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Saiyajin Revived
Chapter 12


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Hereditary Features

Bulma sat on the balcony of her bedroom looking out at the sky.  She had already made the decision to stay with Vegeta despite his actions.  Now she was trying to convince herself that things will turn out for the best.

 *I just hope no one gets killed because of this.*

 She sighed as she knew her first born was standing behind her.  Although she didn't have the keen senses the rest of her family had, she still seemed to know when one of them was around.

"I assume you know."  She heard a sniffle and a strained 'Yeah' come from Trunks.  She turned to see why he sounded so strange and saw her son crying.  She quickly stood and hugged him.  Trunks fell to his knees and proceeded to sob on his mother.  She held back tears as she stroked her son's hair.  As she heard his sobs die down, she squatted down to his level and said,

"You know we'll make it through this.  We always make it."  Trunks looked at his mother, knowing she was as sad as he was but refused to show her pain.  He gently pulled away and said,

"Mom, I'm tired of always making it through.  Dad knew about this woman and refused to tell us, his family, about her.  And why after so many years would she just pop up?  Does she want dad to all of the sudden care for her and her son?  Well, she's got another thing coming.  He's a self indulgent bastard!"

Bulma stare at her son blankly as he continue to vent and ramble.  After she processed what Trunks had said she interrupted him,

"Trunks, did you say she has a son?"  Trunks nodded and replied,

"Yeah he's in the woods with Mr. Tien and his family.  He looks exactly like dad with different coloring.  Why did she say something different?"  Bulma sat down and sighed,

"No, she just told your father that she wanted him to meet someone."  Bulma looked down at the floor and thought to herself,

*Oh, Kami, please protect us*.

Trunks saw his mother fighting back tears and it broke his heart.  He hugged his mother again and said,

"Mom, come stay with me and Pan.  I know you would never leave dad but you don't have to stay here.  You could just block him out for a while.  We have more than enough room and I'm sure Pan would love you around."  Bulma smiled at her son and said,

"Trunks, when Pan blocked the bond between the two of you, what happened?  You felt like you were dying didn't you."  Trunks nodded, knowing where his mother was going with this.  She held her son's hand and said,

"I don't know if you know, but she felt the exact same way.  You two have been bonded for a while but you only been bonded as husband and wife, mates, whatever you choose to call it, for a little over a year.  Me and Vegeta have been together thirty- two years.  Our bond is at least thirty years stronger than you and Pan's.  So how long do you think either one of us could last without the other being dead?  Not very long sweetie.  No matter what your father does I have no choice but to stand beside him through it."  Trunks sighed and nodded.  His mother was right. He felt himself slowly dying when Pan blocked him.

*I refuse to let my mom feel the anguish I felt.  She doesn't deserve it.  As for dad, he deserve a hell of a lot of pain.*

 Bulma looked at her son and said,

"Trunks just because I'm there with him every step of the way doesn't mean I can't make those the hardest steps his ever taken."  She smiled at her son and flipped a stray piece of hair out of his face.  Trunks smiled back and said,

"Mom, youre the greatest."  Bulma beamed at the remark and said,

"The one and only!  Now take me to Tien's place.  I want to meet my grandson."


Videl flew at top speed, cursing Gohan the whole time.

*I don't care how strong you are Gohan.  I am going to kick your sorry ass.*

She flew toward the direction where she last felt Pan's ki surge.  Once she reached the area she landed and set her sights totally on Gohan.  As she walked closer to her husband, she yelled, sounding much like her mother-in-law,

"Who in the hell are you to tell me when and where I can go and protect my daughter!  I may not be as strong as you but I'm her mother!"

Videl fumed as she realized her rants were falling on deaf ears.  She looked at her family and saw them looking past her.  She rolled her eyes and turned around to see what had them so engulfed. 

"What the hell!?!"  The Satan City mayor looked at Vegeta standing in front of a miniature version of himself with a tail.  She turned to look at her husband, completely forgetting the fact that she was mad at him.  She pulled on his shirt, much like a little child would do and asked,

"Gohan, honey?  Whos that with Vegeta?"

Gohan looked down at his wife and said in a slightly defeated voice.

"I have no clue."

Videl sighed and leaned on her husband.  She thought to herself,

*Why always us Dende?*


Califa watched Yamucha with much interest as he slept.  She softly traced the old scar on his face with her fingers.  She saw the scar as a sign that his is and always will be a warrior.

*You look so much like a Saiyajin.  But you have soft eyes.  Is that what entrances me to you Yamucha?  *

Yamucha stirred in his sleep as Califa's sweet breath touched his face.  The Saiyajin princess placed a light blanket over the man and went to sit in the chair across from him.  The two talked for hours after Califa told him about her life and Vejima.  He in turn told her about his life and how he was involved with Bulma, then ChiChi.  She thought it was ironic that his major relationships involved women who were mates of Saiyajins.  Women that in some way or another were extremely powerful; Bulma with her genius and wealth and ChiChi with her wills and strength. (A.N.: Don't forget ChiChi was considered the strongest human female of DBZ.  Videl took that title.)

*Maybe you wanted a Saiyajin of your own.  Well, don't worry you have her now if you want her.*

Califa closed her eyes in hopes of getting a little rest.  She hadn't had a peaceful nights' sleep in a while.  Vejima was always up at dawn demanding food and wanting to train.  She smirked through her drowsiness.

*He is like Kornaya in a way.  I wish she were still alive.  I wondered if she would have any children now.  Probably not.  She was disgusted with any other race even as a young girl.*

Califa began to dream of her sister until she was suddenly knocked out of her sleep by her son's voice screaming in her head.  She quickly sat up and looked around the  room only to find that she was in the forest looking at a monster that had her son's eyes.

 "Vejima?  Is that you?  What happened?"  The monster looked directly at her and growled.  She wasn't afraid of the monster, nor did she feel threatened, mainly because it had her son's ki signature all over it.  She assumed that her son mind melded with some animal in the forest.  She walked closer to the monster that she knew was her son and said in a soft but commanding voice,

"Vejima, I want you to release yourself from what ever you are with.  Now."  The monster glowed a bright light and she was temporarily blinded.  When she regained sight she saw her son standing next to Yamucha, smiling.  She walked over to her son and grabbed his hand.  She screamed at Yamucha,

"Don't you ever come near us again!  How dare you!"  She then turned away from the man who had a plastic smile on his face.  She said to herself,

*I must be getting soft.  I couldnt imagine him doing something like that.*

As she began walking away from the man she was considering as a mate she heard a cryptic, yet familiar voice say,

"Thats right my sweet Califa.  He wouldn't do such a thing.  Now would he."  Califa quickly turned to see Asugei, Vejima's father, and Yamucha dead with the smile still placed on his face.  Califa forgot about her Saiyajin pride as pure fear spread across her face.  She turned to her son and screamed,

"Run Vejima!  Run to your grandfather!"  The young boy complied with no complaint and took off to the sky.  It was then she notice her toddler looked a lot older. 

As Vejima rose in the sky, Asugei fired a beam of light that went past his son and expanded.  The light quickly surrounded the boy and trapped him within it barriers.  Asugei, then grabbed Califa faster than she could register and said,

"I will have my family with me in hell you Saiyajin bitch."  Califa thrashed and fought to get out of her ex-lovers hold with no success.  He flew up to the energy ball that had their son captive and pulled his son out of the ball.  Califa looked at her son and wondered why he wasn't fighting back.  She then looked at his eyes and saw the same coldness his father had in his eyes.

*He has him under his control*.

She continued to fight and squirm as she felt a sharp nail piece her neck, knowing he was marking her again.  He whispered in her ear,

"You left me for a human?  How stupid.  Then again you are only a monkey. "

 Califa woke up with her arm pinned to her sides. She quickly powered up and threw her assailant across the room.  When she sat up she saw Yamucha slowly lifting himself off the ground and rubbing his head.  The woman quickly stood and grabbed the man by the collar.  She looked him directly in his eyes and was relived to see soft brown eyes instead of cold violet ones.  She released the disheveled man and sighed.

"You never wake a Saiyajin like that!  Next time you might die."

Yamucha looked at Califa, not quite sure what to do.  He had never seen anyone fight as hard as she did in her sleep, she even threw a couple of small ki blasts.  The only thing he knew to do was to pin her arms down and wake her up.  He nodded in response to her last statement and sat on the futon stunned.  Califa saw the shocked expression on Yamuchas face and said,

"Yamucha, I do apologize for throwing you and yelling.  But.."  Yamucha completed her statement by saying,

"You were having a nightmare.  It woke me up."  Califa narrowed her eyes at the man and asked,

"What do you mean it woke you up?"  Yamucha shrugged his shoulders and said,

"It's hard to explain.  I saw your dream, I mean. I saw a monster, then I saw you.  I was dead and there was this man with blue hair and purple eyes.  I think I saw Vejima, well a boy who looked like Vegeta and the other man, but he didnt look like a two year old.  You screamed then I woke up an saw you fighting in your sleep."  Califa couldnt believe her ears.  She and Yamucha were bonded.  Part of her was ecstatic but another part worried her.

*I had a dream within a dream and the dream was in the future.  Its a vision.  I know it.  Asugei has to be dead.  Vejima and I killed him with our own hands.*

"Yamucha, I want to check on Vejima.  You can stay here if you like."  The Z fighter stood and said,

"I want to come also."  The Saiyajin female shook her head no and replied,

"I would feel better if you didn't."  Yamucha walked over to the woman and said in a confident tone,

"Califa, I can handle myself.  If something should happen to me,  Kami has written it that way.  There's no way to avoid it."  He took the woman's hand and smiled.  She looked at him with intense brown eyes, showing no emotion.  She then said clairvoyantly,

*You are stubborn.  Fine, you can come but I wont protect you if something happens, weak human.*

Yamucha blinked and stared at the woman.  He wasn't used to her being in his mind.  He then registered what she had said and became confused until Bulma's words came back to him.

 ##If shes anything like her father, that was a compliment##

 He smiled and said back,


The two left out of the small apartment and ran to the roof.  Califa took off first heading towards the outskirts of the city.  Yamucha quickly followed.  As they flew Yamucha took note that he was flying to the forest were his old friends Tien, Lunch, and Chaozu lived.

*So  thats who she got to baby-sit.*


Goku, Gohan, Videl, and Goten stood beside Pan in complete awe.  There was Vegeta standing in front of a child clone of himself, save the child's color.  No male member of the Son family could find the word to ask who was the little boy.  Pan was still in shock of seeing the child that was in her nightmare standing right before her old sensei.  The group listened to Vegeta and the child talk in some weird language that none of them understood.  At least Gohan, Goten, and Pan didn't understand.

Goku tilted his head as he listened to Vegeta and the little boy talk.

*They're talking in the Saiyajins native language, I think.  For some reason I know what they are saying.  But how?  I didnt interact with any Saiyajins until I was an adult.  Weird huh?*

Gohan looked over at his father and wondered what his father was smiling about.

"Dad, please tell me how you could find humor in something like this?"  Goku turned to his oldest child and said,

"The child is just as stubborn and witty as Vegeta.  He's Vegeta's grandson from what I gathered.  Vegeta's having a hard time trying to get any information out of the boy."  Goku's sons and granddaughter turned their shocked expression to him.  For the first time since her family appeared Pan spoke.

"You're telling me you understand them!?  But how?"  Goku smiled and shrugged,

"I dont know.  I just do."  Pan shook her head and said,

"Too much is happening at once, I'm going to find Trunks."  Pan started to take off in flight when she immediately felt her lovers ki  coming towards her.  She powered down and sighed,

"Never mind." 

Vegeta turned to look at the direction his son was coming from.  He felt his wife's ki along with his sons.  He wasn't quite sure if Bulma was still mad at him because he still had her blocked from his mind.  Within seconds his son and wife appeared and began to descend from the sky.  Once they reached the ground, Bulma jumped out of Trunks arms and walked directly towards the little boy that looked so much like her husband.  She knelt down to look the child in the eyes and said in a syrupy voice,

"Hello little one."  Vejima looked at Bulma as if she had lost her mind.  He glanced over to Vegeta and back to Bulma then turned his back on the woman.  Bulma looked back at her husband with a slight scowl and said,

"Yep, he's related to you.  Did you find what his name was?"  Vegeta looked past Bulma to the toddler Saiyajin and said,

"His name is Vejima.  He is Califas brat."  Bulma rolled her eyes and responded by saying,

"I know that much Vegeta!  Where is Califa by the way?"  Tien spoke up and said,

"She asked that I watched Vejima for her because she was meeting a friend and didn't know if she would be out late or not."  Bulma looked at her long time friend  and yelled,

 "And how long have you known about this?!?"  Tien looked over to his wife and said,

"We've known about Califa and Vejima for about two months.  She asked us not to tell anyone that she and Vejima were Saiyajins and that they were related to Vegeta."  Gohan looked slightly perplexed and asked,

 "If she's been here for two months why haven't we felt her ki then?  And how come I don't really feel his ki?" 

"Because, I have an implant that is supposed to keep my ki suppressed to its minimum and my son's ki only rises when hes angry.  Everyone turned to see Califa and Yamucha land behind the Sons."  Trunks frowned at the woman who was turning his family upside down and said,

 "Why are you here.  From what I was told, youre older than me.  You've survived this long why all of the sudden you come looking for Vegeta, my father."  Califa raised an eyebrow at her half brother and said,

"The reason I've come her looking for Vegeta is non of your concern.  And just to state the facts, I was born before you, therefore Vegeta is my father, okay Mr. Briefs."  Trunks growled at the woman and began walking towards her.  When he was less than three feet away from her, he started yelling,

"If this concerns any member of my family, it concerns me!  Whatever happens to Vegeta happens to my mother.  If you didn't know they are bonded for life.  You're a Saiyajin you should know what that means!  Now what do you want with my family!!!"

 Everyone was so engulfed in Trunks yelling at Califa, mainly because they were curious of her purpose themselves, that no one noticed Vejima frowning at the lavender haired demi-saiyajin.  Suddenly, Vejima's power level rose drastically and he flew towards Trunks.  Everyone turned to see the source of the high power level only to see a light blue streak hit Trunks in face.  Trunks fell back from the unexpected hard blow and quickly stood ready to defend himself. 

 When Trunks saw that the powerful hit came from his nephew he dropped his defenses.  He scowled at the little boy and asked him,

"What the hell did you do that for!?!"  The little boy stood tall with his tail sticking straight out behind him and said in that fearfully brave voice only children have,

"Don't hurt my mother!"

 Vejima felt the tears building up behind his eyelids but refused to let them fall.

 *I'm a Saiyajin prince and Saiyajins don't cry.*

 Trunks smirked and said in a calmer voice,

"I'm going to hurt your mom.  I just want to talk to her."

 Vejima looked at Trunks and puffed out his chest.  His tail also bushed out as the little boy cried,

"You lie!  You yelled at mother!  Yelling means fighting!  You have no honor liar! "

Califa stepped in front of Trunks and said to her son,

"Vejima, calm down.  We were just talking very loud.  I'm okay, see."  Califa turned around to allow her son to see she wasn't hurt.  Once the child saw his mother was okay he began to calm down.  Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, Trunks, Goten, Pan, and Videl  watched in amazement as Vejima's ki lowered to almost non-existent.

Videl was the first to speak out of the crowd.  She leaned over to her husband and whispered,

"Gohan, how is it a child that young could have power and speed like that?"  Califa overheard the question and said,

"He is a descendant of the royal family of Vegeta sei!  It is his destiny to be legendary."  Vegeta smirked and said to his oldest child,

"Are you legendary Califa?  Do you have the power and strength to attain Super Saiyajin?"  Califa snapped her head over to her father and smirked back.

"Despite my deficit Vegeta, I can."  Before Vegeta could say anything else,  Califa powered up to a Super Saiyajin.  "Are you satisfied?"

 Everyone, except Yamucha, Tien and his family, and Vejima gasped.  It wasn't because Califa was Super Saiyajin, but because her ki still felt repressed.  Goku walked over to Califa and asked,

"Why dont we feel your power level!?"  Califa said in a slightly smug voice,

"It's my deficit, I have a ki repressor implanted in me.  I not supposed to be able to do this." 

Upon hearing this, Bulma's mind went into scientist mode. 

"So if you had this repressor removed, you might be able to go higher?"  Califa looked over at the woman and nodded,

"Maybe."  Bulma looked over at Vegeta and said through the bond,


Vegeta she's strong.  If she is up to something you need to find out soon.

I know, and the brat has extremely high power also.  He may be stronger than Pan and Bra. 

Bulma looked at Vegeta and said,

Do what you got to do.


 Vegeta snarled and walked up to his daughter and said,

"You and your brat will be staying with us" , then flashed into Super Saiyajin and punched her in the stomach.