowly but surely, he and Goten picked out everything Bra would want the babies to have while Goku found great pleasure in aggravating Vegeta.  The two younger Saiyajins went to the counter with both arms filled with clothes, socks, blankets, bibs, and hats.  As the perky salesman rang up the purchases, Goten looked at his best friend  with concern.

 "Hey bro, you okay?"  Trunks knew exactly what he meant.  He smiled compassionately at his counterpart.

 "I've been better, but I must admit today has been the best one in the past two weeks.  I can't get her out of my head no matter how hard I try. I-"  Trunks felt a lump in his throat.  He knew tears were soon to follow if he continued.  He could never let his father see him cry.

Goten saw the pain in his brother-in-laws eyes and like his father decided to lighten the tension, "You know, were going to be up all night cutting holes for their tails." Trunks smiled at his best friend with tears in his eyes and gave him a quick jab to his side.  But in the back of his mind he couldn't stop the pain.

I know she'll be there tomorrow.  After all she is one of  my sister's best friends and the godmother of her and Goten kids.  Maybe she'll give me a chance to talk to her.  She can't still be mad at me.  Can she?

As if Vegeta heard his son's thoughts he walked over to where Trunks and Goten where standing.  With the most fatherly look his son has ever received from him, Vegeta punched Trunks in his stomach. With Trunks crouched over in agony, Vegeta whispers in his son ear, "I've taught you better than this and you know what I mean.", then simply walked away.


"Mom, have you or ChiChi heard anything from Goten, Trunks, Goku or Daddy?  They said they were going shopping for the babies but that was over six hours ago."  Bra sat in her the bed of her private hospital room clutching the receiver to her ear and flipping through the television channels mindlessly.   She was trying to be casual but her actions showed she was worried.   She hasn't seen her husband all day today. They spoke on the phone about shopping for the kids but that was early in the morning.  This wasn't normal for him not to tell her where he was.

I think I'm going to get him another cell phone. 

Bra took Goten's faithful cell phone from him when their relationship became serious.  There were too many female friends calling him.  No matter how liberal and confident she was, the cell phone just made her uncomfortable. 

"No honey, actually you gave me more information than I had.  I was actually looking for your father." Bulma said.  In the background, Bra could hear ChiChi say something to the effect of she better get use to it because Goten is like his father.

Bra frowned at the comment but chose to ignore it.  She was happy with the way Goten was.  He finally got a sutable job, although she and Trunks had to create a position for him at Capsule Corp.  He had been very attentive to her during the pregnancy, he even learned to cook and do laundry.  He sustained a lot of ridicule from her brother and father for that. Bra's thoughts were interrupted by her mothers statement.

"Bra did you hear me?" Bulma blared through the phone.

"Hmm?  Im sorry I wasn't paying attention." 

"Have you chosen names for the babies yet?  Because if you haven't, me and ChiChi have some great names for you to choose from."

"Oh, I have some in mind.  I want to see what Goten thinks before I make it final."

"Well ChiChi and I have decorated the house for the party tomor"

Bra trailed off again wondering about her husband.  She heard her mothers voice but didnt her the words.  She was concentrating on finding her husbands ki.  Her father taught her how to do that when she was a young child.  When she located it she also located three other ki.  She sighed because all four ki were the four men she knew and loved. 

Bra stop worrying!!  It was a stupid nightmare.  Goten is okay and your children are nice and healthy.  Nobody will hurt them, besides Goku and Daddy are like the strongest beings in the universe and they won't let any thing harm their kids or grandkids.  Everything's okay.

"and Videl is bringing her crab cakes.  Kuririn and Juuhachi said they have some gifts to give you and Goten," Bulma was chiming, never noticing her daughter wasnt listening. "Oh!  Guess who Kame-sennin heard from, Yamucha! He wants to come see you guys!"

Yamucha!!! Why is he coming around after so long?  Me and Goten have been married for seven months and now he thinks of coming to see us?  The bastard didn't even come to our wedding even after Gohan went through all the trouble of finding him?  He may be coming to borrow more money from mom.  For some reason she always seemed to have a soft spot for him.  I don't even understand how he is a friend of mom, Goku, and ChiChi.   Daddy simply hates the man.  When I was young I never understood why but for the past couple of years I'm beginning to understand.  He's a loser with a capital L.

"Why?  He didn't even bother to come to our wedding." Bra said, her tone making it clear she didn't  care too much for the man.

"Give him a chance to explain.  Maybe he wasn't feeling well."

"He wasn't feeling well for almost an entire year!  Mother please." 

Why does she make excuses for him?

"Well, whatever happened well find out there." Bulma said with her voice still cheery as ever.

Just as Bra was about to continue complaining about Yamucha, her two best friends walked in.

"Mom, I'll call you later okay? Bye, Bye."  She hung up the phone and looked at the two ladies with a mischievous eye.

"What's up ladies?  I didnt think you two would get back in time to see me in here."

"You know there was no way I was going to miss seeing you in a hospital.  After all, this is probably the only time well see you here.  Now where is my cousin."  Pan  said as looked around the large room.  Bra saw her best friend/ niece had cut her hair in a short bob, which made her look exactly like a younger version of her mother with brown eyes.  She had on a brand new outfit and even had a slight tan.

But she looks so old and tired.

"Marron what possessed that nut to cut her hair?  And why didn't you stop her?  Bra said looking at the woman who, still after all these years, opted to wear her hair in two ponytails.

"She was watching this American movie named Waiting to Exhale and got the idea to cut it.  I did actually try to stop her, but then she threatened to shave her head." 

Pan then blurted to Bra, "The next thing I'm going to do is set your brother's favorite Capsule car on fire.  Then he'll really see how childish I am."  She had a sinister smirk on her face that would make even Vegeta proud.

"Thats fine, but don't do it tomorrow okay?  I don't need that kind of problem now.  Anyway, how was Australia?" Bra knew she needed to change the subject.

I better quit while I am ahead.  Its no secret that Pan has a temper identical to ChiChis.  Sometimes she can be childish but I'm not about to point that out.  

Marron plopped into a nearby chair like a giddy teenager.  " It was so much fun!  Pan and I shopped until our hearts were content.  We hung out on the beach.  We went to the Outback, visited the Coral reef, hung out with aborigines, and-" 

" where Marron found a boyfriend." Pan added, looking at Marron who turned a bright crimson.

"WHAT?" Bra yelled with her eyes big.  "A boyfriend!?  Marron-chan youre a married woman!"

"It wasnt like that.  I met this local named Jack and he decided be our tour guide."  Marron quickly recovered, glanced a cold glare at Pan. Pan didn't noticed the look and muttered in a joking tone,

"I didn't get a kiss from our tour guide, why did you?  I wasn't invited to a candlelight dinner from the tour guide, why were you?"

Marron felt as if she was going to explode. She looked at Bra, who was looking back at her like she had grown another limb.  Then she looked at Pan who, of all things, had an innocent look on her face.


"Ahh, but we didn't go to Paris where the romantic thing would have been the norm as a friendly gesture.  We went to Australia with the rugged, wild, and dangerous."  Pan said, knowing she was making her friend upset.

"Marron-chan, whats going on?  Arent you and Uubuu happy?" Bra was utterly concerned for her.

Marron is the shy one.  This is not like her.  She's like Suzy Homemaker.  I can't believe she would do such a thing.    

"Everything's fine.  I just let my hair down and let go of the good little housewife thing for a while."  Marron said and gave both of her friends a reassuring looks and smiled.  Deep inside she wasnt being truthful.

Who am I kidding!!!  I pretty much had an affair.  I'm just so tired of being alone.   If Uubuu isn't at work he's training with Goku-san, if he's not training he hanging out with Trunks and Goten.  Out of his top five priorities I'm like, what,  number six?!  I don't see how ChiChi-san and Bra deals with it.   

Bra was laughing as Pan went through the details of her and Marron's trip when four nurses came into the room.  The first nurse came to check on Bra while the other three were pushing bassinets.  Marron and Pan looked in shock as the nurses placed the wheeled bundles next to Bra's bed and left.

"What the hell is this!  Goten and Daddy didnt tell me you had triplets!  Whoa!"  Pan looked at the three little bundles that were wide-awake.  Marron came beside Pan and looked at the three little Saiyajins.

"Hmm, Two boys and a girl.  I can imagine Vegeta and Goku are very proud grandfathers.  Bra they actually look like Goten and yours parents."

 "Yeah, isn't it freaky?  I joked with  Mom and ChiChi that I was going to name them after all four of them.  This one here, of course would have to be named Goku.", Bra said picking up the baby in the middle bassinet.

Marron and Pan laughed as they saw the baby looked exactly like Goku, spiky hair and all.  Then their eyes widened as they noticed the tail.

 "Bra, heheHE HAS A TAIL!!!"  Marron screamed as she looked at the appendage wagging back and forth lazily.  As if she hurt the baby Goku clone's feeling, he began to cry.  Bra smiled and her friends shocked gazed and said in a warm motherly tone.

 "Yeah, daddy said it's normal for Saiyajins to have tails, he had one, Goku had one, even Gohan had one."  She nuzzled her nose to her sons as he cooed from the touch of his mother.

"Hold it, so you're saying Trunks, Goten, me and you had one of those things?" Pan asked Bra with a hint of confusion on her face?

Wow, I guess that look is inbred in the Son family.  She looks exactly like Goten and Goku.

"I guess that would explain some of your animalistic actions Pan."  Marron said smiling. Pan simply threw Marron a be-da.  Marron turned her head, snubbing Pans gesture.

"No.  For some reason we weren't born with tails."  She handed Marron the baby and picked up the one who had hair like Vegeta but pale lilac like Trunks' and blue eyes like her. He even frowned like her father and brother.  "I guess we were the freaks of the Saiyajins race."

Pan picked up the last baby, who had blue hair like Bra and Bulma but brown eyes.  Pan looked down at the infant and smiled.

I wonder if I will have kids one day.  If I do, will be with Trunks?  He makes me so mad.  I mean I know he loves me but sometimes he can be so bullheaded.  He's just like, like his father!  But I know he'll make a great dad.  I miss him but I got a point to prove.

"Panny, you okay?" Marron looked at Pan. She was crying.

"Hmm? What?"  Pan looked up as she quickly dried the tears streaming down her face. She didn't realize she was crying until her thoughts were interrupted.

"You were crying.  Are you alright?"  Bra asked in a concerned voice.  Marron looked on with an expression on here face that went along with Bra's tone.

"Yeah, I'm fine.  It's just that the babies are so cute."  Pan said and followed the statement with a weak laugh.  Her actions weren't convincing her two comrades, but they figured they would leave it alone. "Hey guys I'll be right back okay?"  Pan said as she put the baby girl down and left the room.  Marron and Bra didn't say anything but looked at each other with knowing eyes. 

When Pan was a considerable distance from the room Marron looked at Bra  and said, "She's been doing this for the past two weeks.  Every time I ask what's wrong she gives a lame excuse.  She misse's your brother."

"Yeah, I know.  He's been down in the dumps since their break-up too.  The problem is they're both too obstinate too admit they're both wrong.  Marron it looks like its up to you and me to put them back together."  Bra smiled at Marron. 


Pan went to the pay phone and dialed a number she knows by heart.  She allowed it to ring once then she hung up. I can't do this I have a point to prove! I'll call granddad, I could always talk to him.  She picks the receiver up again and subconsciously dials the same number again.  The phone rang twice, then Pan heard a very familiar voice.


"Granddad?"  She knew it wasnt Goku but couldnt bring herself to admit who was on the other line.

"No Pan, its me Trunks.  How are you."  Pan wanted to tell her ex-lover she missed him so much it hurts and she hasn't been able to sleep or eat worth anything for two weeks.  Instead her stubborn Saiyajin side took control.

"What the hell are you doing answering my grandparents phone!" 

Nice going Panny!

Trunks being just as stubborn as Pan reacted to her abrupt response by throwing one out himself.

"What the hell are you talking about!  You called ME!!!"

"Whatever, Trunks"  The next thing Trunks heard was a dial tone.

Alrighty now, what just happened there Pan.  Did you really dial his cell phone?  Maybe.  Why didn't you tell him what youre feeling.  He might be feeling the same way.  It doesn't matter because he's the one who caused us to break up.

Pan started back to Bra room.